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30 May to 5 JUNE!!!!!!

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I guess I'm the early riser this week, so I get to start the first JUNE thread! Woohoo!!

I'm awake because at 5:45am, NewBean decided that I hadn't eaten enough last night. I was dizzy and thought at first that I was still tired after getting up to pee, but NewBean rolled over and let me know that it was, in fact, low blood sugar. :LOL

Got my minivan yesterday... it is FABULOUS! I'm totally in love! It's way cooler than what Mike & mom & I were expecting we could afford. My friend totally hooked me up! It does everything but drive for you... oh wait, it does that too! :LOL Everything but steer! I've decided that I love cruise control. :LOL And I guess I was meant to drive a minivan; I have no problems parking it, even though I'm used to driving a Saturn (waaaaay smaller!) although I do tend to get a teensy bit too close to the curb. Eli really likes it, and he loved the dealership. He kept running to all of the cars, pointing at all the logos.. "Saturn! Saturn! Saturn Vue, SUV!" He got somewhat overstimulated, it's a good thing we left when we did. Being so close to so many cars was just way too exciting for him. :LOL Our friend was totally impressed to see how thrilled Eli was, and to hear him say "Saturn!" over and over again, every time he saw a "Saturn" logo. I'm just totally thrilled with it, now Eli & NewBean & I won't be trapped in the apartment all day just because of bad weather or because I'm too tired to walk or because everything interesting is too far away to walk to.

I am determined that in order to avoid assault charges and jail time I just better stay home until Isabella is born. I am wayyyyy too hormonal!
: This just cracked me up, because I was exactly the same way when I was pregnant with EliBean. : I was seriously homicidal, and ended up checking myself into the hospital around 30 weeks because I honestly wanted to kill people and I was afraid I was going to. While there, I talked to the world's stupidest, most obnoxious nurse. She kept saying "Well, if you can't handle being pregnant, how are you going to handle a newborn?" I was like "When you have a newborn, you can hand them to someone else and go take a shower. You can't do that with a gigantic belly." and then she said "Well, then, I assume you're not going to breastfeed." I was like "You're kidding, right? Just because I'm angry right now and I wish I could have a beer [I didn't drink at all while I was pregnant with Eli] I won't breastfeed?"

She kept saying that having a newborn was more difficult than being pregnant and I said "You have no idea what you're talking about." She said "No, I only have two kids." I said "I'll bet you any amount of money that they're both over the age of 15, because you obviously don't remember what it feels like to be pregnant at all." (I was right on with this one; her kids were 18 and 22.) She was such a moron, but it was okay because I was definately right. Eli was *so* much easier to deal with after he was born!! That pregnancy was very hard on me. This one's been easier, but I'm still looking forward to having NewBean out.

Speaking of which... any new babies?
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Just checking in and I wanted to say Good Luck Smithie!!!!! I'm sending you peaceful birthing vibes!!!
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Smithie, I hope everything goes well! I'm so excited for you.

I had BH cntx ALL day yesterday. That did not happen with DD. I've had them more than usual this week but yesterday was pretty intense. My dad called when I was laying down (feeling sorry for myself) and he said "You aren't feeling good are you?" and I almost burst into tears.

This morning I'm feeling pretty good. Actually got up before DH (unheard of b/c he is such an early riser and I'm SO NOT). I think I've got my baby/bladder to thank for that. Since it's his bday I made him breakfast in bed. Then we did my belly cast. I felt like fainting by the time we were done. Then DD got up so we opened presents and now we are all in the process of slowly getting ready for church. It's raining here today so we might not get to go swimming as planned but I don't care one bit b/c it means we don't have to water the garden!

Happy Sunday all. Smithie, let us know how everything goes. I'll be thinking of you all day!
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Just for the record, *I* was up first this morning!! :nana: I just didn't get to the computer until now... I was making pancakes with Roland. I burnt mine.... so I had cereal... but Kevin & Roland liked theirs And it won't be *my* job to clean the kitchen today.

