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Can you crochet "in the round"??

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I want to make a crochet soaker but the only pattern i have calls for making the front and back and sewing the sides. I have a few crocheted soakers that do not have seams and this is the kind I'd like to make - so how do you do that? I know how to knit in the round but can you do that with crochet?? I mean, if you have a foundation "chain", how do you then link one end of the chain with the other?
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I believe you can, they make a think called crocheknit?? I"ve seen it at wa-mart and other craft stores, it's like circular crochet hooks :LOL I"m assuming that's what they're for b/c I don't crochet.
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Oh shoot! I was just at Walmart and actually saw the package that said Crocheknit (or whatever it's called) but I was in a hurry and didn't pick it up to look at it. Crikeys!

Thanks though!
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No no no no no no no! The crocheknit thingy isn't for crocheting in the round - it's for crocheting a double-sided flat piece.

To crochet in the round, you make your foundation chain, and then, making sure your chain isn't twisted, start crocheting into the end of the chain to make a circle. It's VERY easy - easier than getting started knitting in the round!

So basically, instead of turning your work & working backwards down the chain, you grab the end of the chain instead, and work your way around.
Am I making sense?
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What Mehndi Mama said! Just do a chain to the circumference you need, and then hook into the end and keep going. I guess for the leg openings you can choose the front or back, chochet flat and then join it to the opposite side, filling in the corners that you'd get with single crochets.
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I told you I didn't know how to crochet :LOL :LOL
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Boy, I just steam-rollered right in there, didn't I?
Sorry 'bout that, Jess! :LOL
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I just assumed that since the crocheknit thing looked like it was connected with a cable that was what it did :LOL :LOL
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Jess, you crack me up. :LOL
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:LOL I guess it's a good thing I didn't get it then, huh?!

Okay, I *think* I understand. Once I finish this Turtle tickle thing, maybe I'll get brave and actually try it

Thanks guys!
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