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Poll Results: Do you use a stroller?

  • 14% (18)
  • 31% (40)
    We use it as much as we babywear
  • 15% (20)
    We use it more than we babywear
  • 39% (50)
128 Total Votes  
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I have to say! lately my 2 year old son is just adoring walks in the stroller...hes quite comical we have a nice double so both babies face each other, very adorable to watch them interact, however I always have a carrier or two stashed in there somewhere because you never know when one or both will need to be carried! but its ultra handy to take to the park with all our stuff in the basket! LOL

I also have a few prams I use..they are really high up and the baby can see everything you do! really its all about moderation and practicality, insn't everything?

I think carsets as another poster wrote above are equally important, and I have to say I dont use mine much at all for a form of transport for my baby tho! sometimes if she is asleep I will carry her in somewhere in it..other than that its in the car alot!

I think we tend to sling more than use our double peg/ english pram but really they each have their unique benefits I am glad I have all my slings and my strollers as a matter of fact! LOL
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we live in a city and use the stroller often for walks that are longer than a few blocks. ds is 38lbs now so too heavy to carry everywhere, and too young to walk miles!
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Originally Posted by Rachel3612
I know its just a tounge in cheek thing but it still irrates me that people give such a degrading name to something that will save your childs life. I am a CPS tech so I know what happens when people do not use car seats correctly. I have never heard of someone who calls it such a degrading name like a bucket to actually use it correctly. I have known people in real life that call it that too so its not just people online.

I am a CPS tech so to me a car seat is way more important than a sling or stroller.
I call it a bucket when I see people carrying their babies in one swinging it inches from the floor and when we used one we most certainly DID use it correctly. I don't think there is a correlation between not believing it should be used as an artificial means to carry your baby and using it incorrectly.

Dana, I am LOL at your "unhealthy" stroller obsession. When I was researching the stroller I would go on to never use I came across a message board of stroller enthusiasts that is EXACTLY like the diapering board here... except instead of everyone having 30 wool soakers they all had 30 strollers. It was where I first learned of the Bugaboo Frog, probably the only stroller I would still buy could I afford it, sigh.
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My stroller is mostly just to carry my bags when I'm shopping. Occassionally, when my 22mo dd gets too heavy and there is no one else to hold her she gets in. I love slinging my babe in public, it's worth the sore back, I get sore feet anyways!
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We use a stroller, but nowhere near as much as we use our slings. DS (4 mos.) doesn't like to be in the stroller for long. I can count on one hand the times I've used it. Still I like to have it to use as a cart for the diaper bag and other paraphenalia!
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There wasn't a choice for me (we use it, ubt less than babywearing).

Strollers are good for me when I"m sick with asthma or a migraine, or if we are going out shopping. Carrying her is more convenient most of the time, but I do use a stroller when I'm dropping her off with dh when I"m heading to a job interview (don't want puke or poop on the suit).

Her babysitter wants to learn to sling, so I'm gonna make one to leave over there. Yippee!!
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