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I'm glad you guys like the list. I love making lists. I"m such a geek! :LOL

My back is really starting to get to me, even sitting on the ball. I guess I should try to move around, but I'm starting to feel tired. Maybe I should drink more water so these contractions will stop?
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Donna ~ Welcome back! Sending lots of good thoughts your way. Keep us posted as to how your appointment goes!

I've been SUCH a royal bitch today. DH is SOOOO annoyed with me (and honestly he should be). I thought we were going to cast my belly tonight...but ummm...I think maybe we should wait until we are feeling a little more loving towards each other...hopefully tomorrow.

I just went shopping with my mom and aunt. My mom drove and my aunt just came along for the ride/company. It was great. I got to hit a couple of stores and get some last minute things...little baskets for the baby's room....a coat rack (unfinished board with pegs on it - my dad is going to finish it for me!)....and some stuff to make a mobile to hang over the changing area.

I'm feeling a lot better but when I got home DH is still seeming annoyed with me. So I think I'm going to lay low...take a bath...and maybe get in bed and read.

I'm re-reading Birthing from Within and really enjoying it!

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We don't know the gender, and we don't have any names chosen, either. Figured this time we'd take a look at it first and see who it is. Also husband might be away when it's born so it might be around a few days before he gets to see it in person.

My birthday is in June so I kind of hope the baby waits at least until tomorrow to be born, but at least it's safely a Gemini. June 3 would be rather a nice date as it's my closest friend's daughter's 11th birthday, it would be the ninth full moon since the LMP, and my midwife, who is into astrology, said something particularly interesting is happening this full moon. My daughter hopes it is not born June 3 because she doesn't want the baby to have a more interesting birthday than she does. My husband might be in the Bahamas June 3 and 4, so that would be kind of inconvenient. But we'll see. For all I know we could have a baby July 3, or this evening, so there's not much point in pondering it.
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Signs! I forgot all about signs! What is James' sign?
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Hi everyone, I've been away for awhile. Smithie congrats! Your birth pictures are beautiful! (James is a Gemini, btw. Gemini is May 21 - June 21)

I've been having a grumpy week around the house. We've been remodeling which is making my nesting instinct very uncomfortable. Our bedroom is finally finished though, which is helping somewhat. We put in new baseboards so I've been caulking everything in sight.

Today I typed out a two page list of the things I would like to get done this week (some are jobs for me, but most are for dso) My parents are buying a condo down the street from ours (to stay in when they visit on weekends and stuff) and are encouraging me to use one of the extra bedrooms as storage. In fact once they close on the condo on Friday they're coming over to help me move stuff down there. That's a major weight lifted off my shoulders.

My shower is on Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. And the weekend after that I'm having some maternity portraits done and we're doing my bellycast. I'm glad I put all of this stuff off until now because I need things to distract me lately. I haven't started scrubbing things with a toothbrush, but I can see how it could easily come to that.
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Donna, I'll be thinking of you and hoping that all goes well at your appt. Please keep us updated.

We didn't get to get our photos done today because the weather was too crappy. We were going to do them outside. Dh is going to bring one of the professional digital cameras home from work this week and we will do them ourselves. We are doing the belly cast tonight when dd goes to sleep. I'm looking foreward to comparing it to dd's. I'm sure it will be much different because when we did dd's, she had already dropped and my water had broken.

Smithie, I love your birth pics. Just beautiful. I hope I get some that turn out that good. We are hoping one of the digitals from dh's work will be available for us to take with us when the time comes.

I have actually been feeling very good the last few days. Better than I've felt this whole pregnancy. Weird.
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Decoupage is going to be easiest if you buy decoupage glue. Mod Podge will work just fine for your purposes. Paint it on with a paintbrush and then just put the paper over it and smooth it down. The nice thing about decoupage glue is that it forms a topcoat once it is dry. If you were using a thicker paper, you would need to coat the paper and the belly cast for it to stick well.

