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Fennelseed - please let us know what's going on. You are in my thoughts. s
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fennelseed- My thoughts are with you!! Good energy your way...

fromscatteredtribe - I am in AZ also. The heat is a tough one. I usally exercise early morning or evening. It is really nice those times of day, and I think my ds likes a pre-bedtime or wake-up walk/jog. You give me hope about continuing to nurse ds through this pregnancy - a bit worried about breast tenderness & supply.

Not much in the way of symptoms. Dh even asked if I thought I was really pregnant. So, of course, I tested AGAIN. Yep, I am really pregnant. DH is very cute - I guess he thought I would be asleep or vomiting with ds climbing over me already. thank goodness it hasn't happened yet.
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hugs to you fennelseed.

i miscarried my baby today. went to the hospital last night with my midwife b/c the bleeding was quite heavy but the dr there was great and he just checked me out and sent me home basically. he was kind and genuine which i did not expect and my midwife is definitely an angel herself!! i passed what my midwife called the "products of conception" and then a tiny placenta this afternoon. i hope this is not too disturbing. i feel much better now. i kinda feel like i have experienced the joy of childbirth and then the sorrow of miscarriage. life and death. the sadness comes in waves but i still feel blessed. i have had a feeling like i probably mentioned that things were just not right this time round so it is a bit of a relief overall.

best wishes and good health to all the moms to be on this thread. thanks for your support.
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fennelseed and hollihobbie

My heart is with you.
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I am sad for you hollyhobbie and fennelseed. :-(
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I am so sorry hollyhobbie. s
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fennelseed and hollyhobbie, this is just so sad. I'm very sorry.
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Oh, Hollyhobbie... I'm so sorry. Hugs, peace, and healing to you.
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fennelseed & hollyhobbie
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oh, hollyhobbie, I'm so sorry......
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Just wanted to send my hugs too.
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thanks for all the hugs. we are having some family time and regrouping. i put away all the baby stuff this afternoon while hubby is out with my dtr. your support is great. i was glad to know there would be some hugs when i checked in online.
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Deleted b/c I didn't remember how the tone of the string had changed. I hope you are both getting the support you need.
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Hollyhobbie and Fennelseed....

Sending you love and light.....
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hokiegirl, it's ok. i think it is time to go back to the good stuff about pregnancy again!! my turn will come again. one good thing about not being pregnant is not being in a fog all the time. one bad thing is you have to keep reminding yourself you arent pregnant anymore. i saw a sign for maternity clothes on sale then it took me a minute to remember i was pg!! me and dh are going out to dinner tonight which we arranged ages ago. it will be good to have some couple time. then i borrowed a sad movie from the library and i am going to cry my eyes out. let the healing begin!

but please, go back to the light and fluffy and tough but wonderous. enjoy.
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you sound like an amazing, strong, courageous woman

i am so sorry for your loss

i know there are good things coming your way.

you are in my thoughts and prayers......
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Holly I am so sorry for your loss, you sound like a strong woman indeed
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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fennelseed and Holly - I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!
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thanks so much women, for all your hugs and condolences. this time around is really hard for me. but i'm gathering my strength and courage. i'm determined and know that sooner or later i will have another child.

please now, do move on to celebrating your wonderous journies. blessings.
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