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July Mammas- June 1- June 15

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It's JUNE!!!

Time for a new thread.
I had a doc appt today and frustrated!!!!!

The contractions I've been having are not doing anything for the cervix. I DO get to go off the terbutaline on Sunday (YEAH) and off of bedrest then too!
I wonder if I will start getting real labor contractions once I am off the terb?

Moo is fine, although I measured a little behind this week. I will check what the measure is next week. I have a weekly appointment from now on in.

35.5 weeks for me! Yippie!

How's everyone doing? I'll try to get a new belly photo tonight!
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Holy cow. June. I'm due july 3rd, so I'm getting pretty darn close as well.

I had a buffalo burger yesterday. I rarely eat meat, but was craving it, so I thought I'd have some buffalo instead of beef as buffalo is usually pumped with less "stuff" because they are stronger animals.

I'm going to get a carpet cleaner today. Yeah! My floor hasn't been cleaned since I moved in (two months ago). And I just got a second hand chair that is perfect for nursing two little ones in. That's going to be thouroughly cleansed as well.

I had a nasty cramp in my lower leg the other night. Ouch. I think I should up my cal/mag stuff.

Is anyone else thinking about labour *every day* ? Or am I the only one? I wake up in the morning thinking, oh, yeah, I've got to give birth in a few weeks..... frankly, I know I can do it, but when I was in there last time, yikes. I'm doing lots of posative visualizations, like I will open like a big flower (very quickly), seeing the baby all healthy and perfect.
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Things are going good here. I'm actually due 8/1 so I'm a little over 31 weeks right now. I had an appt on 5/27 and my next one is 6/11 so I'm on a 2 week schedule now. I have been having regular contractions along with braxton hicks contractions. They feel very different from each other. I have regular contractions anywhere from 1-10 times per day. They last about 30 seconds or so. So far I've only gained about 6lbs total. I think we've narrowed our name list down to 2 boy names now. Tell me what you think.

Liam Thomas
Alexander William

Hope everyone is enjoying the last part of their pregnancy!

ETA: I really haven't thought too much about labor. Maybe it's because this is #3 and I'm caught up with the other 2 right now.
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I woke up yesterday to a horrid leg cramp. YUCK

I am thinking about labor alot, like WHEN WILL IT START? I figure the pain is short lived, I just want to deliver my healthy girl soon. To be honest, I am not at all afraid of labor. I just want to get it over with, KWIM? Then I can start the phase of life with 2 kids....
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I had some contractions over the weekend I posted a separate thread about it...thankfully everything calmed down..
Had my prenatal today:
I'm 31 wks 4 days
wt- 146
bp- 90/58
baby's hr- 152
fundal ht- 32

I've been trying to keep my bp up...I get plenty of water, and folic acid, but when I walk around the block I start getting contractions again...so I don't know what to do I think I really just need some cardio...and I *still* haven't opened my prenatal yoga DVD I got for christmas

I printed off all my old posts from the preggy forum because I've sadly realized this is the only type of journal I've kept through my pregnancy. At least I have something though..for that I'm thankful. I didn't journal with my first pregnancy and I've always regretted it..

taking my midterm later today....I'll be glad when its over
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I can never remember which week I'm in. I think it's 33 now. Lila is due on July 19. She really needs to stay in until then! I just asked my SIL if she would come watch ds during my labor, and she said YES!! I'm so relieved! I had asked my Mom, then my Stepmom. But they disagree with our decision to homebirth, so they declined our request for help.

But my SIL will be out of town from July 7 - July 12 or 13. So Lila needs to just stay put! I think I'll ask a longtime friend to be her backup. My ds knows SIL better, and loves his cousins, so I'm really hoping that they can be here.

Well, I need to go pack. I'm procrastinating. We're going away for the week for my husband's Annual Conference. We're going back to the city we moved from two years ago!! I can't wait to see friends and visit our favorite spots. And swim at the hotel pool. And use the Conference child care to have some practice and reading time!!

See you all next week!
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wow It's JUNE!!!

I'm so excited.. this is worse than waiting for Santa lol and I've already peeked at my present too (found out the gender lol)

I have been feeling great, work is awesome..

