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The One Thread - May 30 to June 5

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The one Thread - May 23th - 29


It's Sunday! Time for a new thread...
As always PM me if you need to be switched!

Waiting to O:

*Alexis (alexisyael)
*Amara (wawoof)
*Amy (StoneFence)
*Amy (saturnine25)
*Anne (bamboogrrrl)
*Anne-Marie (starfairy)
*Brook (mamabee)
*Christina (becca's mama)
*Des (polka123)
*Elena (Mizelenius)
*Erika (MamanFrançaise)
*Jamie (djsgirl517)
*Jenny (Ellie's Mom)
*Joi (angstmommy)
*Kara (k4kara)
*Karen (roseangel)
*Kate (KateSt.)
*Korin (chiromama)
*Kylie (luvmy3boyz)
*L'Nayim (waiting4baby)
*Marie (Marie-c)
*Mandy (freethinker)
*Patti (Shakti)
*Sarah (glitterbits)
*Sara (mamaharsh)
*Vicki (doulamomvicki)

Waiting to know (New -- date is what day Af *would* be due. PM me if you want yours added):

*Christine (Sweetc a.k.a. xine)
*Danielle (Dani76)6/5
*Denise (mama2m&m) 6/13
*Denise (Mssisko)
*Erin (Happypants) 6/8
*Heather (kyle98sean02)
*heveasoul 6/16
*Jelaine (dabunnytoo)
*Jenn (firefly)
*KC (TchrGrrl)
*Kimberly (puddingpop) 5/27
*Lili (lilirose)
*Lydia (chemigogo)
*Marie (Marie-c) 5/30
*Megan (amara's mom) 6/13
*Molly (mimim)
*Pamela (fairymama)
*Rose (Weetzie)
*Sarah (glitterbits333)
*Sarah (mamtoady) 6/5
*Stephanie (dandylion)
*Tanya (Snow Cherries)
*Tara (tarablesue)
*Zig (6/1)

LLL (limbo land ladies)

*Lisa (lisabc311)

LWNEH (Ladies Who Need Extra Hugs, due to a recent m/c)

*Pamela (Scootermama1)

Waiting to be ready:

*Anna (annakiss)
*jodi (squeakermansmom)
*Kathy (kathywiehl)
*Keri (coleslaw)
*Kristie (milkymommi)
*Laura (Justice2)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)
*Shaughn (maybemom05)
*Tanya (Teensy)

May BFPs:
*Mary (Bunches)
*Laura (sweetpeasmom)
*Julie (tofumama)
*Shannon (shannon0218)
*Tracie (peacefulvegan)
*Lesley (lesleyluu)
*Kitty (HelloKitty)

June BFPs:
*Heather (Parker'smommy)
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Subcribing. Wow Denise, I think this is the earliest new thread yet!!!
Well, I need to get off my ass and get busy, I have to go help my neighbor move.
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well my big jobs today are balance the checkbook and investigate if we have any tax $ left yet and go shopping at ikea or target for storage solutions. so i was afraid i'd run off and forget LOL!

good luck with the move!
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Welcome to all the new TTCers! elcome

My puppy craps all over the floor. He's 3 months old now and I will take pics for you guys as soon as I can get my sister's digi cam.

I haven't retested and I refuse to until Wednesday. LOL I can't for sure until Monday though, cause I'm broke. But NOT till Wednesday! LOL

I hate working. Not because I hate my job but because I'd just rather be home. Plus it totally screwed up my temps for this weekend. But if they're at all accurate then I am soooo not pregnant. Which right now, with this puppy, I wouldn't mind waiting a few months. Oh who am I kidding, no I wouldn't.

Sorry about the reboots. Sheeeeeeesh. There were supposed to be so many BFP's.
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Congrats on the new puppy, Erika! : I can't wait to get another dog. I have to wait til our 4 cats have lived out their lives, though. They're only 9 yrs. old, so it could be a long while! I'm a dog person, dh is a cat person.

Anybody else think I should test tomorrow morning? I'm either 8 dpo or 12dpo with no signs of anything. No PMS and no pregnancy symptoms. Before I started charting, I would have considered myself atleast 3 days late by now. Whattaya think?

Tracie (wondering where AF is)
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New here!!!

Can I join you guys? DH and I just talked about TTC last night and he said that by the end of the summer he'll be ready to start. I'm ready NOW but I can wait another 2 months if I need to!!!

I tried to do some research on things I can do before we officially start trying, but I got sooo confused. Any tried and true herbs that will help? I'm slightly worried about early menopause- my mom was 32 and I'm almost 30 right now. Hopefully can still get pg!
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cd 6

Welcome Kathy - this is a great group !!

ugh - I'm tired today.
blech - too much to do.
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Hi Ladies. Welcome to the newcomers.

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Cd 10

Hi All!!

Don't have long (again!!)...sneaking in a moment to check up on everyone and post (my mom's in town and I've already spent a long time looking after some chores and getting myself ready while she hangs out downstairs, waiting till we go out for a walk...)

Welcome Jodi, Rose, and Kathy!! May your stays here be short but sweet...!!

Velvet, I'm still KHA...no red yet, right?

Shannon, I'm so psyched for you - !!! : Sorry about the pain, though... And as it turned out, I did get some last night, !

Still KHA for Lesley, to!

