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Laura, I'm still working though not as much as usual. I only worked 13 hours last work and I usually work 20. So far this week I'm three hours short. I'm tired of working too. I feel like there's too much other stuff I'd rather be doing. And if I'm not doing that, I'd rather be sleeping.

Julie, I know I need to take it easy, I'm feeling a little nuts right now. I got everything on my list done today but I'm only working two hours today and I'm not going to mulch. I'm going to bed early. I just get so frustrated trying to sleep b/c I'm so uncomfortable. I can really nap well during the day but the phone rings constantly or DD refuses to sleep. Then at night DH keeps touching me, trying to spoon and I just want to knock the ever loving crap out of him. So between having to pee every two hours, being way hotter than normal, and having the touchiest husband in the world, I'm having some frustrating nights. I usually end up on the couch about 3 am and then toss and turn till 6 am. I just can't get comfortable.

Smithie, what Julie said about this period being horrible but short is so true. I remember feeling like I was really going to loose my mind when DD was born. I really hit the wall when she hit her two week growth spurt and nursed every hour and just wailed because I didn't have enough milk for her increased demand. It lasted for two days and I was just beside myself. That was the lowest point. DH woke up one night to me begging DD to stop crying because I couldn't take it anymore and actually yelled at me b/c I had scared him I sounded so desperate. But that's how I felt. I WAS desperate. I was a miserable crying wreck and it was just. so. hard. All you hear about is how wonderful newborns are, what a magical time, yadda, yadda. And yes, that's true. But there are also dark, dark nights. I dreaded nighttime b/c it was then that I felt truly on my own. But after that dark picture, I'll say that the good news is it doesn't last that long! You'll get thru the exhaustion and baby will start sleeping better. Part of our problem was that DD wouldn't sleep by herself AT ALL. Co-sleeping SAVED me. It wasn't something I'd even considered before she was born but I quickly decided it was the only way I was going to survive her infanthood. So you just figure out that magic trick for your kid and go with it. By two months I felt like I had a grip on things again, felt like my life had some order to it, etc. I'm glad your Mom is there. You need to be sleeping every chance you get and letting everyone else take care of housework, diaper changes, etc.

Now I've managed to scare myself about life once the baby gets here!

Well, it's time to get dinner going. Have a good night all.
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Had my OB appt this morning. Got to see my nurse instead cause dr was in surgery. we had a great visit. she said baby is head down, but couldn't tell if she was posterior still or not. she thought she could lift her head out of my pelvis, so she said she wouldn't be able to feel the fontanelles.

Did my GBS and checked me....she was a little startled cause she said "her head is right there! guess she is further down than I thught" :LOL you didn't have to tell me that! I could tell everytime I try to walk.

So I am 2 and she can stretch me to almost a 3. 75% effaced.

Not that it really means anything because this is what I do for a month before being induced finally...but it was nice to know all this pain is doing something!

I did have a good amount of protein in my urine...so she wants me to come back and see OB on Monday to keep an eye on it. With Alexis last time, at this exact time in pregnancy, my protein started getting bad and my BP started going up and up so they are going to keep an eye on it.

Hoping everyone is feeling better today...looks like we are all having some off days this week! :
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Today is our 8th anniversary! We took the girls to swim class and then we all went out to dinner.

I had a dr appointment and saw my ob and I found out that I am group b positive. I'm so frustrated! It adds a totally unexpected kink. He hates having to administer the antibiotics but it's hospital policy. UGH!!!!

I have been having on and off surges for a couple of hours now and my lower back aches. If my oldest's birthday party wasn't friday I might be tempted to listen to my baby come out script. I'm thinking that maybe I need to write up the particulars for her party so someone will know what to do if I'm unavailible.

HAve a good night everyone!!!
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Oh Robin, you are definately in my thoughts!!! Having had a breech baby and a c-section, I am PRAYING that Kieran turns for you, or stays head down if he already is. I am anxiously awaiting your news!!!!
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Well, my worst fear has come true; I've got a breech babe here. I have an appt for a version consultation tomorrow afternoon, and will be trying everything we can think of tonight and tomorrow to get him to turn back. My MWs are very worried that I'm so close to delivering there is a good chance I will go into labor before he gets flipped back. Also the version can cause my membranes to rupture. I'm trying really hard to stay calm and just talk to him and get him to turn back.
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Robin, I am so sorry! I will pray that he turns back. Seems I've heard some success stories with alternative methods of turning babies? I know you must be so upset. I really will be praying for you.
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Robin, I'm so sorry to hear about the breech! Here's hoping he turns for you.

