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oh, Erin, I can't believe I forgot to congratulate you on your last day of work! I know it's been hard so I am really glad you are done.
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Hee hee...FIL just called and asked if I had any reservations about the "procedure I went through with the midwife". :LOL He also said he thought I was incredibly lucky, but he wasn't going to get into that now...

I don't get it - he was born in 1930, so there is a good chance it was at home.

Oh well - I knew not everyone would be supportive. Our next door neighbor said it was scary.
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Wahoo Seedling!!! Welcome to the world Flora!!!! How wonderful for your family!
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Aw geez, preggo brain I just typed a long post responding to a bunch of stuff then hit "back" and zappo!!

Anyway CONGRATULATIONS!! to Seedling and Flora! I'm soo excited for you, I know you were ready!!

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Congrats Seedling! Flora, what a great name! You must be thrilled. The babies just keep coming now. It's so exciting!

Seriously Grease, over 5,000 posts and you think people don't know you? :LOL

Erin, congrats to you also on your last day at work. You must be feeling pretty good right about now!
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Congrats Seedling!! I had a feeling you'd be next! I can't wait to read the story and see pics of your sweet Flora (great name!!)

Erin, what will you do with yourself with no work?? LOL I am SO just kidding!! Have a great party, I hope you can find a way to get yourself into a chair and be waited on!

Julie, they are fun slings, huh?? I really can't practice with it, though, cause my belly is in the way. I cant wait to try it out for real, I think it's going to work so well.

Grease, that is too funny about FIL, I guess somewhere along the lines people just forget what used to be perfectly normal! Are you feeling better today??

No change in position today, he keeps pushing his head up towards my breasts and it hurts! Breech is kind of weird, it is such a different sensation and my belly is shaped totally different than it was 3 days ago. I am feeling more peaceful about it and really preparing for the possibility of surgery while at the same time getting more sure that I will not have it, does that make sense?? It's really up to my MWs how long they are comfortable staying at home with me, cause it's their license on the line, but I am getting more confident that we can make this work out. Plus tomorrow is Ben's b-day and I can't help thinking that maybe he really is just waiting for that to flip back around and come on out

I hope you all sleep very well tonight!
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: Flora!!!

Well I survived Lauren's birthday bash! I'm so glad it's over! 9 screaming girls! Everyone had fun and she got some cool new toys that are keeping her and her sister occupied right now. I'm hoping htey continue to hold their interest after the baby comes and I need to take care of the baby and have them play quietly.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I wonder how many more babies we'll have by the end!!
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Robin, in a strange way, I know how you feel.

For some reason, I have a very strong feeling that I'm going to be giving birth to this baby alone. I have absolutely no desire to do so, and am still making plans to give birth in the hospital with an epidural, but for a long time now I've felt like I'm going to be alone and it's something I've got to do. I can't even picture Mike around, and I always feel like Eli's sleeping. I guess it started with the shower dream, but every time I try to think about this birth it's easy, fast, and I'm all by myself with no one else around. That's why I had my sister install the infant seat in the van already... I just have a feeling I'm going to need it before I get to the hospital. Totally bizarre. It's not what I want, and definately not what I'm planning for, but I always feel like it's totally okay somehow, that everything is fine, and that I needed to have the experience. So I know what you mean about planning for one thing and feeling like it's going to be something different. I just can't reconcile my feelings to my plans/thoughts/ideas. They won't play nicely together. :LOL We'll see what happens, but in the meantime, I'm sure that your little man will come out just fine, regardless of how it happens.

Julie, I'm soooo looking forward to having rich, creamy milk for my Beans. In fact, I'm looking forward to having more so that it doesn't feel like Eli's trying to suck the life out of me through my nipples. :LOL He never had to work for milk at all before I got pregnant; he was literally drowning in the stuff. :LOL I don't know if my oversupply will come back or not, but either way I'm confident that I'll have enough for both kids. If he wants to go off solid food entirely, though, I think I'll keep giving him the pediasure once a day... unless, of course, he doesn't want it and still gains some weight. :LOL It's just such a nice change of pace to see Eli looking somewhat more normal in relation to other kids his height. Now he looks more like a short 19 month old than an old-souled, skinny, walking 9 month old, kwim?
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Robin ~ You are such a strong mama! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow with Benny!!

Have a great party, I hope you can find a way to get yourself into a chair and be waited on!
Sounds like a great plan to me!

oh, Erin, I can't believe I forgot to congratulate you on your last day of work! I know it's been hard so I am really glad you are done.
Thanks!!! It is a HUGE relief.

My mom and my aunt (baby's Godmother) came down for the afternoon to help me clean (i.e. declutter) for the party. They are SO awesome. They washed screens/windows, curtains, dusted, scrubbed my toilet.


