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So I went ahead and made my appt., June 23. Dh thought this a good idea and I realized since we are moving June 26, I'll want to have time to find someone good where we are going, this way I'll have a month. Where I am now, (Rochester MN) you only have two choices in health care-Mayo and not Mayo (local clinic for the rest of us) so it is pretty insurance driven. Where we are going (Cedar Rapids IA) there are actually independent drs! *gasp* I was looking through the yellow pages and there were, like, 10 diff. listings for OB care! If anyone knows of a midwife in CR, let me know(there were done listed in yp). But, frankly, I'll settle for good care whatever form it comes in: OB, NP, Famdr. I think I will wait to go to a LLL meeting and ask them before I decide. I am afraid to ask just some wives of men my husband works with. They might actually want interventions in preg. and delivery (hey, their choice, it's just not for me) so an OB they used might be the exact opposite of what I'm looking for! Anyway, I get to see the NP I always see and saw through my entire preg with ds. Which, if nothing else, will be an opportunity to say good-bye.
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I'm going on 6/30. I was kind of bummed cause i wanted to go on the 25th when i have a day off but actually this might be better to see whatever there is to see. a strong heartbeat hopefully.

i don't think i'll totally relax until after the first tri this time. i was a little to nonchalant last time. for now, i'm just happy to be pg and amazed that there is a little bean growing inside me.

the cramping has stopped - is that ok?
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mama2m&m-I had my first appointment with my midwife yesterday. We talked about the cramping, and she said it was quite normal to have some and for it to stop.

My first appointment went really well. I go back in about 5 weeks and the midwife felt confident that we would be able to hear a heart beat then. I can't wait, hearing the heartbeat is always such a magical expereince.

Hope everyone is doing well, Oh ya my due date is offically Valentines day!!

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I live in Iowa. You should visit the finding your tribe in the Iowa section. There is a very active thread. Mostly the ladies are from the Ia City-CR area. They would be able to give you opinions about a good Doc.

I'm not going to the Dr until July 28th. I thought since I'm already taking a good prenatal. I want to be able to hear the heartbeat at my first apt. When I preg with Gareth I didn't have an ultrasound. So I don't think I will need one this time either. We don't have insurance so we will be paying out of pocket. The less they do the better for us. We hope and pray that everything will be as smooth as last time.
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thanks firefly! and i love your due date. i wish mine was valentine's day too LOL! i keep getting different answers LOL. but any due date is just fine!
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I dunno when mine will be. It will have to be after I get my insurance together hopefully no more than two weeks from now. But I should be going this week to get doc's verification on paper ,I'll pay out of pocket for that.
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I don't know when mine will be, either. We're still interviewing midwives, so not immediately, that's for sure! Probably not until next month, maybe the month after. I don't feel any great rush; there's nothing that can be done if I miscarry at this point, so there's really no need to get an appointment. Besides, all that will be done at the appointment is talking and probably bp check, so that's not a big deal. NO internals for me at ALL, thank you very much!
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