I've got great news, though: I am GBS negative! That's just so cool! When my dr. told me, he kind of laughed and said "You were expecting to be positive, weren't you? I can tell." :LOL I totally was, it took me by surprise. At any rate, that means no abx, and no IV until the epidural. I asked about the c-section rate for him/his practice/the hospital (three separate entities, really) and he said that he doesn't do c-sections but in the past year he's had three ob patients who've had them, one for a breech and two with other problems. His practice averages 12%(since the recent medical lawsuit hullaballoo; before it was closer to 9-10%), and the hospital 12-15% for non-repeat cesearians. He also said that the practice's back-up doctor hates to do c-sections and will do everything in his power to avoid doing them. So I'm not worried. I told him that I *will* be eating during labor if I'm hungry, and explained very clearly that I understood the issue and he said "You know what's going on, it's your call." I also asked about episiotomies, and he said that they don't routinely do those at the hospital at all, they only happen if a)the baby's head is really low and not coming out or b) the shoulders get stuck and won't come out. They'd rather do an episiotomy and reach in to turn the baby than break the clavicle. Episiotomies are apparently very very rare at the hospital; even most shoulder dystocias are dealt with by changing position these days.

I finally got a hold of my best friend and I'm going to see him on Monday!! Yay! I'm excited. He said "What are you doing on Monday?" so I told him "Unless I'm having a baby, nothing at all." :LOL He said "Well, if you're having a baby, call me anyway." : I miss him so much! It's been nearly a year since I've seen him, and about 7 months since I spoke with him last. Now that I've got a vehicle, though, I can see him more often. Hooray!

Oh! I lost a bit of mucous today! It wasn't much, and it wasn't bloody, but I guess it's a good sign that my cervix is opening a teensy bit. Very cool! Mom asked why I didn't have an internal today, and I told her that aside from the fact that they don't routinely do them at 36 weeks, I didn't want to know. If I'm thick and closed, then I'll feel like I'm never going into labor, and if I'm soft and 3 cm, then I'll get excited and probably not go into labor for another 6 weeks. :LOL Who needs that kind of stress?! I certainly don't. I've got a toddler, and that's enough stress for me! :LOL
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Robin- My two kiddos have gone breech on me, and im positive this one has as well for a couple of days. The first two breeched at 36 and 37 weeks and turned back at 38 weeks+1 (DD turned just hours before we had scheduled a c-section).
There are some great breech turning excersizes, Im pretty sure you can find them at www.breechbabies.com . ECV (version) is successful about 1/2 the time, you can combine it with other methods - chiropractic (webster technique- Im sure theres info on above link) and acupunture/moxabustion (also should be info on above link) If you are unable to find more info on these, let me know, I have tons of info, Im just not home right now and can't send them. With my second, I did some acupressure at home (outer edge of pinky toe, you may be able to find a diagram somewhere on the breechbabies website), piled up pillows to put my hips on the couch and head on the floor (although I could only do this about ten minutes before I started getting to short of breath), did a lot of knee-chest pelvis rocks and tilts, and used visualization. I found that once my babies went breech, it was difficult to imagine them any other way. I read so many breech birth stories, found every breech presentation pic I could in order ot prepare myself for a breech birth that it really interfered with the thought that it could- and should be the other way around. A friend of mind found some fantastic baby in womb drawings that I laid everywhere in the house- kitchen table, dresser, bathroom. Every time I passed one I would study it, think "that is the way you should be." I dont know what worked. I know I didnt have the $ for chiro and acupressure, so I tried everything I could do at home.
Also, its not a big deal if the version isnt successful at first. If you need one, talk to them and make sure they will make it a slow process, midwives usually have a better turning rate when they do a 45 minute massage-version than drs do who do a 10 minute one. You can have more than one version if the baby again goes breech or is left transverse after the first version. A second gentle version a few days later (or during labor) is still safer than a c-section.
And you dont have to make the c-section decision until you are in labor and the baby is persistant breech.
Relax, and know that it is okay. You have lots of options.

