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This is true. If the poop gets on the leg openeings, it will not just wipe off. However, this has been rare for us. It takes a big poop for that to happen.

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My MIL went out shoppig for inserts and somehow wound up sending me a dozen contour diapers. They work really well, though, with the Bumkins covers she sent. Add a Kushies paper insert, and it's the ideal diaper for when you anticipate a poop!

My used Kushies also work nicely with a cover, and I tried a Fuzzi Bunz yesterday which worked well for pee. I hung the cover to dry and can get another use out of it, no question.

Today is my first dipe-washing day. Wish me luck! Last minute advice is welcome!
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Don't forget the vinegar! About 1/3 cup in a downy ball works wonders, keeps the diapers nice and soft and extra clean. It also really helps to rinse oxy-clean out (if you're using that).
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Ooooh, Oxi-Clean! I just used baking soda today, but I will definitely try Oxi-Clean next time!

My mom switched the load while I was sleeping and put two covers in the DRYER, but it looks like they survived just fine and I'll take care it doesn't happen again.
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Vinegar isnt always a good idea. If you have hard water its good to use occasionally o strip residues off the dipes. It does help to keep them soft, but sometimes it can contribute to a smell problem. Baking soda is the same, it can help smell issues depending on what kind of water you have, but if you have hard water it can build up on the dipes (requiring you to do a vinegar wash!) Its a very complicated equation that I only partially get. I do wash with a cup of vinegar once in a while if we are having smelly dipes, but otherwise just a tad of detergent and an extra rinse are all thats different from a regular white wash.
Also, Oxy-Clean and vinegar both are not good for PUL (laminated) covers. Both of them break down the lamination, so if you are using that as a regular part of your washing routine and washing covers with dipes (as most of us do) be aware that your covers wont last as long as they could. I also hear that Oxy-Clean may shorten the life of your dipes, someone on the diapering board said she left a dipe to soak in it ( a NASTY one) overnight and it was visibly damaged the next day (think of what bleach does to cotton but not as bad). I dont know how much she used, what kind of dipe, etc, but I would watch the use of it carefully. Just like everything else, I think using it on an as-needed basis once in a while wont hurt.
Dryer drying isnt great for covers either, they will last longer if they are not dryer dried, but once in a while it wont hurt, unless its wool Also, some covers are made to be industrial washed and dried (ex Proraps and Green Earth). Those are going to last a while even if they get dryer dried all the time.
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I tried my first cds on the babe (kissaluvs) and right away they got used! They are the only newborn dipes I have now. We're having to change diapers 2 or 3 times with every feeding so maybe I will wait until she grows into the smalls.
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I have hard water too, and I found that vinegar never worked for us.

however, on teh advice of the diaper board here I tried the Calgon Water Softener and a very very small amount of the downy advanced (which is safe) and we have had no smell issues since! very nice and absorbant again too.

We used the RLR treatment from wal-mart to strip them along with the calgon, and I was amazed how much soap was still in there, even after using vinegar and tons of plain hot rinses!!
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Well, I'm having no problems with CDs when we go out of the house, but daddy doesn't like them to change them at night and they do leak a bit, so I'm going to use up the newborn sized dipes we have for overnight.

Both daddy and grandma seem to loathe the whole diaper cover thing, too, which is a strong argument in favor of pocket dipes and AIOs. I like the Fuzzi Bunz I have, and somebody gave me a Kushies AIO in the next size up.
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I think I've got a heavy wetter. I put her in a fitted diaper (patchwork pixie, I think) and an insert, and wrapped her in a blanket, and she soaked through all that! I don't want to use a cover because the diapers are so cute. So I'll just keep using the 3 cd's I have that fit her now, and wait until she grows into the fuzzibunz.
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I got 2 NB Fuzzi Bunz in the mail today, and they may ALREADY be too small! Sheesh! I am going to try cutting down a prefold to make a thinner insert. anyhow, they will be good for my next baby, who will get CDs as soon as the meconium is out!
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just used cloth for even the meconium- and waited five days to wash them- and it came right out in the machine. just fyi for those who are still pg.
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Hey CDers, how is everything going?

James is almost too big for the NB Kushies, so I bought 10 small Kushies AIOs for a great price on eBay. My only concern in drying time. I love the two FBs I have, but I think I am using too big of an insert (a contour dipe) bc moisture keeps wicking up around the waistband.
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I love CDs more and more! I subscribed to 2 yahoo groups, for FMBG and Patchwork Pixie, so I can know when they stock again. My mom came over yesterday and I got to show off my stash. She was impressed! She said back when I was a baby, diapers were these white pieces of gauze and that was it. She loved all the cute works of art I've been collecting, and gave me money to buy MORE!!! So now I'm waiting on some more fuzzibunz.

