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Originally Posted by Catsinthecradle
Yes, by all means! Fly naked if you like, but just fly. I do and have been loving it. Take what works for you and toss the rest.
LOL! I will just fly barefoot! Though I am still laughing about the fly naked!

I am loving flying. I am taking baby steps, but have have my kitchen and living room clean 5 days now. It is so awesome to wake up to a clean living area. No dishes everywhere. Don't have to wash some just to make breakfast.

DH is looking at me a little strange, but I think he is happy. He is not a neat freak by any means, but I am sure having a clean house will make him happy too! We have lived this way for so long though, that he probably wonders what I did with his wife!

I even have more time to post now, since I can wake up to a clean house and not have to clean before DD gets up!
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don't be overwhelmed. Where to start? babysteps. "jump in where we are"
as she says.
if it helps just do the zone missions for a bit. If you need a week or two to get down your routine so what? It's ok
maybe just the zone missions and hot spots for now..//
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I am a Flylady failure. Twice, no less. But you've all inspired me. Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm. Or maybe I'll just have to bust dh over the head with the dirty dishes. I try to keep my sink all shiny and clean.........but he keeps putting dirty dishes in it, even though the dishwasher is RIGHT THERE.

I will also be flying barefoot. I cannot stand shoes in any way shape or form.
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bummer. today would have been my 7th morning waking up to a clean kichen and living room, but abby was really grumpy last night and clingy. had to go to bed with her and didn't get anything done.

i was sooo bummed to see a messy house this morning. i am liking flying. makes mornings so much nicer. hopefully she won't be grouchy tonight!!

myjulybabes--let's hope 3rd time is charm!! glad to see another barefooted flyer!
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i'm pretty impressed with myself! no, i haven't been doing things every day : but i am so much better than i used to be. and with 2 small children, one under 1, that's good enough for me. my mantra has been "any housework blesses my family" or whatever she says.

i usually do my before bed routines, and i've been doing my hotspots and 27 fling boogies, and my 15 min zones and 5 min room rescues when i have free hands (baby) and time. house looks so much better. and i'm forming routines, which is awesome. still needs lots of work, but i can't believe how good it looks right now.

no, i'm not doing it perfectly, but i'm not supposed to, either!

and to the person above, this is try number 3 for me, too.
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I have only been unsubbed from the emails once in the past 3 years. I do not always do them and have fallen many times. Depression is my problem. I am the only person in my house who gives a rats ass what it looks like most days- but sure enough if it suits them they all work at it.
Right now I am hiding in my office but I should get out and do some work. DD broke one of my decorative plates so I am having a momy time out.

I have a folder for my flymail and I delete all the reminders. I could whine about how I work full time and have a DH who doesn't do a thing, but those things I can not change so I am trying on my attitude- and sometimes it doesn't work. :

When I can follow the routines, it works. Going to bed with the little boys helps get them to sleep earlier but them I don't get to undo whatever it is they did right before bed. And if I fall asleep before them, well that is one messy room to greet me at wake up. I definately did better when I wasn't pregnant.

Guess I had better get up and do something, eh?
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You may want to check www.organizedhome.com . Lots of other good ideas and a good forum there, too.
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OK, I just read thru this thread & I'm for it.
We just moved & we got rid of tons of stuff BUT I still feel like we are heavy with stuff.
I have a VERY clingy 9.5 mon DS & we can't even get unpacked fully.
I hate having to run around like crazy when someone calls & sayz they're coming over.
DH & I vowed to keep this cleaned up somewhat but we've barely unpacked.
UGGGGGGGGhhhhhh, we need help.
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I have about 3 hours from the time I get home from work till we crash in bed most night. Thats enough time to distroy the house, can you actully do Flylady in less then an hour a day? At this point it feels like all I do is cook, clean and get us ready for bed!
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I find it really helps just to put things back when you are done with them. For instance, putting ingredients back in the pantry when you are cooking, hanging up towels after a shower, getting family members to take their own dinner plates to the kitchen, throwing laundry in the basket instead of on the floor, putting away shoes as soon as you get in the door. It only takes an extra couple of seconds to do these things and the house then takes care of itself. It's just getting into the habit. I find that when the house is already messy it's harder to pick up after myself. I figure, I have to really clean this area later so I'll just add to the heap. But the time that picking up saves is amazing. You can pretty much maintain if you are always picking up after yourself.
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i agree with melissa, that the house stays so much neater when i pay attention to picking up right after the mess is made.