As for me, I had the most fabulous day yesterday! I went to a friends house where another friend took some pregnant photos of me. I have some of them uploaded here: www.family.mother-birth.com . I am really thrilled with them. After the photos we did a belly cast which turned out fabULOUS. I will put some pics up of that soon too. After that- as if a day of paying attention to the pregnant woman wasnt enough- we put on bathing suits and grabbed pool noodles and just floated in the heated pool for an hour and a half... No kids to deal with, just floating. It was heaven!!
I left the children with my mom for all of this, and Zachary spend his first ever all nighter out!! I was prepared to pick him up at bedtime, I figured hed be grumpy and be ready to come home. My mom said he just crawled up in bed with her and kimber and watched tv til he fell asleep. Im amazed, my little just-turned-two year old!!
James and I had a quiet dinner out, some relaxation time at the bookstore and spent the last part of the night working on our separate computers... We didnt spend the quiet time together, but both of us had projects (mine was the above website) and enjoyed the quiet. I woke up this morning (at 10:30!!) without a child tugging on me or forcing me to cook at a time when food makes me want to gag. My gosh it was lovely!! And my mom offered to keep them tonight too, so if zack wants to stay after he wakes, Im gonna have some more quiet tonight!
The house has not stayed clean this long in three years...
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Hey there. I'm feeling a bit calmer now. I went to bed with Benny and got some rest and woke up to some belly pain. I flipped onto my front with my butt up and talked to the babe and found myself sobbing. I realized that I've been really scared about having a second child and the effect it will have on Benny and our relationship. I think it's really been on my mind lately since his birthday is this week and I've been sort of channeling a lot of what I went through when my little sister was born. I really thing Kieran flipping today was sort of a wake-up call, to get me to really face this stuff. I had a really good cry and cuddled with Ben and got some peace with it. So now I am really ready to get this babe turned around and out the door!

Brooke those pics are wonderful! I relly love the profile where your'e standing under the arch. Looking at them made me think that we all have full-moon bellies now

Thanks again for all the support and ideas. I'd better finish up here and put my tush up on the sofa. I can barely do 2 minutes of the slanting, it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest, but I can do pelvic rocks and at least get some pressure off my cervix. Night everyone!
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Oh, Robin. I'll pray for a successful version for you.

My milk is in and James was a perfect baby all day long - nip and nap, nip and nap. If we can just have a good night, I'm sure I will feel like a new woman in the morning.
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Robin ~ Thinking head down thoughts for you...

2girlsmommy ~ about the GBS - but glad you and your DH had a nice anniversary!

We did my belly cast last night. We were both SO freakin' exhausted. It was definitely NOT the beautiful, emotional, sensual experience that I had envisioned. In fact DH requested that we do it in the living room so he could watch his nightly reruns of the Simpson's. Ay, ye, ye...but we got it done and it looks nice. I'll post pics. later.

Sooooo....do you think tonight's full moon will bring any June babies????

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So this morning, I wake up to Mike's alarm and he asks me (after I've run to pee, naturally) if I slept well. I gave him a dirty look, and told him, "All things considered, I guess I slept okay, but who sleeps well when they're nine months pregnant?!" Geez, you'd think he'd never done this before! :LOL
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UGH! I'm still having warm-ups that aren't getting into any sort of pattern. Some are stop and take notice strong and some are just kinda there. I actually slept good last night. I got my whole house ready just in case. All the party stuff is set and ready to go w/ a complete lesson plan for whoever is here if I'm not. I just need to vacuum, swiffer and run out and grab a few last minute things this morning. At the very least tomorrow morning pre-party prep will be a breeze! Maybe the baby is just trying to make tomorrow less stressful by making me get everything done early! :LOL

Smithie- I remember the first few days days after my oldest was born. We were on the phone w/ the birth center where she was born EVERY night at 2:00 am because we were so overwhelmed!!! I remember one night apologizing to my dh because I was the one who really wanted a baby. We eventually got some sleep and my dd started to eat less and life got better!

