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May 30 - June 5th thread.....

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Just thought I'd start this week's thread. Can you believe we are almost into June????? Where has the spring gone?????? Things are moving along here. I felt sick and exhausted all day yesterday. Today, still nauseous but feeling a lot better!!
I hope everyone else is doing well!!!!!!!
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I'm here. I've been feeling okay as long as I eat as soon as I feel hungry otherwise my tummy gets upset. I can't believe that it's almost June! My 1st OB appt is in 3 weeks!
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I'm here too-- less nauseous, but with no energy. I have turned into the laziest person on the planet. Today I barely got out of bed.... I'm trying to be accepting, but it's hard. I know that I'd be telling another mom to listen to her body and rest.... hard to take your own advice sometimes!!!

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I'm horribly exhausted! We've had a lazy weekend because of it. Ironically, I've had tons of energy to cook though. My fridge is fully stocked. :LOL

I feel like I'm constantly snacking, but otherwise I get nauseous. I'm craving dairy -- cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. I think my body knows what it needs. (Which doesn't explain the chip and dip cravings though, now does it?!)

I did a prenatal yoga workout video for the first time! I liked it. A little slow, but afterward I did feel I had a good stretch.

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Hi Mamas

I'm still feeling remarkably, well, nothing! I did hit the hay around 11:00 last night, which was 2 hours earlier than my normal, so maybe that's a sign! Oh, and I polished off 1/2 a tub of potato salad... directly from the mixing bowl just moments after I finished making it!!

We have our first midwife appointment tomorrow. It's early, but since we're moving around so much this summer I likely won't see her again until late August. Man, I'm glad this is our second baby and not our first... I'd be going nuts!!!
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Hi Mamas...
I still feel fine, still nervous about that! I have energy, no m/s...I know I shouldn't complain....I have been craving protien, and cheese! I seem to be slightly less irritable, maybe its being outside in the nice weather!As long as I keep moving, I don't feel tired. We have been remodeling our house for the last 2 years, and are finally almost done, so I've been cleaning, moving and unpacking like a mad woman! I told dh our apt. had to be done so we could move by ds's b-day! We have an ooooold colonial that is a 4 family, with a 3rd floor that, back in the day, was where the 'help' slept (ugh) so we took one of the 2nd floor apts and connected it to the 3rd floor, so we have 12 rooms! Then we have 3 apts for income, which is SO nice. We are living in one apt now, and its tight with 2 kids (2 bdrm, and small) so now with 3.... It's so much work, but I want to be done before I get too pg!
My first mw appt is June 9th, I love my mw, and I can't wait to see her!

Babytime, I do that too! I tend to 'nest' in reverse! I do everything in the first trimester instead of the last! :LOL

Hey Kerrie, who do you use? Did I read somewhere you were thinking of a homebirth? I can't keep up with all the stuff going on here, so I may be confused...
Belly Blessings to all!
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Howdy, all! How lovely to check in with you.

The m/s is getting more intense, although I've yet to actually throw up. I'm also sleeping so hard that I don't seem to move. I wake up stiff. B/c of the long weekend, dh made sure I got some extra sleep, hurray.

Otherwise, I'm just eager for the first visit to the midwife on the 21st.

My mom, who has not been told (no one has), dreamt that she sent dd off to school on a bus and took care of a newborn granddaughter. Wild, huh? I wonder if she's right. January seems so far away. But stay tuned!
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hi ladies. i can relate to the m/s but no vomiting yet and very little breast tenderness, but i did not have that with ds3 either. I have been nursing since 3-98 when ds1 was born and through all three pregnancies and tandem too. thankfully the breast tenderness is not rearing its ugly head. i am so happy to be back on mothering as I have been feeling a bit isolated. I already need maternity clothes to feel comfy because it is my fourth and I had a lot of extra skin and fat before conception of the fourth. it is hard not telling family in some ways, but nice to hear the stories of others.

I am planning my second homebirth but my first was in chicago with alivio a midwife group written about two years ago in mothering. now in arizona i am finding the perfect situation is not rpesenting itself. i have insurance starting july 1st and it is thankfully similar to a ppo and gives me the option of out of network homebirth coverage. I found a local naturopathic doctor who is a licensed midwife doing homebirths who agreed to let me go ahead without prepaying her (which she usually requires). I don't even know what a naturopath is, but I am looking forward to birthing at home again. ds1 and ds2 were midwife attended hospital births and i don't want to go back. ds3 did not even hurt, dh was in a layover in detroit, kids sleeping, mom pacing nervously, and the loveliest midwives ever. no pain until pushing. i was so relaxed. i am rambling. i won't always be this long-winded. just dealing with all slowly........
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so nauseous!!! still haven't thrown up either... and my food aversions are so bad! All the good dietary changes I've made in the last 6 months are going down the drain. DD has slept thru the night four nights in the last week. yay!!!
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Hi Ladies-

I have been doing pretty well, just very exhausted and very tender breasts. I have had a lot of nausea, but only one instance of actually throwing up (an unfortunate calzone incident!!). With my last pregnancy, the vomiting didn't begin until week 9, so I am hoping that history doesn't repeat itself!

