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Bloody Nose

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My four year old gets a severe bloody nose almost every single day. In the winter I contributed it to the dry weather but now I'm starting to worry. Huge clots come out of his nose and he loses so much blood. I haven't experienced this with my other children. Any advice/experience? I worry to death about him as I've always had a "bad feeling" that he would be the child of mine to be ill. I don't want to run to the dr. though.

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Amy, could he be picking at it? That can cause thoes delecate membrains to bleed. Is it a lot of blood, or just a dab? If it's a flow of blood, you really need to have it checked. If it's just a dab or so, it's probubly just irritated. Does he have alergies?
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I wondered about the allergies, although his nose doesn't really run otherwise. It's a large flow of blood. It can last for an hour sometimes. I literally look like I murdered someone when it's all over. His lambs wool will be nearly covered in blood by the end. It's very scary. I guess I should have him checked out.

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Yeah, have it checked just to be safe. It's probubly dryness - especailly if he has alergies. The membrains could be getting irritated - but check - you'll feel better.

Hope the little sweetie feels better soon.
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My son had the same problem, and running a humidifier helped a lot.
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My dh is subject to bloody nose since is childhood...

back then, the doctors were giving him a shot of Vit. K and cauterized his nose...

Now, we try to eat brocoli (have vit. K in it) often and he eat less salt (it seems to be worst when he eat a lot of it). The bloody nose is really occasionnaly... and come mostly when he is stressed out, have ate salty food, did not have brocoli for a while, is sick, have been in a too dry area or where there is a lot of smokers...

Maybe your son blood is slow to coagulate (my dh is right before the limit)! If so, eating brocoli could help him a lot.

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