Question: I can't find my Mother of Preg book, and my TCOYF is out on loan to a friend...What are the family history questions they ask during a fertility workup? While my mom's in town, I want to get some info for my appt on Tuesday with Shannon's my GYN...tia!!

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Welcome to all the new ladies! I dont post much because it takes me so long just to read, I run out of time...
Velveteen I hope you feel better. Shannon, have you ever tried Reiki for your RA...it can work really weel for inflammation stuff. I do it often on dh because he hurts his ankles playing basket ball a lot and it worked beautifully on my mom's face when she had a tooth abscess and her cheek was the size of an orange. The swelling went down almost completely in one session. Steve could learn with you and do it on you when you have to much pain to do it yourself....just a thought.
I'm at cd19 and not sure if I've o\d yet. Recently cd 20 has been o day. But my success story is that I managed to get dh to gio on cd12,14,16 and 19. Between travel, fatigue etc, this does not happen very often and I sometimes wonder if we're not pregnant simply because of not enough gio...Plus I notice that we get along so much better when we gio regularly. I really need to make more of an effort to keep it going.
Getting a little anxious about two things. One is separation anxiety from my students (I love them!) and the other is I got a phone call from some friends (more friends of dh's but by extension, my friends too) who are coming up to visit. They have a 21 months old boy and she's 6 months pregnant. They complained to us that it took them "so long" to get pregnant the first time (4 months!) and they got pregnant with #2 before they even tried (they were just talking about it)....I'm worried that I wont be able to be very nice to them. To be honest, I even have a hard time feeling happy for them because they complain about their lives all the time.
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CD5 and KHA

Hello All - Sorry I've been hiding. I've had a pity party the last few days and felt much, much better!!

Welcome to all new subscribers - I found that Taking Control of Your Fertility (TCOYF) was a big help, as well as a basal thermometer. As for herbs, you might want to get more advice from the knowledgeable ladies here!

Lesley, Shannon, Velvet - I'm KHA for all of you! :

Oh my gosh, I am busy for a few days and miss all the lovely discussion about boobie size!! Yes, D size is considered "above average" in North America Katy. A bit bigger than that and one has to get special order bras!

I've been refusing to temp for the last few days after last month's dissapointment, but I will be better from now on!! I'll keep my temps when dh and I leave for vacation on Saturday and post when I get back.
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hi, just checkin in.
wish i could keep up w/everybody.
good luck to all who are getting ready for a new cycle!
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Cd 30

Hi everyone...
I'm still Waiting to Know. And new news: I'm either 13DPO like I previously thought or 5DPO now, depending on what FF is doing to my chart. : FF adjusted O date by a week. Argh. Either way, BD within decent range before O.

Originally, everyone (meaning me and FF) thought I O'd on CD 18. But then I had a couple of temps below coverline and another patch of C and EWCM. Then ANOTHER temp spike.... so FF now thinks I O'd on CD 25. I dunno. At first, I was thinking, oooh nice triphasic temps! but now I think maybe FF is right.

to everyone in need
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I am subscribing, but add me to the waiting to be ready list. Still recovering from m/c. My 2-yr of TTC anniversary is coming up and I get torn between taking a break and not letting an opportunities pass us by. I want to let at least 1 cycle go by. My original plan was wait until after the end of year holidays, but who knows.

It is good to be back with friends, though, despite the circumstances.
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Keri, welcome back, but I wish you weren't here.
I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to come back and join us even before you start again.
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cd 11 Positive opk, baybee!!

Can i be re-added please ?

I am in shock, because i just got my second ever really positive opk on cd ELEVEN!!! Last month was the first positive, and it was i think cd 17. I am a nursing mama, btw, so i think that has been inhibiting fertility somewhat for me. These positives are very encouraging though. Should i be encouraged by them, or do they mean nothing? The prior four mos i was taking opk, i got very inconclusive, def not positive results.
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Welcome back Chemigogo!!!!
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Marie- Are these people going to be staying at your house? If not, it could be bearable. If they are planning on staying, I would talk to DH and have him call and let them know it's not a good time. You might be able to deal with it fine, but since they are not really that close to you and the woman is a complainer on top of it all, I would just pass.
I think I'm in the wating to know phase. I typically O CD20 with AF on day 34. Last Sunday, CD15, I had huge amounts of EWCM and also the next day. For some reason, since it was early, I didn't use the Ocutel, so don't know if I ferned or not. As the week went on the EWCM dried up. Sooooo, I am assuming I O'd.
Here's my attempt at a sex tip. Really it's DH's. I mentioned the difficulty some ladies have with getting hubby to GIO at the right time. My DH piped up that quasi-deprivation the rest of the month might just do the trick . Really, he doesn't have it that bad
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Hi all, subscribing.
Still no AF. No crampiness either. Cramps were brief this morning. I have used so many tests that I don't feel good about buying more. but I'm losing my mind.

No labs open until Tuesday, so no blood test until then.

No signs of pregnancy or AF.

No real clearcut idea of when I O'ed. FF says CD 15 on research, CD 20 on advanced. I think it may have been CD 17. So I'm 12 DPO, 7 DPO, or 10 DPO. It could be 6 more days, potentially, until my period comes, at which point I'll be completely whaite-haired and drooling on myself.

Must. Have. Chocolate.
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