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I know, I have a lot of posts...but I've started so many threads that didn't seem to go anywhere so I thought I was among the easily forgotten.

These past few days it's been hard not to favor the baby over my older dd. She's been loud and demanding, which I guess I can understand, but I just get nervous whenever she's around the baby. I'm afraid she's going to jump on her or throw something. She likes roughhousing type games.
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I wonder about the favoring, too. But my daughter is ten so I don't have to worry so much about her being too rough, just feeling left out - because she will be, really. I am hoping that having her present at the birth and involved in the babymoon will help us all sort of fix together as a new family. Most folks, especially the older generation, assume she will not be at the birth - though that idea upsets me more than my husband not being there!!- and will need to be taken places and get out of the house in the early days so she won't be jealous and I can "rest." Good thing they are not expected to be here until the end of June, and even then they have their own agenda and are staying in a hotel. By then, hopefully, our baby will be a few weeks old and we will all be settled back into ourselves.
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I started a new thread
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