Nesting has gone *way* too far in this house... we've gotten to the point where anything remotely practical/normal to do is done. Yesterday, we re-caulked the tub surround. It did need to be done... but can you picture a 37-week pregnant woman, leaning over a water-filled tub with a tube of goo? Comfy. As if the baby will care if the line between the tub & tile is white or black... but it had to be done!!!

I have to run the baby clothes through the washer to freshen them up. They've been in a plactic bag on my closet floor since Roland outgrew them. I figure after more than 2 years, they won't have that Ivory Snow smell anymore. I have to keep reminding myself that even if the baby is a boy, I'm *going* to have to get some clothes, because Roland was a winter baby & this one is a summer baby. My mom works at a second hand store, which is both a blessing & a curse. I don't have to spend a penny on clothes, but I get so many, I could heat the house all winter using them as fuel!!

Well, this floor needs a good scrub down (I let my 2 year old help make pancakes this morning, what did I expect?! ) so I'd best be going, now... before the mess gets walked all over!
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Rynna, that nurse sounds like a real dork. I hate it when they get all like, "Oh, well, if you can't handle this, you can't handle labor/birth/parenting!"

Yesterday I tried to clean dd's stroller. It hadn't been washed since it was given to us, and it was all grimy with mud and spilled drinks. Turns out the fabric doesn't just come right off to be popped in the washing machine...I didn't understand. Who would design something for babies that is not meant to be washable?! Poor dh had to take the stroller apart with a screwdriver (because I made it clear I would not put up with a dirty stroller and was on my way to buy a brand new one!) and hand-wash all the fabric in the sink.

Good luck to Smithie!
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Glad to know I'm not alone with the whole nesting thing. Last night I washed more baby clothes and dipes, packed the diaper bag for the hospital (can't wait to show off all my cute CDs ), and organized my changing area....and then took it apart this morning and re-organized it.

This morning I had a list of stuff that needs to be done...cut the grass, buy and spread mulch, fix the sheep's pen, start planting the vegetable garden...

DH was kind of lolly-gagging around the house, reading the paper and playing on the computer. I was like...okay are you ready to start helping me with the sheep's pen. He said....well...I want to take a shower...then I need to go get a new battery for the lawnmower. I was like...okay...fine...but I'm just warning ya, today you need to be doing stuff that is productive....and by productive I mean the things that I'VE decided need to be done. :LOL

He was like Ay, ye, ye woman! You and your nesting.

I just got back from picking up the mulch. The guy that loaded up my truck was quite impressed to see a 38-week pregnant woman driving a truck and buying mulch. He was going on and on about how great it is to see a pregnant woman so active and how he's heard that makes for an easier birth.
I told him that I actually won't be spreading all the mulch myself but hey - if it helps to get this baby out sooner....maybe I will!

Okay...better get off the computer before DH comes home and catches me not working after my big scene this morning! :LOL

Good luck Smithie...sending you lots of peaceful birthing vibes!!! Sooooo....who's next?????? :nana:

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Hey girls!! I just looked at the date spread and it says JUNE!!! How is that possible!

My mom is going to take the girls for the night this afternoon. It's the first time my youngest has spent the night at Grandma's house but she wants to go! I keep going back and forth between being excited that I can clean w/out interruption and feeling uilty that I'm not playing w/ the girls and feeling sad that they're not going to be here tonight.

I have a HUGE list of things I want done today and it keeps getting bigger. I'm officially 37 weeks tomorrow and I want to have everything ready for whenever this little one decides it's time. Besides this is our last free weekend until the end of June so it's kinda now or never!
Alright I better go get started since I just sent dh outside to get started on the playset that needs to be sanded and sealed.

Have a great Sunday!
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as far as the nurse goes- she is so wrong! although now i have signifigantly less time- a newborn is much easier than a hard pregnancy! i am so glad to not be pregnant anymore!!!!
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Smithie, good luck! Hopefully little James has been born by now!

