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When is your first prenatal appointment?

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Mine is June 7th! I am going to beg for an ultrasound because I conceived on Clomid and I want to know if I am carrying multiples as early as possible!
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I have an appointment scheduled with an ob/gyn for June 28, but we're trying to figure out our new health insurance -- we might be able to afford the midwife we used last time.

How exciting that you might be carrying multiples!

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I go in on Tuesday for the little prelim appointment (pee on their stick, talk about prenatals, the usual). And then when I get back from vacation in July we'll do the big appointment. I'm kind of hoping to be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler by then or sweettalk them into an U/S as we had a miscarriage in March. I really need some reassurance that this little one is okay!

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Lisa - I'm in the same boat! I was on 150mg clomid and I want to know how many are in there! If I had to bet, I'd say at least 2. I felt ovulation pain 3 days in a row. I got my BFP yesterday and then I had what I would GUESS is like implantation spotting last night, after some pretty strong crampy feelings. We'll see!!!

My RE doesn't even know I'm PG yet! :LOL I had my blood drawn for pg test yesterday but they were closed for the long weekend. Guess they'll call me Tuesday and tell me when to come in!
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I'll be going in on Wednesday, pretty good since I'm not even 4 weeks yet!!
I am on Heparin though so that needs to be monitored.
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I don't know! I don't even know how to find a midwife. I was anxious to call around today, but with it being a holiday, I'll start tomorrow.
My midwife would take care of everything from conception to delivery, wouldn't she?
I sure hope I can find one. This area's ob's do not have a very good reputation.

Tracie (midwife hunting)
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We went and interviewed midwives last week/ I'm not sure when our first real appt will be though, probably not until the middle of June.
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Hi peacefulvegan - I'm just lurking in this forum, but to answer your question - Yes, a midwife will care for you prenatally through postpartum.

You could start by finding some info here:


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Don't know yet, need to call my OB in a little bit and they will have me do a blood test first then schedule the first appointment. Can't wait! I've thought about using a midwife this time around but I just have the most amazing OB/GYN that I decided against it, I really love him I am thinking of finding a doula though to assist.

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June 7th

My first appointment at the birthing center is this Monday June 7th. I'm posting in the January and February threads until I get my due date. Since I haven't had a period since May 2002...thats when I conceived ds1...they'll determine by the level of hCG. Guessing by how I feel, and possible conception times, I'd say I'm about 4-6 weeks now. I can't wait until the appointment though
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Thanks, mamamaya! I actually found a couple this morning in my area. I was shocked but there is one right here where I live! Considering the population is about 300, I really didn't think there would be one! I talked to her today and we are going to meet for an interview next week.

Tracie (soaking it all in)
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Great! I hope everything works out for you
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I have my first appt. on June 28th. They were trying to get me in sooner, but I'm a teacher, so afternoon appointments are all I can make. I really like my OB, during our preconception appointement we talked about nursing while pregnant/tandem nursing, natural birth options (I'm going to try to do it this time!),and he told me how well-informed i was about charting and ttc. of course, he knows my mom (who is a midwife) so that makes things nice.

And no, my mom will not be delivering my baby. People always ask me that!
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Originally Posted by Lesleyluu
I have my first appt. on June 28th.
I have my first appointment on the same day!!! I'm in the morning though. So we can compare notes on teh 28th....

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My first appointment is on the 28th too

The ob/gyn office told me that they do an ultrasound on the first visit. Is this standard, and are you guys having one this early?
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Originally Posted by Truvie
My first appointment is on the 28th too

The ob/gyn office told me that they do an ultrasound on the first visit. Is this standard, and are you guys having one this early?
Wow we'll have lots to talk about on the 28th around here I guess! Hehe.

That seems early to me for an ultrasound but my ob is rather anti-ultrasounds - he only does one at around 20 weeks unless something is wrong. He did more with my last son but only because I had m/c'ed just prior and I was paranoid.

Some docs have no issues doing a lot of ultrasounds though and it gives you lots of chances to see your little jellybean Not that you'll be able to see much that early on...

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I conceived this time via IUI at a fertility clinic and they apparently do an U/S when your beta reaches 2000, which last time happened to me at 5 weeks. After 3 m/c, frankly, I'll take all the U/S's I can get. My reg OB saw me today and she gave me a requisition to do a beta every other day for the next 2 weeks. She also offered to sedate me until 35 weeks (joke). I'm still nervous as nervous gets, I'll hopefully feel better when I get my second beta level back tomorrow.
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Shannon I know you will be a paranoid wreck and just want to make sure you know you can come and freak out here at any time or PM me and freak out if it makes you feel better. Sending a super ton of sticky vibes your way.

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Shannon, ((((hug))))) Sticky vibes. I'm so glad your symptoms are kicking in to make you feel better about this pregnancy.

I will be having an ultrasound at my appointment too. I know there are many people here who question the neccesity, safety, and validity of ultrasounds, and I understand their points. But for me, seeing the heartbeat will be so reassurring. Once you have seen a heartbeat, your chance for having a m/c decreases dramatically. It made a huge difference to me in my first pregnancy, because my OB at the time didn't even see me until I was 12 weeks or so. My mom did the ultrasound in her office, and we saw the heartbeat.
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So Lesley, this may seem like a wierd question, but is there a reason you wouldn't want your mom to deliver you? Or is it more of a professional thing.
I never asked if she was delivering you, but I did wonder
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