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Smithie ~ What great pictures! He's beautiful and so are you mama!!

Kim ~ Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the last picture of you and your DH (where you both are topless).

Okay...we spread two truckloads of mulch today, Dh cut the lawn, I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and made cookies. It was a productive day. I'm off to soak in the tub...about the only place where my hip pain and cooter pain eases up.

Rynna ~ I love your status list....too funny....you are even cyber-nesting! :LOL

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WOO-HOO SMITHIE!! and welcome James! Congrats on the fast birth, can't wait to hear the story. And I love the pic of you in the tub with him!!

Kim, lovely pics!! that is quite a belly you have there!! I can see why you're measuring big, you must be full 'o water, that can't possibly be all baby! And, yeah, that pressure is probalby from the head, fun, huh?

It's so funny how you're all nesting so much lately. I feel like I got most of it out of my system by last week and now I'm just hanging out. I'm mostly not doing much just because my hands are numb all the time and it makes it hard to hold things steady, but I also think I just got enough done that I'm not feeling pressured about any more of it. I do have to re-sterilize the blankets for the birth, but there isn't much left that's pressing.

OK, my hands are getting tingly again and Dan & Ben will be back from the store soon, so I'd better finish up here. Happy weekend everyone!!

Benny had a playdate with some friends today so that Dan & I could have some quiet time together. We went grocery shopping, got him some new shoes and a haircut. Not exactly quiet, but it was so nice to get it all done quickly without any meltdowns
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Erin, thanks! I got the jeans idea from you actually! Thanks for the tips!!! We had a good time doing them!
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smithie--oh my gosh mama! I am bawling over your beautiful birth pictures. thanks for sharing them.

So I have done lots of sewing stuff the last few days in preparation for her coming home. Nesting nesting....but I swear, I never go into labor on my own so I don't know why I get excited.

No cooter pain here but everytime I stand up and walk I have tons of sharp cervix pains and shooting thigh pains.

Dh keeps teasing me that this is going to be my 10 pound baby with a LONG drawn out birth (why would he tease me like that : ) and now I am getting nervous that I won't be able to do it unmedicated this time. My longest labor was 5 hours from first contraction to delivery with 10 min of pushing. All my others got 1 hour shorter with each delivery with pushing time not exceeding 15 seconds. Now I am convinced I will have some 48 hour labor with hours of pushing

I think I am ready though. Got everything set up and got my extra memory card and batteries for my digital camera. Dh tried to talk me into buying a video camera today (they have great memorial day sales!!) but I stood firm and saved the money! :LOL
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I'm getting a lot of pressure on either side of my pelvis in the front, in between where the top of the thigh meets the bottom of the belly...does that make sense? It's like the baby is reaching its arms outside of my pelvis and down my legs or something. :
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Damn! Of course the one Sunday I am not eagerly looking at MDC all day waiting for everyone to post is the Sunday things actually happen!

Congrats Smithie! Your pics are beautiful.

Kim-no kidding you are measuring ahead. Does that make your abs hurt to have them stretched so much/carrying so much weight out in front? Mine hurt and my back aches from having a belly sticking out so far forward, but mine isn't near as big as yours! I LOVE big pregnant bellies. They always seem so healthy to me (of course mine isn't near as endearing as someone else's LOL).

Rynna-so glad (and jealous) about your minivan. You deserve it!

I had my first bout of nesting today. Scrubbed the bathroom with a toothbrush. Then I reorganized the playroom/guestroom and cleaned all the walls/doorjams in it and down the hall between it and our bedroom. Tomorrow I have a mw appt, then I hope to deep-clean our bedroom and den/sewing room. Then the day after that Tain has a playdate and when we get back I want to deep-clean the living room and kitchen. Can't help but think about when I went into labor with Tain-I totally deep-cleaned the whole house and that was the first day I had felt remotely like nesting. Not having any real ctx (bh don't count) or anything, tho, so I'm not too worried about going now. Since I turn 36 wks this wk, I really want to have the house really clean so that we don't have to worry about mopping and toilet cleaning for a while after that. As you can tell, we aren't the world's most committed cleaners, but I hate grime. Clutter is no problem, deep down dirt is just gross. Plus we will only have to pick up for our home visit next week instead of have a full-fledged cleaning extravaganza. I figure I need to get the most out of dh being off work and doing everything with Tain instead of me. Miraculously I have energy to clean when I am not the sole parent of a 2 yo! Tain has been pretty cranky lately, I really hope he isn't getting his 2 yo molars, but I think that might be it. The last thing I need is a teething toddler and a newborn at the same time! Anyway, he threw a HUGE fit for Matt this evening. I was cleaning so I didn't help at all. While I sympathized with dh about how hard it is, I totally didn't feel sorry for him. I felt like it is about time he saw what happens fairly often when he isn't home. It's kind of like, yeah, welcome to my life.

