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Anyones baby drop yet?

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My edd is 7/7 and this is my 4th. I cant remember if for subsequent babies your supposed to drop early or closer to labor, which one is it? Anyway for almost a week Ive noticed that there is much more space between my belly and my breasts and there is increased movement and banging against my cervix. Ive read this to be the stabbing pain one feels way low but to me it feels like an electrical shock all of a sudden. I never got it with my 1st a little with my 2nd and much more with my 3rd. Im getting it pretty often now with this PG. I also read that it could also be the cervix thinning out.

So anyone else drop?

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I am due 7/24 and on bedrest mostly due to baby having dropped. My kiddo is at 0 station, the head is engaged and pressing on my cervix causing dialation and effacement.

I have heard that babies are supposed to drop later with every subsequent child but it doesn't seem to make a difference here. If anything my kids drop earlier!
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This is my 2nd, and I am due on July 12. Just in the past few days I've been noticing that my severe heartburn seems to be practically gone all of a sudden, which makes me think that the baby has dropped. This baby has always felt really low, so it wasn't until the heartburn went away that I though that maybe something had changed.
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oh yeah- she dropped around week 32. I have just finished week 35. Goo dropped at week 33.
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So is this something we should be worrying about?? I felt something kind of thud like the head getting stuck low or locked in place. Now everything feels alot lower and I'm getting comments about looking lower. I don't remember when ds#1 dropped, but I thought it was alot closer to my EDD. I keep having this feeling that it will be really soon. I'm due 7/24, but I just don't think I'll make it past the 15th (and even with the heat I wouldn't mind going longer at all - Leo's are cool and I'm scared I won't get my hb if I'm too early). Anybody know if dropping means we'll be early, or if we should worry?
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luvinmama I am not sure it is usually a reason for concern, though it couldn't hurt to mention it to your practitioner. Usually first babies are head down by 34-35 weeks (I know you are only 32) and subsequent babies about a week before delivery... but there are execptions to every rule. My second baby dropped at 30 weeks and even though I was 5-6cm and 80% effaced by 36 weeks I didn't deliver her till 38 weeks.

This time I am having contractions along with the baby having dropped at 27 weeks and descended to 0 station and am already 2cm and 80% effaced and it is a bit early for that... I have a history of really short labors which is making everyone really jumpy about my contractions, etc. That said I could well make it to very close to my due date as well Only time will tell!

I am also due 7/24.
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How do you know when the baby "drops"? People keep saying it looks like he has but I have no clue. I'm 35 weeks today EDD July 10 but now scheduled for July 5.
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My baby dropped at about 34 weeks. He is really low now and I have a lot of pressure when I am walking for long periods. With my first pregnancy, the baby didn't drop until about 38 weeks.

As for knowing when the baby drops, you will notice a change in your shape and also you will feel it. You will not have the baby so high up in your ribs but it is more uncomfortable down low.
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baby dropping

this is my first baby i am due the 8th of june iam nearly 30 weeks and i noticed i have dropped a lot this week a few people have also said it to me
is it normal or should i see my doctor
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