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Experience with twins in school?

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Am knew here so I will apologize if this has been covered somewhere. Please direct me if it has.

I have 7year old twins (boys) that are finishing first grade. They were together in kindergarten and separated this year. The principal (who does class assignments) is very pro-separation. I just want them to have equally good teachers/experiences. How have any of you handled this??
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Do you want them in the same class? If so, just insist on it and tell them that you do not want to maintain separate class schedules for different teachers (homework, etc.).
(I'm not anti-separation, I'm pro-parent. If you want advice, it's gonna be specific for your kids and their school. Go in with an open mind and some convictions and see if they can talk you into it.)
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My boys are just 4. they were together this year in preschool. my plan when theyare in elementary school is to ask them what they want to do.
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No real advice or experience with this - I have been doing research and getting opinions on this tho. It seems that all people are divided and I cant find much of a grey line from anyone!

You said the school princip. was pro-separation; what is his/her theory behind that and is it a policy (an enforceable one at that?)? Did you nptice that they did better or worse due to the separation? I'm too in the fence on taht! I want them to develop separate identies and likes etc if separation would be stressful, I would not want that.......

I would like pp said, firmly voice your concerns and do what you gut/heart tells you will be the best for the boys.
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