Donna-glad you got to be at the conference and no baby! From here on out it is smooth sailing, right? Will be thinking of you tonight and tomorrow and hoping for the best.

I had a mw appt today, my first ever to be cancelled b/c of a birth. So hopefully I will be able to see her tomorrow or something. I spent the whole day over at my bro's, bbqing and just hanging out.

Brooke-I hate that I am always the one to be watching ds. Today my bro (18 yo), dh and I went shopping and who was it who was constantly asking "where is Tain?" or following him around? ME. Even when dh and I are discussing the possible merits of a product and bro is just standing there, somehow I am supposed to be paying attention to where ds is. It was the first time he was far away from us and we had to search the store for him. Of course being 2, he wouldn't answer when we called him. A little on the scary side and I had to ask that bro watch him while dh and I finished our discussion. It was irritating.
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Originally Posted by mattjule
Decoupage is going to be easiest if you buy decoupage glue. Mod Podge will work just fine for your purposes. Paint it on with a paintbrush and then just put the paper over it and smooth it down. The nice thing about decoupage glue is that it forms a topcoat once it is dry. If you were using a thicker paper, you would need to coat the paper and the belly cast for it to stick well.
Thanks Julie! I was looking at the Mod Podge last night but wasn't sure if it would work. I can't wait until I can get working on my belly cast!!
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Donna- I just wanted to send you I had half of my thyroid removed 20 months ago because of a nodule that was suspisious. I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you.
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I'm thinking of you as well, Donna. Hope everything is OK.
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Hi! Congratulations on your new mini-van Rynna. I'll be getting on this summer too.

Smithie - beautiful photos!!!!! I hope 1) someone is around to take them (DH doesn't want anything "graphic." and 2) they come out as good as yours.

For those of you who haven't seen these, here is my Maternity Photo shoot (month 7)

I'm trying to set up an appt. with another photographer in Glendale (Doula Lori Dorman) this month - and it's really tight because her calendar is tight. I know... I need help. :LOL
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Add me to the list of grumpy, pissy preggos,

I was soooo pissed off that I had to go to work today. I woke up with a couple contractions at 4am and could not get back to sleep. DS insists that I'm going to have this baby today. DH said I was going to go into labor today but not have the baby till tomorrow because tomorrow's my grandfather's birthday.

I know it's better if I stay positive but I just feel so . . . hormonal! And I want to meet this baby!!
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Welcome to June! I, too, can't believe that my due date is listed on this thread! My mw, too, said at my last appt that the full moon was this week, and we would have to see if baby bean will come this week. I'm hoping for this week, too. I really don't want to wait beyond my due date this time. (With Jared, our due dates were off, and it seeemed like we waited forever! Turns out he was only 10 days over, if we went by date of conception!) Anyway, my mom will be away to a conference from 6/2-6/4. Granted, she'll "only" be 5 hrs away, but last time, I was in labor for only 6 hrs!

Today, we're going to see Shrek 2, and do some other things out of the house. We had new tennants move in last night, and the old tennants still didn't get their weight set and a few other items out. We were clear with them that their last day was May 31, but as the one left on Friday, he told me that he would be back on Tues to get the rest. (The previous tennants were dental students who just graduated.) I told him that that's June 1 and that the new tennants would already be moved in. AND the night before, dh spent an hour with them being extremely clear with them that May 31 was their last day and that everything had to be out by then. So, since they didn't come back last night, and we don't have a phone number for them, we're leaving for the day. Hopefully, they will leave a phone number so we may contact them. Dh changed the locks last night, so they can't use their keys. We'll put the things we can move out onto the porch, but they can't get thier weight set until we get back.
Just so you know, this is not an isolated incident with them. The one student is true to his word, but the other likes to say one thing and do another. Like, giving us his share of the rent a few days late, which was quite often. Oh! And they loved to say "well the previous owners let us do... " (They "came" with the house when we moved in 2 years ago.) We would tell them, we are not the other owners. Oh, well. Good riddance!