I better go get my stuff done!
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((hugs)) Robin, here's hoping your baby turns!

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I got AT LEAST four hours total last night, and now I can drink my tea and go back to bed while grandma watches James. I do feel much better. Latch-on is still not as easy in the dark and I couldn't get him resettled in the cosleeper after the 2 a.m. feeding, but I COULD sleep with him next to me and that works too.

I think I'm gonna live.
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Ahhhh....Smitie....I can't wait to be cuddled up with my baby too!!! Enjoy some while grandma gets her snuggle time.

edited to remove photo link
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Smithie-glad to hear you are feeling better

Rynna- congrats on your test results! Your dr sounds really cool

Yeah, Brooke, for having some mama time!

Sending you head down vibes, Robin.

So a friend of mine is coming to visit today. Our boys have been playing together a lot since we met, but in the last 2 wks we have barely seen each other. Since we are both hugely pg, it just seems to be so much harder. I know I find myself wanting to stay home and get projects done. Anyway, she is coming over partially just to hang, but also b/c her dso wrote an editorial in their local paper (whom he works for) about their pregnancy and how it was unplanned but that they are excited to meet the baby, etc. Anyway, I guess the paper has received a lot of hate mail about it b/c they aren't married and this is their 2nd child. Ppl are not buying ads this wk b/c they are protesting a paper that "employs an ammoral person" according to my friend. How aweful is that? He doesn't care what ppl think, but my poor friend is 9 mo pg and it has been pretty hard for her. She says it is hard to live in a community where ppl think everything about her life that she finds wonderful is bad/wrong. So if you call could send some healing vibes her way, I'd appreciate it. She is due on the 9th so this comes at a time when she is already emotional vulnerable.

Have a mw appt today. I think I will have her check me. Mostly b/c I want to understand what it is I am feeling. I don't know, we'll see.

I better get going. Have a great day...
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Robin-could you post the link to that sling again? I thought I had bookmarked it, but I can't find it. I skimmed some of the pages of our threads, but I still can't find your OP.
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Now it's my turn!

On Tuesday night I was lying in bed thinking about shoes. My feet had swollen so much none of my shoes would fit, and I wasn't able to go anywhere because of it. Dh went and got me some flip-flops in a size larger, and they were still too narrow, so he took them back and got me a new pair. They hurt my feet, and I didn't want to send him running back and forth for more, so I said I'd take them back tomorrow. So I was thinking, how is this gong to work? I have to wear the shoes to the store, try on others and not let them see me cutting the elastic so I can actually walk in the shoes, and then attempt to return the shoes I had just worn into the store? No, forget it, I'll just stay home until I have the baby and the swelling stops. Then right at midnight my water broke!

I figured I could call the midwives in the morning. I told dh, and he said "But don't you want to call now and give them a heads-up?" I told him no; often contractions don't start until several hours later. But then in 15 minutes they came every 3 minutes apart and were very intense. I called, and was told to try and sleep for as long as I could. 2 hours later they were every minute apart and very painful; I had not been able to sleep at all. The midwives came over.

The contractions continued to be every minute apart and they were excruciating. The midwives offered to check my cervix. I agreed and they said it was almost 7 cm but not all the way effaced. They did say the baby was LOA but that it might not have been the best position for it; it's not the ideal for all moms and babies. So for hours I walked around and sat in the bathtub. I was miserable because I hadn't been able to sleep. I kept asking them if there was something they could give me that would stop labor and let me sleep so I could start all over again later. They said there was nothing.

Finally, 8 hours later I got an urge to push. I was 10 cm but the head was still not well applied, they said. They offered to stretch the cervix over the head while I pushed, and I declined because I heard that is really painful. So I pushed every time I felt an urge. With Linda I never experienced that urge, so it was nice to have completely involuntary pushing. But after an hour I started to get discouraged. I kept remembering that part in What to Expect where it says "Second babies often pop out in a matter of minutes, not hours." I thought the whole labor would only last 6 to 8 hours. I kept alternating positions - walking, standing, kneeling, just about everything. I pushed for another hour with no progress. They said the baby was caught on the pubic bone, and that pushing on my back or in a reclining position with a lot of hands-on interference might actually be more effective. I agreed to give it a try. Them stretching the cervix over the head actually wasn't that bad. They had me push for awhile while semi-reclining in a chair while they stretched the cervix, held the pubic bone up, and pushed on the fundus. All that actually helped the urges get stronger. I kept alternating between that position, lying on my back on the floor and pulling my knees up, side-lying, and supported standing squatting. Lying on my back actually brought on the most progress!