i've been inspired by this thread (and a visit back east to a couple of very big, very nice houses) to jump on the flylady bandwagon. i resisted it when i initially read about it a year ago (i guess i'm ornery and don't like to be told what to do) but the state of the house over the last year has been driving me nuts.

i'm very pleased with what a difference my evening routine has made over the last week.

i'm curious about what others have come up with for morning and evening routines, as i'm still refining mine.

anyone care to share?

my morning one is:

15 minutes of yoga
make beds
brush kids teeth and hair
brush my teeth and hair (shower every other day)
start laundry or change a bed and toss sheets in


clear the sink and counters
clear the dining room table
pick up the family room
15 minutes of yoga stretches

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Wow! I'm on day 3 of being a fly-baby taking baby steps. I never heard of it before this thread, and it seems just the thing that I need. Thanks MDC posters! How simple--get a routine and follow it. I could care less about having a shiny kitchen sink (maybe I'll incorporate that later), but I am a bit obsessive about the bathroom, so I'm making that my little piece of shiny clean heaven! I'm a WOHM so I'm trying to incorporate the ideas at work, too. I know it's twisted, but I'm really excited about this!
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I'm on day three too. I'm still trying to figure out how to have one routine for two types of days -- 3 days a week I work and we have to get out of the house really fast and 2 days I stay home and have lots of time. But I'm working on it. Yesterday I had to do a whole lot of cooking (helping to host a party) and at the end of the day all the dishes were done and everything was put away! I was so proud of myself. I even managed to clean one bathroom in addition to all the cooking.

For those who are bothered by the email -- if you joined through the Yahoo groups, you can change the setting to "digest" style and you will only get one per day. It will contain everything that was sent that day, so the timing doesn't make sense, but you won't be overwhelmed either. That's what I've done so I don't get bothered by them at the office.
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Well...I shined my kitchen sink..did part of a morning routine. Haven't been doing well but am still trying. Good to know you guys are doing well...love the kids ideas and testimonials. Don't have shoes on.
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I wish there was a site like that with parenting ideas - daily plans with activities to do with the kids and stuff. I wish I had creativity to start one.
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there's one that's close...
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Flylady is contagious!

Okay, I am on month 10 of my flylady routine.

It took a good 3 months to declutter to a point that is awesome. I took babysteps.

I was in CHAOS. Whenever we had a party, dinner thing whatever, we cleaned the whole day before.
Now.. we have a new chaos..CAN have anyone over syndrome right now if you'd like.

We figure we are 15 minutes away from company at anytime.

But, I could not stand all those emails-they were clutter to me so I decluttered. I arrange for a local charity to pick up at our house every 2 months. This time around my church is having a white elephant sale and we brought over a whole pick up truck full of stuff. I have decluttered everything and anything in my house to the point I have EMPTY storage containers that I donated! I don't know why I was keeping that stuff anyway! The key is to do it slowly. Also, a huge law we all follow- bring an item in, another has to go out.

My DH has jumped on the bandwagon and we have noticed a huge difference in everything we do. The whole family sleeps better, we have more room, we are heathier than before, there is order in our life.

Big thing: I hosted playgroup about 6 months ago and one mom had asked when we got an addition put on our home? We didn't!
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I also do barefoot!
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Originally Posted by sueami
there's one that's close...
thank you so much for this! i've never seen it before.
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I've been trying to fly but I still don't quite "get it"... although I have been keeping up with the sink and dishes and making my bed. I got the email with the first three days, where she said to sort of ignore the rest, but after those 23 days I wasn't sure where to go next. Doing all the stuff in the emails seem like too much... actually, some days it's all too much, but baby steps, right?

And Rain loves to scrub the sink, so that's good. Of course, she also pointed out that fly babies are really maggots...

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