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Greaseball! Congrats!!! : Andrea!!! Here's hoping you have a quick recovery and a happy baby moon!
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Yay Greaseball!!! Welcome Andrea!
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Congratulations Greaseball!! I'm so happy for you! Take it easy and I'm sure you'll heal beautifully. ((hugs))

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Originally Posted by mattjule
Anyway, she is coming over partially just to hang, but also b/c her dso wrote an editorial in their local paper (whom he works for) about their pregnancy and how it was unplanned but that they are excited to meet the baby, etc. Anyway, I guess the paper has received a lot of hate mail about it b/c they aren't married and this is their 2nd child. Ppl are not buying ads this wk b/c they are protesting a paper that "employs an ammoral person" according to my friend. How aweful is that? He doesn't care what ppl think, but my poor friend is 9 mo pg and it has been pretty hard for her. She says it is hard to live in a community where ppl think everything about her life that she finds wonderful is bad/wrong. So if you call could send some healing vibes her way, I'd appreciate it. She is due on the 9th so this comes at a time when she is already emotional vulnerable.
Man, that sucks. I know how she feels, but I can't imagine what it would be like to have to deal with it publicly. People really need to learn to mind their own damned business!

Congrats, Greasball! When do we get to see pictures? :LOL
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Congrats, Greasball! When do we get to see pictures?
Probably never. I don't have scanning equipment. We really have to get one of those things someday; we're the only people who can't e-mail pictures! Our camera even stopped working yesterday; we used up a roll of film and it wouldn't auto-rewind. So I must find out what happened there...

We didn't get any birth pics this time. Dh had his hands full.
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Congrats, Greaseball! I'm sorry your labor was so hard, but I'm glad you didn't transfer and didn't tear.

I got such a charge out of reading your birth story, I need to get my act together and write mine.
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Yay Greaseball!!!! Welcome Andrea!!! Sounds like it was a difficult labor but YOU DID IT! I bet you feel on top of the world that you made it thru!

ME NEXT! Preeeetttty Pleeeaaaasssssee.

Of course, I'm ready to kill DH and he ain't too happy with me so maybe we better get right first. I just hate what getting out for the summer does to him. It's like he's in party/vacation mode and here I am still taking care of everything around the house, DD, working, and about to pop I'm so dang big. It's very frustrating. I actually went back to bed this morning after he got up b/c I knew he'd be goofing off for the first three hours or so that he was up and I didn't want to start the day off yelling at him. So I went back to sleep until DD got up and then got her out of the house for playgroup. And he DID goof off for the whole time this morning and I suspect a large amount of the time we were gone. He's now out struggling with the mower and having minor temper tantrums while he's at it. He is trying to replace the tire b/c it went flat (big tire on a riding mower). It's not something I could do. I know it's hard. But if he had started it this morning when he got up, he could've done it in the cool of day and it wouldn't be so maddening. Plus, he's known it was messed up for over a week and has waited until the yard is positively snakey. Plus, he was supposed to do it YESTERDAY but went out drinking with his work pals instead. So, here it is today and he's spent the whole dang day with this one project and I know he won't get the yard finished and we'll start this process over again in the morning of me really wanting this one thing done and him taking DAYS to finish it. Meanwhile, I'm saddled with all my regular responsibilities plus cleaning up after one more person who's dirtying up the kitchen, etc. It just pisses me off. I HATE HATE HATE the way he puts things off. And then gets all pissed at ME when I'm to the screaching point.
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Congrats Grease!! I'm sorry you got so wiped out, but you were such an awesome momma to make it through without giving up!! If you can get that roll of film figured out, you can get them scanned at any Kodak photo place (like Sav-on) and they'll put them on disk for you.

Julie, here ya go http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/inde...Baby/wrap.html and big hugs to your friend!!

So I am trying not to be a basket case here, but it feels like a losing battle. I really don't want to do the version, it doesn't feel right to me, but I'm also not doing very well with the slanting stuff, it's just the worst position to try and get a hugely pregnant woman into. We have no money for chiro or acupuncture and had to ask my parents to borrow some for the version. I'm just so angry that the only reason this is even an issue is because the %(#&%@ state of California says my MWs can't attend a breech. Just a couple of years ago it would have been a non-issue, but now it's a huge, ugly deal. I will not be cut open just for a breech, but I also am really not comfortable with going unassisted and our HMO will not let their Drs do a vaginal breech. It makes me want to get a court injunction for my MWs to attend me, but I know that would be pointless to even attempt. It's just such a messed up situation and it's hard to stay focused and peaceful about it. Thanks for all the good thoughts, keep 'em coming
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I am so sorry about baby flipping around on you. I hope he turns around on his own.

Greaseball CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world Andrea!!!! Enjoy your babymoon!

Erin, I loved your pics! You look great

I would love to write more now, but I am so tired it is unbelievable....oky, I am sure you all believe me! : I'll be back after my nap.
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Oh Robin, I am so sorry!!! I know that frustration of a breech baby. Do you know of a chiropracter in your area that does Webster Technique? That can be a VERY effective way of getting the baby to turn. Also, lay inverted (either on an ironing board propped on your couch or in a recliner the wrong way), that will help. Um...lights and music down low, frozen peas or something of that variety on baby's head...if you want more ideas, let me know. I've tried about everything there is!!!