I'd be happy never to use sposies again, but dh still doesn't like cloth! I think Andrea might be allergic to sposies. She always seems to have a rash, which gets worse when she wears the sposies. I thought I'd only use cloth around the house, but I've been taking it on the road too. I don't want people to see my baby wearing a piece of trash!
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Yeah, wearing cloth out of the house has turned out to be no big deal, particularly since James (and James' skin!) doesn't require changing each time he wets. Cloth, sposie, wet, dry - it's all the same to him.

I'm still using a sposie at night, bc it means no dipe change unless he poops. That gel stuff is freaking amazing.
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i thought of getting some tushies bc of our cord issue but couldn't bring myself to do it...i don't like the gel stuff personally- so many synthetics- but i know it is effective. my boy rowan is sleeping longer and wakes to nurse or if the diaper (cloth) is really sodden, so he is getting less fussy about wetness. i am about to order the next size diaperap cover!
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I'm not sure I "like" the gel stuff either - but I bow before its power.

There was a 2-pack of Diaperap covers on sale at Fred Meyer, so I got them. I didn't reaize they were pink with flowers! Oh well, James doesn't care, and they work well if I run out of AIOs and need backup.
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I haven't jumped in on this thread yet, but I have a few minutes now.

I have been cd'ing for 17 years, since my second baby was born. I used pre-folds and pins until Gunnar was born and I started using fitteds. I don't even think twice about it now, although this is the first time in all these years, with all my kids that I have 2 in diapers. Talk about LAUNDRY!!!!

Landen is a bit of a heavy wetter, and he HATES to be wet. So we go through a lot of diapers. I prefer wool covers over anything. A hemp fitted with 2 doublers and a wool cover were the only things that would keep Gunnar dry overnight. I do have a few Pro-wraps that I like for using with pre-folds. Dh doesn't change itty bitty diapers, but that's okay....I actually like changing new baby diapers.... :

I have a couple of Happy Heiny's "Tiny Heinys" that fit really well for when we are out and about. I have a WAHM made fleece AIO that I like too. They sure are convenient when being out all day.

Do you guys use cloth wipes also? I didn't with my older kids, but started using them with Gunnar. Made washing a bit easier to me, not having to take out the disposable wipes. Plus, the cloth wipes clean better, since they have some texture.

Oh, and I agree....we have had no problem with meconium either.....
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I found that my least favorite covers- Proraps- worked the best for the first two weeks. I've been using them and Happy Heiny for covers over prefolds. I only have 10 HH so if I used them stuffed I run out of covers before I get the next load from the dryer.
I found that we went through covers FAST the first 10 days or so- probably 6-8 in a day. Our preemie prefolds and Kissaluv 0s were the only thing that fit for the first week or so, but by the 4th day I had to double up the prefolds or be soaked every 40 minutes. The kissaluvs were sopping wet after an hour, I love the way they fit and hold in poo (the only dipes we usually dont have to change out covers with ) but they arent nearly absorbant enough to go coverless, even the first week- like I thought we would.
Changing him every feeding (maybe 90 minutes) he soaks an entire infant prefold now, and Im really having to stuff them into the NB proraps, so I think its time to move into smalls. I can fit three preemie prefolds (2x3x2 x3= 6x9x6, LOL) into one, but its soaked good in an hour too.

I havent used much wool on him yet cause its tough to snappi a dipe on a NB who doesnt like to lay his legs down much. I only use the wool with the kissaluvs, and only have a handful, so not often.

I had to buy nasty disposables for him. I buy pullups for my 2 yr old (who pulls off his cloth and pees in the floor), but I didnt want to be seen with size 1s in my cart : Isnt that bad? I hate putting them on him and I hate people seeing them on him. : BUT- Im treating his butt with gentian violet for his yeast rash (thrush thanks to Keflex) and I dont want ALL of my dipes purple. I dont mind that some of them are stained, but I dont want purple on all of them. Besides that, Im not sure that Im killing off all the yeasties in our wash, and I dont want it to go on any longer than it needs. So hes in sposies until we can cure this rash, poor baby. Poor mommy!!

At least daddy will change a diaper now- I walked in from outside and saw him changing the boy, without me telling him to! That was the third diaper hes put on him since he was born! Not that it matters- I dont mind putting GOOD dipes on him!
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I still use disposable wipes, but have thought about switching to cloth mainly because I hate running out of wipes all the time like we do now.
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I've been using disposable wipes but I think after the newborn period with my daughter I just used washcloths. My super organic friend brought me a shopping bag of mothers milk tea and seventh generation wipes, so we have quite a few.

I have been using diaperaps nb covers with reg size diapers. I have one infant size prefold from them (sample) and it fits so much better, but I have six dozen reg size prefolds and I can't order another several dozen infant diapers. (or can I...? : ) I have already ordered size S covers. We are washing them pretty often, but I remember when my daughter was a few months old we were down to once a week. The diaperaps covers don't get poopy too often. I haven't washed them much yet. I let them air awhile if they're clean and pretty much reuse them until they're pooped on. The waterproof lining keeps them dry and fresh, really.
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