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Amy1st I am about to go do that right now

We went to Target today too ( I got some really cool stuff for the families I am about to fairy) and a sno cone maker to make our own.
So I have to go through the kitchen and ditch something. But not sure what because ds and I flung the snot out of it several months ago and only have left what we use.
My two boys got a book/toy combo at sams and they have already flung their bring one in get rid of one

Now I just need to get rid of the box in the floor LOL
I have done the evening routine in the lr and ds still has some sam's stuff to put away( I am having a teen meeting here monday evening so had to get some case sized stuff lol)
I need to go finish cleaning off the kitchen table ..
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Fallen off the wagon

We had our tub reglazed 10 days ago, had to spent 4 nights at relatives, and the house is a disaster again. How could it have gotten so bad when we were barely there???? : In any event, today is another day, and even though I didn't do my morning routine, I will resume tonight (I'm saying it here so I'm accountable to y'all).
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My flylady stuff didn't come today

Chasing Peace it is weird isn't it? We were gone most of thurs, most of Friday all sat and most of sunday but the house still needed the house blessing ( and t&f i had done my routines) and I kept thinking "HOW HOW HOW did it get this way???"
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