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Dreams anyone?

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Have you had any dreams about your pregnancy?

Last night I had my first baby dream this pregnancy. In the dream, my baby was a beautiful baby girl!!!

With my first daughter, the dreams began literally the night she was conceived and lasted the entire pregnancy. I always dreamed of a baby girl and sure enough, I delivered a baby girl! I've heard the opposite from some friends -- they dream of one sex the entire pregnancy and then deliver the opposite sex!
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Funny you should ask this! I had a dream last night that I gave birth (only took two pushes from start to finish... how's that for wishful thinking! ) We had a beautiful baby girl who looked quite a bit like Tess. There was a bit of anxiety though, because for some reason suddenly I realized that after I'd nursed her, I just put her on our bed & left the room. I was thinking "why didn't I put her in the Moby????", and then I rushed back into the room and she was awake and looking around. I felt so bad for already leaving her alone!!

So, am I crazy???
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