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Newborn diapers are even cuter on a new little person! - Page 3

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Nicole, Max is so precious! I love the pictures. Congratulations!
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Awww, congrats Nicole! Can't wait to see the little guy in person!
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awww, he is soooo cute and perfect, with a diaper stash to die for !!!!
congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG look at that HAIR!! WOW he is SO cute! I am counting the hours until my new baby gets here so I can wrap them in cuddly fitteds and cozy soakers! soo sooo adorable!
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Congratulations Nicole! I've been wondering how you were doing. Max is gorgeous. All that hair!!! Jack doesn't have that much hair at 14 months. :LOL
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What a cutie! I love all that hair! I can't wait for Aug. to get here so I can try out all my newborn fitteds. I have that same BBH and it looks like it fits him perfectly.

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Wow Nicole! He is beautiful! He looks like a little bear with all his fuzzy adorable hair.
Welcome to the world Maxwell!
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Thanks y'all for checking out my new little man!
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OMG what a cutie!! Those soakers are adorable on him! Congrats!
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What a sweet little baby!
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What a doll!!! Congrats!!!
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Awww congratulations. He is adorable.
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Oh! Those pictures are priceless! Thanks so much for posting those-- it is so nice to actually see how everything fits on a nb. There are definitly some that look like they fit WAY better than others but everything is SO CUTE! What a great nb stash you have for him. I just LOVE the tiny little soakers!

Oh - I NEED a newborn!
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I hear you! My daughter is 2 months old. She started out in xsmall and preemie sized diapers(still is in some of them). I can't get over how cute they are or how cute they look. Congrats on Max!
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congratulations! mine came on june 2nd and I've been wanting to do something similar although I realize I don't really have too many diapers I didn't make myself.

He's such a cutie! Love all of the selection you have there
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I 'd seeing your beautiful boy in his fantastic wool. Gives me heart pangs for a newborn. Congratulations!
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Max is so cute, congratulations! I am glad everyone came out of the his birth safely! I am always so amazed by you homebirthing mamas, I just can't imagine! It is like you are a different species than I am or something, LOL.
ANYWAY, you have done such a great service to all the mamas looking for newborn diapers - you have them all and it is awesome to be able to see them actually on a newborn. I hope and pray that I get to shop for some newborn diapers again someday!
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