I still need to finish hair and clothing for Tain's Waldorf doll and I have some knit I had planned to make more dresses out of. We'll see how my current wardrobe holds out, though. It might make more sense to make some pp clothing instead. I also want to pick up some knit to make a couple slings-one for dh and one for a friend. So when that stuff is done, I will just be marking time. It'll be strange to not have a project to complete...
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Welcome to this world, James! And congratulation, smithie! The two of you are so beautiful! Now I am really looking forward to having my baby bean!

Today was the first day that I really went out in a week! (I was cooped up in the house with twisted foot. Ouch!) Granted, we went to the hardware store, the thrift store (and got myself another nursing dress), and the food store. But hey! As long as I took my time, I was able to walk around.

MIL came over, since it was her b-day. I'm sure she's a little bummed that the baby didn't come today. (She put in her request once we told her that I was preggo and when the due date was.) She's sleeping over tonight, so I had to forfeit my comfy couch to her. (Lately, that's my "bed" of choice. I love having that back support when I'm on my side!)

Originally Posted by Greaseball
I'm getting a lot of pressure on either side of my pelvis in the front, in between where the top of the thigh meets the bottom of the belly...does that make sense? It's like the baby is reaching its arms outside of my pelvis and down my legs or something. :
Greaseball, I understand what you mean. There were a few times this past week where I would almost collapse because of a similiar pressure/pain in that area! I don't remember ever having that with Jared! It was very bizzare!

Rynna - Thanks for the birthing scorecard. I can't believe that 4 of us already had their babies!

Well, I better get some sleep! Belly rubs to all!
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Well, no baby for DH's birthday. He's been telling me for nine months he wanted the baby to come on his birthday but I guess this little one has other plans.

DD spent the night with her Grandma. That's the second time ever without us. We stayed and got her in her pj's and tucked her in though and she's not usually up until 8:00 so it doesn't seem too strange yet. Grandma is bringing her home early this morning so it might not be that big a separation at all.

Smithie, those photos are incredible. Thanks so much for sharing them. It really makes me excited for labor! Kim, loved your preggo photos. Those make me feel like I should really take a few more photos of my belly before the baby gets here but somehow it just seems like too much work to actually get photo presentable.

Well, I'm going to try to squeeze in some work this a.m. before DD gets home so I'd better go. Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day. Super productive nesting vibes to all who want them.
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FWIW seedling, it took pretty much everything I had to wash my hair and go down to the Sears Portrait Studio, but I'm really glad I did now that my firm beachball belly is a mushy marsh of a belly

And Rynna, I was totally distracted yesterday (heh) but CONGRATULATIONS on your minivan! My minivan, which I got a couple of years ago, was my first-ever car that didn't totally suck. I am still in love with it.

James woke up around 4 am for - what am I going to call it? - anyhow, he wanted to nurse. After an hour he had gotten a good latch on both sides and suckled for awhile, but he wouldn't settle back down. We tried diaper change, swaddle, unswaddle, more nursing (ouch!), even a pacifier (since I'm not worried about my milk coming in, I can feel my boobs gearing up already).

Anyhow, he totally rejected the pacifier, but after a clothes change and coming downstairs he has fallen asleep in my lap. DH is going to watch him later while I nap.

I'm so glad my mom is coming tomorrow. I obviously need her.
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Well, last day of May...I guess I can safely write "June" on my birth announcements now! Since I'm pretty sure the baby isn't going to hang around until July!
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Well, I just wrote a really long reply that got eaten when the computer crashed. *sigh* Our CPU is very temperamental and turns off almost at random. It's really crappy .

Julie, I don't have any sympathy for Mike at all when Eli is clamoring for his attention, though I'm sometimes sympathetic to Eli. :LOL Mike spends his days talking to other grownups and when he tells people they need to do something, more often than not they do it. He's never had a coworker come up to him and bite his nipples just for pleasure, and he's never been nine months pregnant and tired but unable to sleep because it's so darned uncomfortable. When Eli pinches his nipples, he doesn't even complain to me anymore because he knows I'm going to say "Well, if you rub them down with an SOS pad, and let him pinch them again, it should be similar to what I go through every day."

