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Donating dipes

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Hi Ladies! I saw awhile back that you wonderful ladies were donating diapers to needy moms. Well, I've got some dipes and covers and I was going to sell them on Ebay, but I just have this feeling like I should donate them. They are not perfect, but have lots of life in them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? This is what I have:
6 very fluffy fleece liners--washed, but never used.
6 Diaper basic fitted diapers, cute patterns, some faded, but still work fine
1 small Didee Snug fitted diaper
2 medium pink A Better World Company diaper covers
1 Gold Bug medium, clown pattern cover
7 hemp (I think) contour diapers with thick, padded middle.
Thanks for all your help!
So sorry if this is something that shouldn't be posted here
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you can send all of them to Leslie of KindHeartedWomen.com she has an orphanage and is ALWAYS collecting for the orphans of her house and the others in Haiti
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:LOL I was JUST going to say the same thing!
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What a great cause! I will hold onto my dipes and donate them when we are done.

I actually want to set up something similar for crisis pregnancy centers in america.

I've always got so many things on the back burner...KWIM??

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You could post them on the trading post too. I bet there are MDC mamas in need as well.
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I am in need, me me!!!
I am really wanting to go to cloth. I have been picking up dipers here and there. BUt I spent 40 $ on 2 new dipers and it was way to much after the exchange and shipping and stuff
We are moving to a remote island off the coast of Vancover island( we just finalixed the plans) and they don't have garbage faciliteis sooo THE only opion is for me to use cloth ( I want to anyway, I did with my frist)
My ds is almost 9 months about 20 lbs I would guess he is a med to large.
So if anyboday has dipers they would like to donate to me please pm me
I would be able to pay shipping with paypal.
wishiwas~ I would love to recive whatever you have that will fit my boy
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Do you sew? If you can even sew a little, you could make some excellent diapers for hardly anything.

Melissa - I've always wanted to do the same thing! I've toyed with the idea of stashing cast-off dressers in our store basement to fill with AP mama stuff - cloth diapers, a sling, some nursing clothes, and basic baby stuff - and just letting the crisis pregnancy center know I have them available. I was told that they don't take cloth diapers normally, because the mom's don't want them There's GOT to be *some* that want them!

So the Kind Hearted Woman mom RUNS an orphanage?!? I wanna hear more about that!
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