But we were going on 3 hours of pushing and I was growing more discouraged. I kept telling them I didn't think this was normal for a second-time mom. I even asked for an episiotomy so they could just reach in and pull the baby out! Luckily they flat-out refused. I asked again and again for some kind of magic thing to stop labor and put me to sleep. I asked if I could take several OTC sleeping pills. I asked if they could use our salad tongs as forceps and get this whole thing over with. The heart rate was fine through everything, but I was actually wishing the baby would be distressed so then I could go to the hospital and have a c-section with general anesthesia and get to SLEEP! I also considered going so I could get an epidural. I figured, I've already had one unmedicated birth; why do I need two? Or I thought maybe I could go in just long enough for them to use the vacuum extractor and then go straight home, and maybe we would even still tell people we did the home birth. Or I thought maybe we could call the paramedics and perhaps they could use a VE in the home setting.

But there was nothing left for me to do but continue what we had been doing. I pushed on my back some more, and the head was just about crowning. I looked in the mirror...but the first thing I saw was that I had grown some extra part! My "urethral pad" had swollen very big. I didn't even know such a thing existed. At all times there were 8 fingers in my vagina, dh pushing on the fundus and another arm pushing the pubic bone down. Finally I pushed in a deep squat and the head popped out after a total of 5 hours of pushing! The shoulders were stuck, so I was flipped to hands and knees and they were free in about 2 minutes. Then the rest of the baby. I had no tearing. They didn't tell us the gender; we told them. Another girl, 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches. 14.5 inch head and 15 inch shoulders. We named her Andrea Zoe.

The placenta stayed in for an hour. Andrea didn't nurse right away the way Linda did, so maybe that was why. I wanted to just let it fall out, but I was still having painful contractions so I let them yank it out. The cord had stopped pulsing, and luckily it all came out in one piece, but I was surprised at how much it hurt.

I was discouraged because I had done everything right and still had a painful, difficult birth. The whole thing took only 14 hours, in contrast with Linda's 38 hour ordeal, but it was just as painful and I had to work even harder. Maybe it was because it started with rupture of membranes; I hear that makes everything a lot more intense. But I was really glad the midwives never gave up on me, never hinted that something wasn't normal, and never suggested the hospital. They just kept telling me to keep doing what I was doing.

Afterwards I felt much more tired and sore than I did with Linda. My labia are swollen to the size of testicles; I look like some kind of hermaphrodite! My pubic bone and tailbone are sore, and it hurts to walk. It takes a long time to get up out of a chair, and I don't trust myself to carry the baby up the stairs. So I'll just be resting a lot and soaking in my herbal sitz bath.

But I'm still glad it all worked out. The baby is doing fine, and this was a second generation homebirth!
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Originally Posted by mattjule
So a friend of mine is coming to visit today. Our boys have been playing together a lot since we met, but in the last 2 wks we have barely seen each other. Since we are both hugely pg, it just seems to be so much harder. I know I find myself wanting to stay home and get projects done. Anyway, she is coming over partially just to hang, but also b/c her dso wrote an editorial in their local paper (whom he works for) about their pregnancy and how it was unplanned but that they are excited to meet the baby, etc. Anyway, I guess the paper has received a lot of hate mail about it b/c they aren't married and this is their 2nd child. Ppl are not buying ads this wk b/c they are protesting a paper that "employs an ammoral person" according to my friend. How aweful is that? He doesn't care what ppl think, but my poor friend is 9 mo pg and it has been pretty hard for her. She says it is hard to live in a community where ppl think everything about her life that she finds wonderful is bad/wrong. So if you call could send some healing vibes her way, I'd appreciate it. She is due on the 9th so this comes at a time when she is already emotional vulnerable.
Oh Julie that totally stinks! I don't get why people really care about how someone else lives. Great big hugs to her!
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