Ok, so I should read all posts before I reply! I understand the expenses completely. And the inverted position is SO uncomfortable. I waited until my water broke with Emma before I would even consider a c-section. There is a hypnobirth script for getting baby to turn, I can pm it to you if you want. I am just so sorry you have to deal with this, I know how frustrating it is. Let me know what I can do to help you.
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Grease! Congrats!
Sorry you had a bit of a rough time, but I wish you a quick recovery. It sounds like you were very strong during the whole thing.
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YIPEE GREASE!!! I am glad that Andrea is here and is healthy. Sorry it wasn't the easiest birth. I think that once the membranes rupture it is a lot harder. You were magnificent though!!!! Congrats Mama!
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Rubelin - If the baby flipped this late, there's still a chance he could flip back on his own. What if you just showed up at a different hospital where no one knows you, when you're in transition, and don't say anything about the breech?

It also could be that your hospital can't force you to have surgery, no matter what the reason. So you might be able to refuse and they would have to deliver you, although they would give you a bad time about it.
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Congratulations, Grease! And welcome to this world, Andrea Zoe! Sorry to hear it was harder than expected. Here's to a quick recovery!

Well, I had my mw appt. today. Hopefully, this will be the "last" one! We did set up another appt. in another 2 weeks. I let her check me since I did have strong contractions last Wed. Alas, the cervix is soft, but nothing else. Of course, this means nothing! I told her I was ready to have this baby, but it would be nice if the baby does come on Sat (the due date), since my mom will be back from her conference. I know that I'm a bit anxious since I've been out of work for 3 weeks already. I'm concerned that if the short term disability company doesn't accept my midwife's reasons, I am officially out of personal time, floating holidays, and vacation time. That would mean that starting next week I would be going unpaid. Yuck!

Well, I should go upstairs and start dinner! Happy full moon, everyone!
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Welcome Andrea!! Wow!!! What a story! You are my hero!

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Hi, ladies!

Congratulations, Greaseball!!! Sounds like it was a physically challenging birth, but that you handled everything wonderfully!

I'm still reading here to keep up with everyone's news - I'm looking forward to hearing about everybody's births.

Killy and I are doing great - at his one-week appt he had gained almost one pounds and grown an inch! He nurses great and sleeps 3 hours at a stretch. I've had my share of meltdowns this week, though, between engorgement when my milk came in and family being here and closing on our house and painting rooms over there, so I finally decided today that I'm going to start treating my maternity leave like maternity leave! So, I spent the day cuddling Killy in bed and it was wonderful...
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You might be nesting if......

As I was scrubbing the molding in the garage this evening I thought "I can't be the only one that's this nuts!" :LOL After spending last night and a good chunk of today cleaning the house I decided to tackle the garage this evening. I swept it out, then vacuumed the nooks and cranies w/ the shop vac, after that I decided to scrub the outside of the grill, the trim on the door that leads into the house, the top step and the bin that holds the dog food. Dh just looked at me and shook his head.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has gone completly INSANE!!!
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Sandi, I'm right there with you!
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Sandi, I find myself either cleaning or having a strong desire to clean at all times! I've pretty much been doing the whole house every day. I also am obsessed with not having a single piece of dirty laundry at all times! Today I was thinking that I've most certainly flipped my lid!
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Robin-I made the sling in about 15 minutes-I serged the edges instead of hemming them. It was a nice treat for my friend and she is so excited to use it now! I am going to make one for dh, too. Head down, head down, head down...

Seedling-You remind me of The Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent. Have you read it? She talks about how everything made her crazy and she was grumpy, etc. before going into labor. She said it always happened a few days before she gave birth. So birthing vibes to you! And a kick in the arse to your dh LOL

Congrats Grease!!!! My labor got very intense once my water broke so I totally hear where you are coming from. It is hard to hang in there and I remember being pissed when I thought my mw was going to transfer me that I had went through all of that only to get medicated in the end (turns out I just progressed quickly and she was calling the birth asst). You are an awesome strong mama.

QoC-glad you are still keeping with us. I was wondering what happens at the end of June. Do they just remove our forum and we have to start a thread over in Life with a Babe? Since there is a possibility I won't have a baby in my arms by then, I was wondering how we are all going to stick together. Anyone know how that works?

Sandi- I am so there with the freakish cleaning! Though in the past week I keep getting distracted with sewing projects instead. Stupid thing is I keep starting ones instead of finishing them...

I resisted having my mw check me. Mostly b/c I didn't really want to explain how much I had been checking myself and I didn't want to hear the lecture about how it doesn't really mean anything. Anyway, everything else is fine. She thinks this baby will be bigger than Tain. I agree, he was only 7 lb 1 oz, it's not that hard to beat that. i am measuring right on and we set up the home visit for next Friday. I don't think I'll get to meet the birth asst but since we won't know for sure who will be coming anyway and I have other labor support, I don't really care. Well, that's about all.
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