Lots of nesting going on here too. I cleaned ALL DAY yesterday and just finished cleaning out my car. The only thing left is the garage, which I'm sure won't get cleaned before baby gets here. My parents took dd for the night last night and they won't be back until very late tonight. They took dd to an old-time Appalachain folk festival and to visit her great-grandma. I miss her, but it was nice to get everything clean while she's gone. Dh is gone for the day too, and I slept in until 10 this morning! It was great. I may even take a nap this afternoon too. It's just nice to have the whole house to myself for a whole day. I don't think that has happened since dd was born!
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James Kenneth was born in the water at 5:44 am following 5 hours 10 minutes of total labor and 24 minutes of pushing. You may all feel free to curse me now

Seriously, we were so blessed. His heart rate remained steady throughout the labor and my tears were minor, even though he had a hand up by his face. Now I'm showered and back in my own house.

Birth story to follow, of course! Best luck to whoever goes next!

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Congrats, Smithie!
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Woo-hoo! Yay Smithie!!!! Congratulations and welcome to James!
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Come see the fun I had! :LOL June Babies!

Does anyone know how to get a list made sticky?
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Ryana, you crack me up. It's cool to have a list like that. Thanks for doing it.

Yay Smithie! How cool is that a short labor and short pushing time!? Come on short pushing time, let that be my deal this time! God, I hated pushing.

Well, after church we went to lunch at Whole Foods and I stocked up on Tamari Almonds yet again (keep eating the stash for labor). Then back home for a nap. Now up and plan to do about 30 minutes of dish washing before heading to in-laws for dinner/birthday celebration for DH.

My nesting is still not getting everything done. I have vacuumed three times this week, dusted twice, and been a total freak about keeping the dishes washed and groceries in the house. So I keep doing the same things over and over ... The back seat of my car STILL has caraob all over it (w/o the baby seat installed) and I still haven't finished spreading the truck load of mulch from last weekend (though I did half of it last weekend). And I still want to wax the kitchen floor. Sprinkle some more of that nesting dust this way. This past week I was just too tired to do much extra and the little energy I did have was spent doing my "company's coming" cleaning b/c I thought surely if I felt this awful the baby must me coming. I do feel somewhat better today but I'm not sure if it's b/c I'm staying better hydrated or if it's b/c I'm getting my one free feel good day. Time will tell.

Still no gunky pants....I keep waiting for the mucus like last time. Maybe I really DO have another week and a half. Anyway, my placenta bowl is home waiting for a placenta (my friends finished it and dropped it off yesterday) and my belly cast is done and the carpet is relatively free of dog hair. Wonder how many more times I'll have to vacuum before this baby gets here?
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Today I worked on our hideous aluminum window frames. They are impossible to clean, so I am painting/papering/feather boa-ing them! I don't care that when we move out the paint might not come off; I can't stand looking at them anymore. The ones in the baby's room are the worst. I can do the others later. I'm gluing strips of shiny pastel paper where I can, and painting with poster paints on all the other spots.
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Smithie-Congrats!!! And happy Babymoon!!!
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WAHOO SMITHIE!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on a beautiful baby and birth!!! Can't wait to read the story!!!!
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birth pics


There's a little boob and blood, but nothing you mamas can't handle
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Wow Smithie, you are beautiful Mama !!! I love those photos. Makes me SO excited for this bug to get here. I can't believe you're already posting pictures!! Can't wait to hear the story!

We had our pregnancy pictures done yesterday, it was a lot of fun. I've posted some of them here. I felt so pretty while doing them!!!

So, I'm having LOTS of pressure down low (cooter pain maybe??) and feel like I have to poo all the time. I've never had a head down there, only feet, so is this what it feels like when baby is engaging?? I am just really getting anxious. Not cleaning as much as I'd like. My crotch hurts so bad that I can't do a whole lot. Lucky for me, dh will nest for me! Right now he is getting the video camera ready "just in case"! I am not "due" until the 21st, but Emma came at 37+3 (I know, I'm sure I've told you this before...blame it on pregnancy brain), so I want to be prepared!!!!!!!
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