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Night light: what are you going to use?

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What will you use for a night light? lamp, plug-in light?

At our old house, we left the closet light on & closed the doors. It worked perfectly. I don't know what we'll do here. Maybe I'll buy a little night light--or I'll turn on the hall light & leave the door open a little. (I like to sleep in the dark.) But, I want to be able to quickly respond to baby, change diapers, nurse, etc.
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We don't have a nightlight in our bedroom, as I just always found it to irritating to me. I have a hard time sleeping unless it's completely dark. We leave the kitchen stove light on, which is not very bright, but our bedroom door is kind of adjacent to the kitchen, so with that open a crack there is just enough light to see once your eyes adjust.

However, in the room down the hall where we change diapers and baby clothes, my dh installed a dimmer switch for those middle of the night changes.
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We have a half bath in our bedroom so I usually leave it on with the door opened a crack. When we lived in our other apt. though I used to have a night light.

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WE'll just turn on the hallway light and use that for light for those overnights. It's what we did with Goo and it worked well.
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We cosleep and I like the bedroom dark, dark, dark and so don't use a nightlight. For diper changes in the middle of the night, I turn on the hall light and change the babe on the bed.
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We already have a plug in night light in our room. Our five year old comes into our room some nights and sleeps in a sleeping bag on our floor. He needs light to find his way.

Even before I was married I had a nightlight. I had a home invasion once while I was sleeping and ever since I've needed some light in the room at night. It was a simple cure for my PTSD!
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Our saltwater aquarium light is on all night. It's in our bedroom and really cool to wake up at night and look at. So relaxing...
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We have a dimmer switch in our bedroom, so that will do for us, plus we have a nightlight in the bedroom bathroom, so I can find the dimmer switch :LOL . We co-sleep too, and I am curious to see how ds will respond to the middle of the night wakings!
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I hadn't even thought of this yet. With ds, we had a dim lamp in his room that we partially draped with a cloth. I would turn it on for diaper changes and to nurse. But with this baby, we're planning on cosleeping. And ds sleeps with us for part of the night.

We'll probably use the closet light with the door partway open. It shines into the bathroom, which is open to our bedroom via cathedral ceiling. So by the time the light gets to the bedroom, it's dim enough to sleep through.
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we're planning on cosleeping (again). w/ my son (when he was old enough to be in his own rooom) we used one of those little plug-in lights that go flat against the wall, that's not really a light, just a "space age" glowy thing... they last forever and are really economical. not too bright either.

for night diaper changes i plan to get a small nightlight to have by our bed / changing table area (we're going to have the changing table next to the bed).
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I found a sea salt night light on ebay & got it! It's supposed to put great ions in the air. At least I got something! I hope it has health benefits, too, though.

We live in the country, and it's pretty dark here (no outside lights, street lights, etc.) unless it's a full moon & really clear.
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We used one of those lights that you press the top down on, the kind that sit on a table top. Not sure of the name, but we got it at Target for $3 or so. We just kept it on the changing table or on the nightstand so we could see when we had to get up. I'd have a nightlight but DH needs a dark room to sleep.
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I'm waiting on a tap light from a trade, to put near the changing table..and also the hall light will work too
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I've been using a flashlight to get Lila latched on in the middle of the night. So far it has worked pretty well. I just have to remember to put it away during the day, otherwise ds puts it "away" for me!
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we're planning on keeping a little nightlight / nightstand lamp next to the changing table. i'm not sure what we'll put it on... maybe drag out an old computer case or something. :LOL
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gee.. i haven't really thought about this yet... it's still light 24/7 here (and we have no real drapes..just some sheer fabric) ...but soon it will be very, very dark.perhaps I will need to buy some lamps.
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