Now I'm ready to colapse into my couch for the night. As much as I'm looking forward to the blessing tomorrow....I would be MORE than happy if the baby decided to come tonight - especially now that my house is all nice and clean!
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I'm getting better...the swelling is way down and walking is easier. My milk is here already! I wish I could keep the breasts. I'd be willing to trade for the belly that still looks 16 weeks and the hips that are mysteriously bigger. I tried on all my old fat pants, the pants I could wear 3 days after Linda was born, and they don't fit! Of course I did gain 50 lbs with this one...but I think I will have to buy a temporary stash of fat clothes.
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Welcome Flora!!!!

Okay -- I am officially jealous of (though incredibly happy for) those of you who have already delivered. I feel so miserable and constantly cranky right now -- I am not coping well and need this child to come out! Anyone else feel this way (cranky and muserable? Not necessarily jealous)

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Originally Posted by eilonwy
I just can't reconcile my feelings to my plans/thoughts/ideas. They won't play nicely together.
Rynna, this totally sums it up for me!! It's so weird to feel like you have to come to a decision about something you really have no control over in the end.

So I bought one of those cute Toot Sweet diapers that says "born at home" on the butt on Tuesday and it just arrived and I'm feeling a little lame for getting it. I thought maybe I could just add "almost" on top just in case but still. It's so cute and fluffy, I just hope it doesn't end up taunting me later!

My parents are bringing Benny home very soon so I should finish up here. Have a good night everyone!
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Originally Posted by irishgreengables
Okay -- I am officially jealous of (though incredibly happy for) those of you who have already delivered. I feel so miserable and constantly cranky right now -- I am not coping well and need this child to come out! Anyone else feel this way (cranky and muserable? Not necessarily jealous)
YES PAULA!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I feel. I am really uncomfortable and just plain cranky. I am starting to think that this baby will never get here. What is funny is that I am not even 'due' until the 21st!!! But, having had my first at 37+3 weeks and now I am 37+4...I just am miserable. You're not alone, nice to know I'm not alone either! :
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Hey everyone!

Popping in to say hi and Congratulations to seedling!!!!!

Welcome Flora!!!!!

It is so amazing to me to see those who were with me on TTC having babes now. I am so excited for everyone!

Uh, yeah, Greaseball, what do you think happens when you have over 5,000 posts....people remember seeing your name around.

Robin, I am glad you are at peace now, and I am stil sending turning baby vibes your way. I know the feeling of having a head under your ribs. My baby didn't turn until 36 weeks, and that head was like a bowling ball pushing in my ribs.

Erin, congrats on the last day of work! I was telling dh today that I wish I had told my day care parents that I was taking off the week before my due date, but it is too late to give them notice now. It is just really hard to take care of 5 kids ages 5, 4, 2, 2, 2. In the past, I only ever had 2 little ones at home all day. Oh well, adversity builds character, right?

I have been having tons of BH contractions, but that's about it. These contractions are the most uncomfortable aspect of my pregnancy this far. I guess I should be happy my back isn't hurting too.

I have lots planned for the weekend so the time will go by quickly I hope. Tomorrow we will finish getting all the birth preparations ready. Sunday, dh's work has a big picnic on the beach. Only a few people at his work know we are expecting, so there will be a lot of questions when I show up! :LOL

Rynna, I am also looking forward to having milk again so it isn't so painful when Gunnar nurses. I feel bad limiting him, but it just hurts! I did get nursing pictures at the conference. I can't wait to see them.

Okay, it is late, and I am beat. Have a great night everyone!

Oh, so who's next??????
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If it makes any of the still-pregnant feel better, I am cranky and miserable too. I love my baby and I am getting a lot of support, but I am NOT used to hormonally-caused depression and I am not handling it very well.
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Hey Smithie, sorry you are cranky and miserable. You might have too much support, you know- you might need some time alone to get used to the baby. My husband had to be in the recording studio ten hours a day starting the second day after our daughter was born, and it was just fine with me. I saw our roomate now and then when he was home and when I wanted to I called a friend to come visit for an hour. Otherwise I was very happy puttering around on my own with the baby and I think had less stimulus for crankiness. I am a solitary person and wouldn't be able to bear the level of support everyone keeps asking if I have, since my husband will likely have to work this time also. I am looking forward to it.

My mother said the thing that helped her when she had some baby blues was making sure to put on the tv or radio for at least a bit every day to get some news and just feel connected to the real world- even in such a minor way.

Either way you'll feel better soon! Get out and get some fresh air!
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Today, I am 36w3d. When I was pregnant with Eli, my water broke at 36w4d, and he was born at 37w2. : Scary thoughts! :LOL I am tired, and I have been cracking jokes at Mike to the effect of "Yes, the universe does/should revolve around me, I'm nine months pregnant!" I'm a bit of a trial to him, but this pregnancy has been so much easier than the first and he's so relieved that I'm not homocidal that he's just as pleased as I am about how things are going. The way that the minivan got me all happy and excited... he didn't think he'd ever see me that happy in the ninth month. :LOL So even though his life is more difficult, it's so much easier than he knows it could be that he's thrilled, much as I am.

