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The morning sickness thread :Puke :Puke :Puke

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I think we need a place to specifically complain about the urge and act of throwing up. I haven't actually :Puke yet, but the feeling is there almost constantly. I can't stand a lot of the food I used to eat, and I hate cooking smells. I am having a hard time bringing myself to eat veggies, too.
I just think it's so unfair that you eat something healthy for the baby and then turn around and throw it up. I mean, you could eat junk, so you wouldn't have to feel so bad when you lose it, but then you know, you'd end up keeping that! Anyway, I usually have scrambled eggs for breakfast, but I just can't handle them, so this morning I made whole wheat pasta with a cream sauce. Hope it stays down. I explained to dd that it wasn't a standard breakfast food! I think I'll have quesadillas for lunch again. They worked out good yesterday.

:Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke
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My morning sickness is just starting. I haven't :Puke yet, but I have been quite nauseous. Ugh!

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I haven't puked yet either, but I am soooooooo nauseous. I've found if I keep food in my stomach it's not as bad. The last thing I want to do when I feel queasy is eat, but it really does help.
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many small meals?

I'm trying to keep the nausea down with many small meals...I haven't yet actually thrown up. Last time I couldn't bear anything but the blandest food, this time (so far) I'm actually able to eat good little veggie snacks like raw veggies and steamed milk. Any suggestions for satisfying little mini-meals?
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Definitely experiencing nausea ALL DAY. Eating small meals helps!!!!!!! No vomitting yet but a lot of dry heaves today - yuck!!
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Oh yeah, I've got it bad. Yesterday I had a salad that was a little watery and the tomatoes were really ripe. Uggghhhh. SO gross.

I can't work out anymore because it makes me so sick after wards.

I don't know if I should tell you all this story or not BUT I'll tell you anyways because its soooo damn sickening. You all know that in the tropics we tend to have a little bit of a bug problem right? Especially cockroaches. There's no escaping it, no matter how clean you are, they will come, especially if you live in the more lush areas like we do....Anyway, dh had left an empty Starbucks cup from his iced thai espresso on the lanai. Yesterday morning I went to go throw it away and there were about 30 dead baby cockroaches floating in the 1/2 inch on coffee left in the cup!!!!

OMG! I am still barfing over that one. Ugghhhh!!!! SO paralyzingly disgusting. Help!

Ok, I might have barfed from that one before, but it certainly doesn't help when you are battling m/s.
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I am having major food aversions. Almost ever single food in the world makes me wanna barf. It really sucks. And I am worried because I have the feeling you get when you go all day without eating. I really don't think I'm eating enough for all of us.
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What works for me....

P&A- I know what you mean about not eating all day, it feel almost as awful.... Something that has worked well for me is a grilled cheese sandwich with good whole wheat bread and sharp white cheddar cheese (grilled with butter - crunchy). Don't know why, but it works really well with my belly.... Maybe it could work for you. Good luck!
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Me too....

Just a general nauseousness all day. I'm trying so hard to be healthy, but all that seems to taste ok is crackers and bagels. At least I try to get a little peanut butter on them for protein. I was pretty healthy before all this - lots of veggies, hummus, grilled meats, etc., so I'm hoping to get back to that soon.

Ginger ale really does seem to help, but my office is about 90% women, and they'd pick up on that in a heartbeat, so I'm leary of drinking it in the office.

My dh is laughing at me b/c of my smelling - he had an empty Odwalla juice carton in the car yesterday and the smell was just making my stomach churn.
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I'm feeling it too but not too badly. I can only stomach eating a small bit at a time. Ginger ale also helps me and I got some altoids citrus sours that helps a bit. I made some soup the other day and I found the broth to be very soothing.
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sweetpeasmom that's funny about the altoids...I'm sucking on a tangerine atloid right now!
My dh has salami in the firdge and every time Iopen the fridge I nearly barf :Puke. So gross...I find eating small meals during theday and walking a bit really helps with my nausea ...and not ever opening the fridge. What's weird is tha last pregnancy I could eat pretty much whatever now I pretty limited to very bland foods...rices, pasta, bread with a little cheese...yogurt's good and I'm living off peppermint tea.
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update and question

Today has been crazy for a variety of reasons, and all morning I felt moderately nauseated but couldn't get to food other than one little granola bar. I kept telling myself that I didn't get some food I'd be in trouble, but the nausea didn't escalate...I made it to lunch, which tasted soooo good. Grilled cheese sandwiches are the best, aren't they!