I've been having lots of contractions today.. I think it's from the weather (lots of rain). These are the most painful ones I've had, but they still don't feel like real contractions to me. :LOL NewBean's head is fairly low, so I too feel like I have to use the bathroom all the time. : Still, I don't feel anywhere close to delivery, and haven't started begging to get her out. :LOL

Yesterday I spent about an hour sitting in the minivan playing with it. :LOL I feel very silly, but I'm so happy! Mike says that he wouldn't mind if I put up one bumper sticker (he likes "Human Milk for Human Babies") but he doesn't want to see any more than that. Ah well, I'll survive. :LOL
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Hey, I don't even get to have one! Mostly bc the ones I want always say something that might provoke a sexist pig to key our car.
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My dh wouldn't let me have a bumper sticker that says "I hate clowns."
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So Mike isn't the only guy who hates bumper stickers. I wonder why that is?

I always expected my first vehicle would be a real POS, something I could absolutely cover in fun, naughty, subversive bumper stickers. :LOL Mike is trying to be thoughtful in conceding to one; "By only having one, you're making a powerful statement that's important to you. It'll draw more attention to itself." Ok, fine! Silly old man. I'll humor him. And maybe ten years down the road, the van will look it's age and I won't feel guilty about adding more. :LOL
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Hello all...
Congrats Smithie!!! It looks like such a lovely birth!! YEAH!!

Scary, this thread title has my due date in it!

I am definately irritable today! I am so pissed at my DH... Yesterday we spent most of the day cleaning, he did yards and I mopped our giant kitchen/dining room area and scrubbed down the chairs, etc. Then I helped DH bathe the dogs, made a cake (and stood for 45 min frosting it), and we went to a BBQ at a (childless) friend's house. I was pretty darn hurting from all the on-my-feet, but everyone there was smoking, so I ended up standing out of the way most of the time and chasing the children the rest of the time. DH got up to check on them ONCE. After I told him to. The ENTIRE rest of the time he sat smoking and talking to the other people there, eating dinner without having a toddler spit something back onto his plate and generally not giving a thought to our children, whom I was following and cleaning up after.
So I was a little bit pissed at him. This morning I decided I was going to make breakfast and go back to bed, my back and sciatica are hurting and I want some time to myself. But DH has other plans... An online D&D game from 12-6, during which he will be alone in his den with the door shut, shouting into the mike to 6 other guys scattered around the US. He's DM, they cant play without him, and the guys have been playing for 20 yrs, they are all making sacrifices to play today, yadda yadda crap crap crap.
So Im letting the kids destroy the house and watch a movie so that I can sit down for a little while in m chair and try to relax. Otherwise, I'd go in the den and At the very least, I wont feel bad about the group taking several weeks out of action once the baby gets here. I dont give a damn about whatever situation they are in. It can wait.

Greaseball, that side pelvic pain- it wont go away for me today unless I push on it. I've never had it before this morning, but the whole time I was making pancakes I had one hand under and pushing up on my belly, it seemed to be the only thing that helped...

Im really surprised that Im so miserable. I've been doing well up until today... Today Im thinking vasectomy. Even though we've planned more children, if the whole third trimester, or even most of it were like this, he wouldnt need a vasectomy. He might need reconstructive surgery, however.

Congrats on the van Rhynna!! It sounds so cool. I have to say, although I agree that one bumper sticker makes a profound statement, I enjoy reading other peoples at stop lights. And I have a few on my car- one from London, a Korn concert sticker, Rob Zombie... My Metalica and NIN fell off along with the others (dont remember a couple). Can you tell I used to listen to something other than kids music? And way back then, I used to go to concerts!

We haven't gotten a van and now that MIL is not visiting we wont be able to afford one. I dont know how Im gonna get three kids in my car without putting kimber's booster in the front, which I do not want to do. I think we might have to spend a few hundred dollars on new car seats to get some that will fit... Im due on Friday, hopefully I'll figure it out before then...
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Modesto - I love Metallica! They are probably my favorite.
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Hello everyone!! The girls sleepover w/ grandma went well and dh & I got a whole bunch of stuff done and we got to sleep ALL night long in our own bed! When the girls got home our doula was here and she did a sibling class for the girls and then my belly cast. It was so much fun!!! Then Lauren & I went to Walmart to get some stuff for the goodie bags for her party on Friday and I found the cutest tissue paper that I'm going to use to decoupage(sp) my belly cast w/.