I was so stressed about finding a new apartment but I think I've found the place,

I'm going to move to a 2 bedroom townhouse.. thats right... I will have 2 doors, and backyard and front yard (small but still!) and a basement!

whoo!!! and the best part is because I am transferring with the same rental company I get 3 days to move and I don't have to do a whole new deposit or anything.. plus I don't have to give 60 days notice, so I can move early July instead of Aug. 1 (i'm due july 25)

yay! wish me luck tommorow I am going to see the place and apply for the transfer!

other than that I am just trying to get ready!

poor DH is really upset that he wont get to spend much time off work (he will take 3 weeks off) and is really bitter that he will have to continue working 45 hours a week when I get to stay home for a year... I don't know what to say.. He wants to take a shift a week off (10 hours) but we simply cannot afford it. he doesn't GET it..


anyways my midwife appt. is tommorow.. so I will post after that let you all know how the baby is doing..

I'm feeling lots of movement especially when DH reads to the little guy! (and when I'm trying to sleep lol)

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Hi everyone

Thank goodness June is here!! I have 2 days left of work and can not wait to get that over with. Then I will be able to focus on what I really want to focus on....spending time with my dd and getting ready for baby. I have been feeling pretty rotten lately...hemorrhoids, back pain, leg pain, pelvic pain...is this baby going to drop down to my knees? But wait, I still have heartburn, too? Whine, Whine, Whine!! Sorry...

I've been attending Bradley classes for the past few weeks and am really enjoying them. I did not have a natural birth with my dd so am really looking forward to labor/delivery this time. I've been thinking about it all the time. Daydreaming, night dreaming, visualizing... all of this interferring with work which is why I am anxiously awaiting Friday!! Hope eveyone has a good rest of the week

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Wow, I haven't posted or read since March 30th... I've kind of been in my own little shell with DH travelling so much this year out of the country (he's in the AF). I have felt like a single mother-to-be.

I am really excited about getting to meet our little girl in just a few weeks - I'm at 35.5 now and she's due somewhere around the 5th but since she's my first, chances are that I'll be a few days late. (I don't mind putting some more space between the 4th of July holiday and her birthday.)

Does anyone have advice for how to deal with intensly itchy stretch marks? I have two, one on each "dark side of the moon" (the underside of my belly that I can't see without a mirror) and they are extremely wide, dry and bright red. I put cocoa butter on them three times a day and aloe when they feel especially red, hot and itchy but I can barely get through the day at work. My clothes are loose and made of cotton but anything on my belly drives me nuts! I strip off my pants or skirt as soon as I get home. Advice anyone???
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my2girlz: I like both options but prefer Liam Thomas.

Mamajaza: I'm thinking a lot about when labor will start ... am so eager to meet this little one! But haven't spent too much time thinking about actual labor itself. Maybe b/c this is my first, it's just not something that I can imagine very well. When I do think abouit it I just picture it being empowering and manageable (wishful thinking!!)

bikruca: I feel for your poor DH! So many men have little interest in spending more time with their kids so it's admirable that he'd like to be home more during the baby's early months. It's too bad that our society barely supports mother staying home with their babies, much less men!! It's a bum deal for the modern man!

Well, I'm 32+ weeks and counting. I'm eager to meet this little one but we also have a lot to do still to prepare. Luckily, I got pretty much all of our baby stuff at the baby shower so DH and I won't have to sell an arm and a leg to get ready for the babe. I feel so blessed that so many relatives and friends have really helped us out.

I'm feeling lots of energy in the day time and lots of insonmia at night. For the most part though, I feel better than I did at any other point in the pg and am hoping it stays that way.
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I'm a little over 35 weeks and had 2 real type contractions today. Mostly just braxton hicks usually. We are packing for our "big move" this weekend. It's only a few blocks away but there is so much stuff and I am not used to not being able to do anything. I just want to get into this house!

My 2.5 yr old has taken a major initiative to start potty training this week which is amazing to me because of all this new baby stuff and moving but we are grateful.

I too keep having the leg cramp things. I remember this with my last one. No vitamins/mine rals seem to help. Luckily I know they will disappear when I have the baby.
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Hello everyone,
35.2 weeks here, birth feels really close now. Had a meetup with my midwife Mon., all is well. Baby measures righton and heart rate is good and baby's head is down and very low in the pelvis.
Horrible leg cramp for me the other morning too. Got out of bed wimpering as it would not go away until I stood on it. Youch!!
My belly casting party is F. I am really looking forward to this momento as I do not know if I will have any more children. I have a great group of mama friends that gather for these events.
Having contractions for about a week and a half now, not really painful, but definately noticable. This little one has to lay low until June 14th when I am 37 weeks and all clear for birth at home.
Getting supplies together and started pulling out some little clothes, so sweet.
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We're doing well! Elias has hiccups right now... right on time, I'll expect them again in a couple of hours I had a cold earlier this week. Lucky me it came with a fever of 101.6! After a cool shower and a popcicle it eased off, thank goodness! I hit 33 weeks on Saturday and am anxious to get the next few weeks over with to meet Elias. My dad took pity on me while I was visiting over last weekend and took me shopping for new clothes. I had no idea how big I would get and all of my clothes were showing parts of me that I suppose most people don't want to see I have some new dresses now that are loose and comfy and should get me through to the end. Now if we could get a freak snowstorm to cool things off, my world would just about be perfect.
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checkin' in...

