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I've avoided this thread because I didn't have any with my first and I really didn't expect to have it this time. However I've been so sick the last week. Yesterday I spent 2 hours over the toliet. I guess having twins means double the morning sickness.
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I'm wearing sea bands every waking hour and it helps. I'm still miserable though. I really need to be eating good, too. I like preggie pops, they've helped in the past. I thought of buying ginger candies but they sound gross. Peppermint tea sounds yummy though.
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OK - question for you experienced mothers - does the m/s come and go. I feel sooooo much better today than I did last week and earlier this week. I'm just wondering if I'm really lucky enough that it's over - or if it's going to come back full force when I don't expect it.
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The crystalized ginger works for me too. Since the grilled cheese helped, I have another suggestion - Thai Kitchen Noodle Soups. They are packaged like ramen, but much healthier (not fried, rice noodles, smaller portion). I add cubed tofu and extra water.

P&A - Brownies - YUMMY! Two women had brownies at work yesterday and I almost stole them out of their hands. I am usually not a sweets person except when I am preggo. Last time it was glazed donuts, but brownies might be my thing this time!

PS - Peppermint tea does wonders for me in the AM too!
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The past few days have been awful for me - today being the absolute worst. I feel so naueseous all day long, and I am constantly gagging which usually leads to throwing up. My 2 1/2 year old is not understanding why Mommy just wants to lay on the couch all day.
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Yeah, too bad about the brownies. i had some last night but haven't gone near them since they revisted me last night. Ugh. All I can stomach today is toast and pears. I have a prescription for diclectin, but it's $92 for 60 pills!
What really sucks is this: the brownies I actually made for myself as a birthday cake. Tomorrow is my 24th. My sister and I had planned a day together shopping, and then dh and I were going out to my favourite restaurant, where they give you a free meal and cake on your b.day. It was going to be our first date since valentine's day, and now I don't know if I'll feel up to any of it.

As far as laying on the sofa all day, I'm lucky there. DD is pretty content to putter around near me while I nap for up to an hour. At 21 months, I'm impressed!

I am so sick and miserable I am starting to regret being pg. I just keep telling myself it's worth it when I see how cute dd is.
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P&A - Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope you are feeling better and were able to celebrate a little!
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Ugh........ still nauseous all day and low energy. Wow. Mostly, dry heaves and gagging. My mother used to say she felt like she was hungover for 3 months with her pregnancies!! But, everyone I talk to says its a good sign. I feel ok about it since I m/c'd my first pregnancy and had no symptoms with that one! I hope everyone is well.
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I just had my consult with my new midwives and one suggested a brisk walk, as it helps to "throw off" the hormones causing the nausea by getting the blood circulating.

And I thought my method of laying on the couch whining and wishing I was somebody else was gonna help . That's about all I've managed for the last 5 days.

I did some walking today and it really seemed to help-of course the hard part was getting motivated to do it.
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I bought a couple of homeopathic remedies the other day and they are helping somewhat. It's not a cure, for sure, but enough to take the edge off so I can function for a little while.

Also, Altoids citrus sours are helping.

The #1 thing is eating regularly something with carbs every hour or so. This has been nearly impossible to accomplish while being busy with ds all day. I just don't have the time to constantly be preparing/eating food. I think this is why the sours work - just a little jolt to the blood sugar.

This pg. has been so hard I seriously don't think I want more children after this.
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And another one bites the dust!

And so it begins (again). I have felt rotten all morning. Got up from my nap and started gagging and dry heaving in the kitchen sink as soon as I looked in the fridge. I have a bad cold and can't smell otherwise it might be worse! I need to completely empty all leftovers and weird stuff out of my fridge when I am feeling better so I don't have to look in there again. Plus, once something has made you gag once, it seems to do it more easily in the future! Aaarggh. I know way to much about this to be doing it again! I am the vomit pro!
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I can relate to the gagging and dry heaving. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sick most of the day. I feel better when I eat........ fruit helps!!
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what's working for me

I haven't posted in at least a week b/c I've been feeling so rotten -- all-day nausea-up-to-the-gills and bone-weariness resulting in a complete inability to get out of bed and deal with life plus a nasty cycle of knowing I need to eat but being so disgusted by all food that I could barely stand to put anything in my mouth -- but I'm doing much better because my midwife got me started on a combination of vitamin B6 (25-50 mg 2x a day) and a half-Unisom (1x at night).

I had tried B6 with my last pg, and it didn't help. This time, though, it made a dent in the nausea. But I was still pretty incapacitated so even though I'd been leery of any drugs, even an over-the-counter suggested by a very experienced mw-nurse, I wouldn't touch it until I had my dad, who's a doctor, research it. He said it looked very well-studied and very safe so I started last night, and today has been the best day in three weeks! The morning was still very rough. I felt sluggish and exhausted, but by mid-morning I felt almost human, and by afternoon I felt myself. Instead of sticking my daughter in front of a video, we danced and played! I am so happy! I still have to eat a little every hour but no vomiting and mch more energy.

So if any of you are also having really severe m/s, not life-threatening but incapacitating, talk to your mw or doc or whatever...Good luck!
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