I couldn't sleep well last night, because I can no longer sleep lying down, I need to be inclined. My back feels better when I lie on my right side, but that gives me heartburn so I try to lie on my left but then that hurts my back so I want to go back to the right... I ended half sitting up on the IL's living room couch. :LOL My feet are somewhat swollen, but not nearly as badly as they were by this time with Eli (I could no longer wear my shoes! ) All of my discomforts have been just that-- discomforts. Not outright pain, which I was in every single day at this point. I think this is about 1 week after I went off the terbutaline with Eli, and today is the day that I ran out of Vicodin. I was in agony, and because of that I know how much worse I could feel right now, so I'm thrilled that my biggest problem is heartburn and a slight crick in my neck.

Today Mike and I have a date to go see Harry Potter. Yay! Eli's going to play with grandma, and we're going to have a date. On a super-cute T, when Eli woke up this morning the first words out of his mouth were "Grandma? Where's grandma? I want grandma!" when I told him she was still asleep, he was somewhat disappointed. He gave me some love-loves, then gave some to daddy, and then asked if he could go outside. As soon as grandma got up, he ran for her. Super cute!
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I was just wishing last night that we had family nearby so Matt and I could both take a nap today. Tain and I went to bed around 11:30 and he took full advantage of nursing on both breasts, then layed there and wiggled, etc until he got up again. It took me another hour to get to sleep and Matt and Tain didn't get in bed until 1:30. Then Tain still didn't want to go to bed but was really cranky and sleepy so I nursed him which woke me up again and started the whole thing over. I had lots of practice ctx yesterday. So I took a bath at 2:30 am and I think I slept about 4 hours off and on last night. I made the mistake of telling dh that if I have practice ctx every night until birth time it will be no big deal. Last night I changed my mind and it was only day 2 of having them every day! I told him last night "either I am going to have really bad diarrhea in an hour, I am having lots of practice or we are going to have a baby in the next day or two" He responded with "why are you so convinced you'll go early?" Thanks for the support. Next time I'm not going to give him a heads up and then we'll see what's what. Men.

Smithie-have you tried going to an LLL meeting? I know we have all had different experiences with them, but I went when Tain was 3 days old and just being there, tired and sore, with other mamas who were so gently welcoming really helped ease my sense of being overwhelmed. It was like being here on MDC, only in person. Big hugs to you!

Tain was born 3 days before his due date so I don't have that "my last baby was here now/in the next couple days" thing, but I still feel so close. I don't know why. I don't want to go early-I really want my mom and bf to be here and they both fly in on the 24th. So I keep telling myself 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks...

Matt finally wants a break from Tain! I feel so gratified in a really aweful way. Sometimes I am just not a nice person...
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Last night I thought that I was going to be having the baby today. Now remember, I've never been in labor. My water broke with Emma and 2 1/2 hours later she was born via c-section, so this is all new to me. But, last night dh and I went out to dinner then came home. I was having some pretty good, although irregular contractions. Then we had sex. HELLO! The contractions started and everytime one would end, I would have such major gas pain that it felt like just one huge long contraction. After sitting on the pot for a long long time, I decided nothing was happening and that I should just go to bed. Well, I"m still pregnant today! I am actually happy about that because tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and I don't want her and the baby to share a birthday. So, I can start labor tomorrow, I just don't want to have the baby tomorrow!

Smithie- I totally remember that exhausted crankiness that comes with the hormonal rollercoaster ride of having a new baby. I agree with LizD..you may have too much support. I find that for me if there are too many people around, I don't get any rest. I want to take care of them and am not taking care of myself.

Today we are going to go get a changing table pad...the only thing I really "need" before the baby gets here. After that I think we'll go to the botanical gardens and walk around, then go visit Emma. I hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Hey, has anyone heard from Jessica (crunchywannabe)?? I know she was wanting to be next...maybe she's birthing a babe!!!
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Hey, we had a good night!

And believe me, it was all due to the insane amount of support I got from dh. I haven't had much luck putting James down at night, and when I lie there with him fussing and dh and the dogs asleep beside me it is the most awful feeling in the world. So I told him that he was sleeping next to the cosleeper and that neither of us would sleep until baby slept. Well, he drank a huge meal and threw up everysinglesolitaryounce bc I had nursed him lying down, then he wanted more but my breasts were essentially empty, so he took an ounce that I had expressed and slept for 45 minutes but then woke up cold - so dh swaddled him and then he slept for 4 hours straight. Lots of pooping and spitting up amidst all this. If I hadn't had dh to help me deal, it would have turned into a goddamned Greek tragedy.

I think that my attitude about this will eventually change, but until it does, dh is just going to have to help me at night. It made all the difference in the world.

Today we're going to see Shrek II while Grandma watches baby and the Belmont. It's good to know that he'll take the bottle, although he distinctly does not prefer it and I'm happy about that, too.
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