I am also finding that I am craving different things that I never have before - pink grapefruit, raspberries, and salty foods. I used to love Italian food, but I can't even look at it now!

Speaking of food, I haven't really been eating much more, but I have already gone up a size or two. It is a little frustrating since I am only at 8.5 weeks!! I have heard you can show earlier with your second pregnancy, but this early?? Has anyone else experienced this?

Looking forward to getting to know you all....
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Hi Ladies. Loss of appetite here, blah. Not too bad though, my first pregnancy was much worse. We told all family, they were shocked but very happy.
I've heard that you do show earlier w/your 2nd or more. I'm showing a tad, and I'm not even 7 weeks yet.
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I was showing a bit at 4 weeks, and now, at 7 weeks, I look the way I did at 12 last time!
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Hi Ladies,

So far, doing really good. I have had only 1 true round of m/s, but I drank a cup of tea on an empty stomach and so it was my fault. Still sucked though. I am still really really tired but can't decide if it is due to my 21 month old or not. Probably both the toddler and the impending arrival. I am 9 weeks 2 days. Had my first drs. appointment last week, and he said everything looked good. Did the standard tests and all and talked a bit about what I want and don't want with this birth compared to my last. I am planning on getting a bebe monitor so that my DD can hear the heartbeat as we go along. She may not really understand, but at least she will be able to listen to mommy's tummy. Should be cool.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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EDD Jan. 21 6w5d

Hi everyone!

M/s started for me this week. It is pretty mild. Only comes when I'm hungry. Usually just before dinner. Never in the morning. Also, my nipples are getting increasingly sore everyday. Of course I have a toddler nursing so that doesn't help.

Delfina, I know what you mean about the size issue. I am still wearing my normal clothes, but I do feel bigger. Kind of not as comfortable in my normal sized pants. It makes me nervous. With my last pg, I was able to comfortably wear my regular clothes well into the second trimester. Good thing I went for a walk today with dd. That's my plan, to go for daily walks.

My next prenatal appointment is June 21. They plan to do an ultrasound for dates. So, I'm impatiently waiting for that day. We wanted to wait a while to tell our families about the new baby. So we decided that if everything was ok at the ultrasound, we'll tell everyone.

Sounds like everyone is doing as well as can be expected. That's great.
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Hi everybody,

I'm ok, but I'm sooo tired. I can't seem to stay awake past like 7:30 at night which is strange for me since I'm usually up past midnight. I also slept in until 9:00 this morning which is completely out of sync for me - I'm usually up by 6:00. I suppose the rest is good for me though. I've also been waking up really stiff and sore. We have a futon, so maybe that's what the problem is - or maybe just being crammed between a toddler, a kid, and a dh!

I can't seem to eat more than a few bites of food at a time without feeling really sick. Of course then I'm really hungry again because I didn't eat very much. Last night I was sure dh didn't cook dinner all the way because it tasted so weird. He go really mad at me and told me to go to bed or to not eat it! Ohhh well, just a couple more weeks of the first trimester. I'm really enjoying it though, really I am.
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i wish i could go for walks out of doors. it is 106 degrees here. chicago was lovely in the summer even pregnant, lots of outdoor time. i am walking in the indoor malls after the kids play at the indoor playspaces. i am so flighty. i backed my older minivan into a Ford F350 truck today and the hitch busted in my whole hatchback trunk. dh was nice. he knows i was spaced out since it was 2pm and I had only had coffee and graham crackers. just wait until he sees the damage and the trunk that can't open. lol. i can't use the heavy sit and stand stroller for a while but who has the energy to lift it? WHAT A DAY!
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I am still not feeling anything. I know I should be happy but at the same time I just feel normal - like this is all in my head. I don't have much of an appetite but I can still eat anything. My breasts were sore but that seems to be fading now. I am not really exhausted but I definitely don't have insomnia. In fact, I am exactly the way tofumama is - as long as I am moving and doing stuff I am fine but I do get sleepy the minute I stop and relax. I have noticed I am just really unmotivated to do anything.

We had sex the other night and there was quite a bit of blood afterward. I read that is normal (because the cervix is swollen with blood) and it did taper off by about halfway through the next day. I am still a bit nervous but trying to keep things in perspective. I think dh and I are both nervous to try again .

I also don't feel as comfortable in my clothes (and this is my first!!) I think I may just be bloated though.
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I'm here, and other than being completely exhausted, I'm feeling pretty good. I get a bit of nausea every now and then, but it's nothing too bad. My belly is already getting bigger, and none of my clothes fit! I'm already wearing maternity shorts, and I'm only 6 weeks!! This is my second baby, and I did start pooching out pretty early with the first too, but not *this* early. : I'm taking progesterone supplements, and go back in two weeks to test my levels again and have an ultrasound done.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!!
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i woke up this morning to pee and there was blood. not a flow but more than spotting. i'm not very optimistic after two miscarriages already. i'd love some good energy but i doubt i'll be here much longer. i just don't get it.
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Fennelseed- I so hope it's not that

Well I went for another u/s and they saw a heartbeat! It was great, when she said "well it's viable, now lets schedule your appts." It was just such a relief to hear that.
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