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Originally Posted by Max's Mami
That was my first thought too!

I dont like Aplix at all -- even on non wool items!
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I had to come back and add to the whole “gift” thing. This has been bothering me all morning! Like I said before, I wasn’t bothered by that, didn’t even think twice about it, but everyone seemed to have a problem with it. I’m a cultural anthropology student, and this is a cultural difference. I grew up probably 15 minutes from her house, and that is why I didn’t find anything odd about the comment. When I moved to the States, people reacted to me much the same way as most of you are reacting to the “gift” thing. We are two different countries, and we do things differently. And it’s fine that a lot of you felt that way, but we are very friendly people, ok, and where we come from, it’s just a little humorous, so please try to be a little more open minded, as the cover is truly beautiful
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Well she looks like a primo seamstress! Georgeous work. The details of the auction are a turn-off, though!
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For my baby personally, I wouldn't try it, I don't like the cut of it. It's pretty though. Love the colors.
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The detailed stitching is pretty and it looks nice.
But it always bugs me when someone will only accept a money order. It's so much easier for me to wait for the auction to end and pay immediatly, then I don't have to run to the store, wait for the seller to get it and then wait to get my stuff. It seems whenever I pay by MO it takes 2-3 weeks to get mystuff instead of a few days with paypal. Yeah I can use bidpay to pay quicker or with a credit card like paypal but then I'm stuck with extra fees no thanks. (and I sell on ebay and get stuck with paypal fees all the time so I'm not saying all fees should only be on the seller)
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I love the color and it looks really nice. I'd absolutely love to own one!
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I think it looks really cute. I love aplix on front closing covers. I even sent two Fuzbombs back for Lori to take off snaps and add aplix. We get a much better fit.
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I think her cover is nice, it's obvious she put a lot of work into making it. I am not an aplix fan either, but maybe she is waiting to see if there is a demand for her covers before she buys a snap machine. (BTW, this is speculation, I don't know her.) As far as the gift comment, I imagine she was trying to be funny. Hopefully she doesn't post or lurk here, I think her feelings would be so hurt.
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The set is really cute, but I wish that she had went into more detail about the diaper. It says it is five layers, but five layers of what? Flannel? Hemp? Bean dip?

I'm not bothered by the "gift" comment either. I think it shows that she has a sense of humor which I appreciate
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that makes sense about the money order only working in Canada. I remember sending money orders to the states and it can take up to a month to cash if the money order is "american funds drawn on a canadian bank" or normal time if it is american funds with american account" It just makes a difference in how the bank does it.

I know it stinks to pay paypal fees, but that is just part of doing biz. I personally find money orders a PITA (since I dont drive) and then *I* have to 35 cents to $1.00 for it... so might as well just raise your prices to accomidate the paypal fee since it is easier and I am paying a fee anyway.

The auction is beautiful professional tags, photography and of course the sewing looks very pretty. Pea in the pod reminds me of the maternity store... and sugarpeas. (thats why it sounds familiar maybe.)
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Originally Posted by mymommyto4
Bean dip?
no, thats what your baby makes to fill the diaper with

**btw** if she is lurking here, her feelings shouldnt be hurt. Her sewing is beautiful but not everything works for every baby (not everyone likes aplix) and comments on the description comments might help a wahm grow and reword inorder to sell more diapers! I dont see any bashing
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About the Paypal thing, not only dose it cost her when someone uses Paypal, but it cost extra if you are not American (with an American bank account) :
If you want to move the funds anywhere Paypal charges extra!
So I do not blame her for not using PayPal.

The cover is beautiful... and mommyhenderson if you are reading any of this don't be upset! There are a lot of Mama's who love your work!
I know I do!

SAHMama to 3 little monsters.
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Yeah, I would hope if she lurks she would be flattered. The diaper is gorgeous, I just don't like aplix But umm, half the mamas out there apparently do, or there wouldn't be a market for aplix items, right??

She is definitely a good seamstress, and her product is beautiful!

And I agree that we can always learn from comments like these, especially about the auction wording, you know? If it threw off even 1/3 of her potential buyers, she'd probably want to know, kwim?
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It's very pretty. I wanted to try one of her other AIO's because finding AIO's w/o fleece or poly inside is hard, but I just donthave the $. I think she was just trying to be funny with the gift line.
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Originally Posted by 3littlemonsters
I really don't see the big deal about the Paypal.
For me paypal is a big deal. If I win something I need to get a mo for, it's one more errand hanging over my head.

I think her stuff is really gorgeous, though. I'd love to have that blue set. And I prefer aplix or touchtape. The fit never seems quite right to me with snaps. If I were buying stuff (I haven't bought in a month now!) I would totally bid.

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This is the "Bearbums" AIO maker. I bought a few of them when I began cding last fall.
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There is an added note for MDC Mommas at the end of the auction. Guess she's one of us keeping anonymous.

The cover is beautiful. I'd love to try one but I only use paypal. I never have the time to get a money order in a timely fashion and have been told no more diapers on the cc, only for emergencies now while we pay off debt. I dont' think DH will think of a new wool cover as an emergency lol.

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AP momma I thought the exact same thing earlier but after seeing that note I really think so
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I think it's gorgeous, but I like Aplix, too. With Lexi's skinny legs and tiny tummy I just have more luck getting things w/Aplix to fit her. I thought the "gift" comment was funny, but that's just me Paypal is usually my preferred method of payment, unless I'm sneaking stuff under the wire and there's no paypal trail w/a MO If dh doesn't "see" me paying for packages, he usually doesn't say much when they arrive, lol!
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Regardless of the gift comment, which I could care less about because I always print out a copy of the auction and put the number on a post it on the check, then put it in the memo of a check or MO, and write it on the outside of the envelope too. ...... because I think I am nutty, so I have to have it about 5 times in the envelope(Is this considered OCD?), I think it would be a good optin for DH with the Aplix. The only reason I do not like Aplex is because I forget to flose it when washing. He has not tried aplex yet, if he does I am probably going to have to buy all aplex. Although does it wear out after a while?

I think they way she displays it with the flowers in the basket is smart. It makes me want to buy it more than seeing it just thrown on the floor and a pic taken.
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