It is so great to hear an update from so many july mamas!! I am just at 32 weeks now, easiest pregnancy I have ever had, don't know why! Except I have gained almost double what I gained with #3...my age is catching up with me (I turn 33 a week before this one is due)! Hopefully tandem nursing will shed those pounds quickly! BTW, how many of you will be tandem nursing, and how do you all feel about it? My 4 year old is definately not giving up, especially now that I have colostrum! I am curious about anyone who is having their older kids at the birth...my teen daughters have no interested in being here but my 4 year old has never stayed with anyone but Dad for only an hour or less at a time, so I have to have him here. I do have a friend coming to help but he is not super close with her (as he is not with anyone, really). I am getting worried that despite all of out talking and reading to him and showing him his own birth video that he will still "freak out" because I will not be very available. Anyone else in the same boat??
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YAY what a good day

Midwife appt. went the same as always good blood pressure good pee stick measuring perfectly good weight gain.. yawn...

and I got the townhouse so we will be moving July 3-5 whoo hoo..

I am already packing lol I am soooo eager!!!!

wow I had a big scare this morning I went to buy something and I got an insufficent funds message when I should have been paid last night.. I guess our company goofed and no one got paid, but I almost had a heart attack!

baby is sooo active now.. it's crazy how I can actually see him moving!! I am so excited to finally meet him.. I don't want to wait 2 more months!

OH WELL.. anyways just thought I would share my good news... glad everyone else seems to be doing good too! We're going to start having our BABIES soon! wow!

some of you must be less than a month away!

anyways back to cleaning the apartment (landlord is coming by tommorow) BY THE WAY where do I get me some of this "nesting" instinct.. I think I will need it!
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bikruka~~if it's the royal bank you are having problems with it's because of a gllitch in their system. A lot of people were paid, but didn't get the money into their accounts. Just heard that on the news last night. I'm in canada too, BTW. Glad to see you've found a home. you'll probably start nesting once you move in. Good luck!

I went to the chiropractor the other day. oh, yeah, did that feel good. I've never had a manual adjustment before and I like it a lot more. I was always getting adjusted with the little "adjuster" thing (don't know exactly what it's called). It's nice to actually hear your back going into alignment.*crunch*
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Originally Posted by my2girlz

Liam Thomas
Alexander William

Hope everyone is enjoying the last part of their pregnancy!

ETA: I really haven't thought too much about labor. Maybe it's because this is #3 and I'm caught up with the other 2 right now.

How about Liam Alexander? I like that although it was not one of the choices

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We've been without a computer for the past few days, and I'm short on time right now, btu I just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!" and get subscribed to this thread. I added a belly pic to my sig. It was taken Weds at a yoga class!
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Im about 35.5 weeks right now. Everything seems to be going well. I had some really bad swelling on my feet about 2 or 3 weeks ago but thank God it went away. Now it seems to be coming back but nothing like before. In those days I think I over did it with the nesting and all. Only thing left for me to do is paint the kitchen.

My next prenatal is on the 15th I will be 37 weeks then. I will be testing for strep B. First PG I was + and the following two I was - so Im hoping for a negative again.

I guess Im sort of ready. Just knowing the responsibility of another baby and how it usually throws a monkey wrench in the days routine has me a little nervous but Im so ready to have my body back.

Thats about it for me...take care all

7/7 with #4
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I dunno, I guess I am 33-34 weeks? I just refuse to stick to some arbitrary due date. I think I have a MW appointment this week. I can't keep track of it all.

Business is so good that DH quit his job as a bartender and is helping me full-time. It's insanely cool! I am trying to figure out what to do about maternity leave. I WAS going to close June 30, but now with DH helping, I may not have to.

Um, I have about a million diapers for this baby and boxes and bags of hand-me-down clothes. I have all the stuff, but I am starting to get freaked about how I am going to do it all, ya know? I picture myself with the new baby strapped to my back in my Ellaroo while I sew, or maybe next to the sewing table in a bouncy seat. I just pray to the Goddess that he doesn't come out HN like DD!! Scares the dickens outta me. If that happens, DH will be doing the sewing!

And I have a tiny house and nowhere to go with this new baby's clothes! He's going to be living out of a bag. I guess it couild be worse -
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