So now I'm thinking that maybe I don't need to feed this nausea, the way I did last time around. If I'd had a morning like this last time, I would have really paid the price. Has anyone had any experience like this?
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i tried the grilled cheese yesterday and.... yummy!!!! i havnt had one in a long time. before i got pg i was doing a low-carb thing (for health, not weight loss), and i hardly ever ate bread. now it's the one thing i eat the most! this a.m. i had french toast to get some protein.
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Hi all,

Has anybody else had to take time off work due to ms/nausea/exhaustion?

We only get 6 days a year and they don't roll over. I figure I'm going to need most of that for appointments and stuff - but man I really don't feel like being at work with this nausea. But then I think, if it's like this for 8 more weeks, then I'm really in trouble. And it's not just morning - it's blech all day long.

Sipping on caffeine free tea also seems to help.
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Oh my Goodness! That puking smiley face has me cracking up!!!

And the grilled cheese is EXACTLY what I make same ingredients, same crunchy standard! That is too funny!

I am finding that my smelling abilities are like superpowers. This morning I smelled a hint of garlic in my grape juice and proceeded with round two of dry heaves into the sink. If there had been anything in my stomach it would have come up. I vowed to throw out every item in my fridge today including the ice (which suddenly smells funny too) and de-smell the whole thing with every essential oil and baking soda way I can think of...but then I didn't have the energy. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

So it's 7:45pm and I still haven't cooked dinner. The natives (read dh and toddler) are restless...looks like another night out. Why not? You're only in your first trimester once right?
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well, it finally happened. I just threw up. dd is napping, luckily, though I'm almost surprised it didn't wake her (I am a loud vomiter). I have never had it burn that bad before. My throat feels so raw! The worst is what I ate: penne with cheese sauce, spicy breaded chicken burger (it's just occurring to me that this was probably the extra burning, since it was so spicy I could barely eat it, but I was hungry), and canned corn, plus I drank a big glass of milk.
Time for a shower. Then I think I'll make those cheesecake brownies I've been wanting...
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......... and again! At what point is this dangerous for me, baby and nursling dd? All I've kept down today is 4 pieces whole wheat butter toast and two canned pears (maybe 1 1/2). This is far from the ideal diet for a nursing mom or a pg one, let alone both! I don't remember feeling this rotten last time.
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Count me in...I've been so miserable for 4 weeks now. I am trying to cope and trying to keep on top of it, but it is just so damn hard with a busy busy toddler. Most days I can't bring myself to cook anything. My poor dh is going to have to take out a loan to cover all the eating out expenses. I rarely puke, but have "episodes" of gagging that can lead to something coming up. Soooo gross.

The worst it when trying to brush my teeth. Just remembering it can lead to gagging and "spitting up" and then I have to start all over again. Last time it lasted until around week 14, so I have 5 more weeks to go. I guess I have no choice but to wait it out.

It is so strange what is appealing and what is appalling. And it changes daily. I can not plan at all, just have to go with my gut feeling (ha ha [very dry laugh there]).

Has anybody tried any homeopathics? I'm feeling desperate. Almonds kind of help and pretzels too, but I'm so sick of them, I have to choke them down.

Well, it does feel good to have some other people to complain to. I think my dh and family are getting tired of the pathetic person I have turned into. :
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B6 helps with m/s, try 100mg a day. Also, part of the reason it is suggested to have a really good diet before you get pg, b/c the first trimster is tough for most women! That way you have the stores in your body to make up for what you may be lacking, without totally depleting yourself. I know I didn't eat much, had m/s and hurled ALOT with dd and that is what my mw told me....
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I've been eating crystalized ginger from the health food store and it really helps at soothing my stomach. I haven't been able to eat much though.
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