Does anyone know how to decoupage?????? I think it's just glue and water right? But what amounts of each and then do you just kinda paint it over whatever you are putting down??

Oh there's a full moon this week. I wonder how many babies we'll see by weeks end??!!!!
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Congrats Smithie and James! YAY!!!

I'm still holding out hope that I might not have to go back to work tomorrow. DS said I'm going to have the baby on June 1st so we'll see, LOL! DH said he thought the baby was going to be nine pounds and I was like woah!

Well, I'm off to yoga class! Here's hoping it's the last one for me!

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Hello everyone!

Smithie!!! Huge congratulations! Your pictures are awesome! your baby is more awesome and quite beautiful as well!

Kim, those are some beautiful pictures. I also love the last one, and I also loved the one with your head on your dh's shoulders. Gave me chills. I had mine done this past weekend, and even got a few of Gunnar nursing. I can't wait to get them back.

Rynna, congrats on the van. I was sooooo tickled when I got mine. I used to go out and play in mine too.

We are back from the LLL Conference, and I had such a good time. Almost everything went incredibly smoothly. The worst part for me was sitting for 6-8 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday made my ankles swell kind of bad. I have never had swollen feet and/or ankles before. My midwife was at the conference, and she told me to get in the tub for an hour or so and drink as much as I could stnad. I drank 36oz of water/tea, and by the next morning, my ankle were fine.

I was not too uncomfortable, and in fact I was showered with lots of love and attention. I know so many people from years of going to the conference (This was the twelfth year I have gone), and everyone was so sweet. The conference department gave me a small shower, which totally surprised me and almost made me cry. I didn't have a shower last time or this time, so I was really caught off-guard. The conference dept did have a party for me after Gunnar was born, and I was surprised then as well.

Now that I am home and my conference work is over, I am so relaxed, relieved and am perfectly happy to chill out for a couple of weeks and wait for baby. I have a super huge cd stash that I really don't need, but the diapers are so freaking CUTE!!! I actually won several at the conference. I got 3 embroidered Happy Heiny's, an embroidered AIO from www.seamscountry.com and a sling from there too, 2 ME OS and 2 ME air-flow covers, and a knitted wool soaker. I think I want to make a few blankets before baby comes, and maybe a few kimonos.

I have everything I need, except a birth tub, and now I am going to start washing and organizing everything. I am so excited to meet this new baby, find out if it is a he or a she, see which name we'll be using. Is there anyone else on our list that doesn't know gender? I thought there were a few of us.

Rynna, I love the list you made up. It reminds of TTC with where everyone was in their cycles. Thanks, it makes it easy to read all the birth stories and see all the pics in one place.

Oh, one thing I wanted to mention.....when I was pregnant with Gunnar, it was discovered that I have a growth on my thyroid. It is (or rather was) a solid mass, and it used to be about 2cm. It was biopsied and came back benign, so we never did anything to remove it. About a week ago, I happened to notice that it has grown, A LOT. From the outside, using a tape measure it was 3 inches across. I am not sure if that is an accurate measurement or not though. I call my family dr, and he said I should be seen by my endocrinologist within 2 weeks. I called the endo's office, and at first they said there was nothing until July. I said no, I have to be seen sooner. So she said okay, June 11th. I said fine, but I am due to have a baby around then, so I may not make it. When she heard I was pregnany, she wanted me to come in 2 days later. Since I was going out of town, she gave me an appointment for Tuesday morning (tomorrow). I am slightly concerned about the sudden urgency, but I am sure it is standard practice for any pregoo with thyroid issues. Anyway, any positive thougths and vibes would be wlecome tomorrow morning. I will post what happens when I get home.

Okay, my ankles are feeling tight again, so I am going to lay down for a while. I hope everyone is doing well.
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Smithie -- congratulations!!! That photo of you and James in the tub is gorgeous. I was thinking you should send it in to Mothering.

I am soooo tired for pre/early/whatever-it-is labor. I have been having regular contractions for over 2 weeks now. I have been having 2-3 hours of consistent contractions every night now (with maybe 2 exceptions), in the middle of the night, and quite painful and close together and long. But then they always subside. Last night, I had horrid pain in my left ovary. It made me double over. I called dr. but she said to put my feet up and see what happens. It took 2 hours to subside. The baby's head is right at the cervix and I constantly feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs. This si getting rediculous!!!!! I am not even due until June 14! Aargh!

Peace and thanks for listening,
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