Well, it's time to go! Have a great day, Ladies!
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Well, I just finished sorting and hanging and folding baby clothing, and putting away the clearance stuff I bought for Eli for next winter (those size 2's look so big!!) Now I just have to wait for Mike to get home to move the box. :LOL For some reason, he had all the laundry in the living room (probably because he brought it in from the line outside) so I brought the empty box in there. Now that it's full, I totally can't lift it, even if I did trust myself to bend over.

All in all I feel pretty good, just really really drained. Oh, and Eli wants to nurse *constantly*. I feel like I tell him no all the time, and like he's still nursing all the time... I just don't know what to do, and I really wish my breasts were detatchable.

I try to get Eli to go to bed with me at night, but that's not a good idea because then he wakes up in time to see Mike leave for work in the morning. This morning he burst into tears when Mike left and was inconsolable. It took almost 45 solid minutes of wah-wahs before he was willing to relax. Then, naturally, he wanted to nurse, and after nursing on both breasts for another hour he went back to sleep. Argh! Mike's going to have to take him to the park this afternoon, fresh air and excersise are the only cures for this. I'm kind of wondering, though-- what's it like to take two kids to the park? I have high hopes that by slinging NewBean I'll be able to chase Eli, but am I deluding myself?

This morning I called Mike to remind him to call our landlord (our lease is technically up; being the anal freak that I am I read the thing, and have been telling Mike to do this *since the first of May*) and he said "Oh, I thought you were going to tell me it was time!" No, we're definately not in labor here. We're just tired, and a teensy bit cranky because we can't get things done.
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Originally Posted by mattjule
Kim-no kidding you are measuring ahead. Does that make your abs hurt to have them stretched so much/carrying so much weight out in front? Mine hurt and my back aches from having a belly sticking out so far forward, but mine isn't near as big as yours! I LOVE big pregnant bellies. They always seem so healthy to me (of course mine isn't near as endearing as someone else's LOL).
Yes, all my muscles just ACHE! I was never this big with Emma, so it is quite the change. I also love big pregnant bellies...it is actually the only time in my life that I am happy with my body and how it looks. Too bad I can't feel like that all the time with my flab!
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Jaredsmom : we've got tenants, too. They're students from Nova Scotia. We've had a few issues with them. The first was when her student loan was slow to come through... I went down on the 2nd with the proper form (5 days to pay, or 10 days to get out) and he said they could borrow the money from her mom "if you really need it now" Paying rent late *is* an option here, but we *do* expect to be let known about it in advance. It's irrelevant whether or not we *need* it... you can't just decide not to pay!! They took us to arbitration for an 'Extention to Pay Rent'. While there, the arbitrator asked them if they'd done *everything* in their power to get the rent together, and they said yes. Then the arbirtrator said he wanted to talk to their parents... he got on the phone with her mom, and she hadn't heard a peep out of them!!! Her mom deposited the rent in our account the next day.

I found their Christmas tree leaned up against the hot water heater, not 3 ft from the furnace in mid-January. I told them to move it... they didn't. Kevin re-wired the smoke alarm, so it's on the same breaker as their fridge (they'd turned it off) and moved their tree outside.

They bang on their ceiling (my floor) frequently. I pretend I don't hear it... I expect that any communication we have will be face-to-face. I'm not going to interpret morse code or whatever the h*ll that is. I *think* they're trying to get me to stop DS from playing (I warned them *before* they signed anything that we're a VERY noisy household ALL day until about 8 pm... they said it wouldn't be a problem) The funny thing is, when DS hears bamming, he says "Oh, Daddy hammering!" Then he runs around & finds his plastic hammer & starts bamming right back at them!!! (which is 3x as loud as any other noise he makes... the hammer has become an outside toy, but he still asks me to go get it for him!)

They had a party last week (Fine, great! We're noisy, they can be noisy... no problem with noise, here!) Then we smelled smoke. DH is going to inspect the smoke alarm again, because he thinks they may have disabled it somehow. I'm NOT going to have smoking in my house. Luckily, we stated on the lease that this is a non-smoking PROPERTY, so it's not like they can say "Oh it must have blown in the door" Hopefully, making the smoke alarm tamper proof will discourage them from allowing guests to smoke down there... if not, we'll have to start the eviction process. I'm not looking forward to going through that with a newborn!

So I hope your new tenants are easier to deal with than your last! It's a great way to make an income when you've got people in there you can rely on a bit! Our last tenents were great... they asked us more questions than we asked them when they moved in!

Another midwife appointment today. They get so tedious at the end... I think I'm going to ask if I can see them every other week, instead of every week. DH is getting really, really antsy to start his parental leave. So are his parents... he's going to mow their lawns for them this summer (they're landlords, too... but they have an apartment building & a duplex) His dads' back is getting really bad... his mom has been doing it. They're nearly 60! I hope noone gets the idea of crushing up inducement medication into my food...
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When we moved into our previous place, the old tenants never bothered to disconnect their phone. We had disconnected ours at our old place, given the phone co our new address, and thought that was it. Then we found out what happened when we gave our new number to people and no one was able to call. The landlord had just gone on vacation so he was not able to disconnect the phone, and of course the previous tenants didn't do it, so we were without a phone for a week.

Dh's parents have been landlords for a long time and they always get the worst people, probably because they don't check references. They rent to anyone who seems "nice," even if they don't have jobs. They had some who repaired an engine on the living room carpet, and who said "We put some newspapers down, but it soaked through, I guess." Dh and I helped clean up the place after they left, and they were also those people who never took out the garbage. There was a barn in the back, and they figured they could save $10 a month just by stacking the garbage in the barn. The thing was literally full of garbage.

The guy was also a few months (!) late on the rent and his excuse was that his wife left him. So when dh and I were cleaning out these 6 ft high piles of garbage in the barn, a thought occurred to me...but luckily it wasn't true.
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Tanya, those are really great photos! I love the ones of you and your DS in the tub. You guys are really making me want to get the camera out. I think I may have to try to wash the day old mascara off my face at some point today and get DH to get the camera out. They won't be anywhere near as beautiful as what I've seen done professionally but they'll be something.

Donna, I'm thinking of you! Let us know what the docs say. Also, I don't know the gender of this baby. So we're also anxiously waiting to meet this baby to find out who it is.

Well, I have been worthless today so far. I got up showered and went back to bed. DD got up and played quietly in her room for an hour until I got out of bed. Then I fixed her breakfast and then we went back to my bed and read books for an hour. I finally made the beds up and came downstairs and am letting her watch a video (bad mommy) while I look into getting some work done. (procrastinating here). I'm SO SICK OF WORK. Have I said that like a million times already or what? Anyway, I feel all guilty b/c I had the best intentions of having my neighbors kids over to play (she just had a baby last week) but I'm just too tired to deal today. I think this is going to be one of those muddle thru it days and try to come out even as far as housekeeping, work, etc. I had such a productive day yesterday it's strange to be so off today.

I'm exactly 39 weeks today. I was four days early with DD. And with all the talk of a full moon. Surely I can't be pregnant every day this week! At some point this baby has got to come out. I feel so impatient.
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My mother thinks I'll deliver at the next full moon, which would make a lot of sense considering that it's right about my due date.
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Hello everybody! Happy Tuesday.

Saw my mw today. She offered to check me (but again emphasized that there is no medical reason to do so). I hemmed and hawed a little (I was kind of curious to know if anything is going on down there) but then decided not to. Maybe next week.

My mother thinks I'll deliver at the next full moon, which would make a lot of sense considering that it's right about my due date.

So Rynna ~ Did you go out driving today in your new minivan?

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