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I have 7 weeks to go and need every bit of it! My last day of school was Friday, and now it's time for some major nesting! I have a full set of Motherease, but they seem soo huge for a newborn, though my friend was able to use them on her dd (who was 10lbs at birth). I think we're going to use the diaper service for the first few months to save some energy and not have to worry about getting nb dipes (I know, I'll never qualify as a hyena : ). I still need to write our birth plan and really think through all those details too. But I am starting to get really excited to give birth agian!
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Hmm.. speaking of birth plans... I really want to write one but I don't know what to say.. I guess I should start doing that!

Is it normal for mothers of pregnant women to get the nesting instinct?? How bout Mothers in Law.. I have been helping my MIL clean out Dh's old room (it was such a mess!) and now shes turing it into the nursery lol.. shes going a little nutty

It looks like we're having triplets because we are so garage sale obsessed..

at first I wasn't sure I wanted a crib (I am co-sleeping for however long I do) but I decided because we're moving into a bigger place with 2 bedrooms, it couldn't hurt to have on in case baby wants to have a nap or something..

So when I saw a decent looking white one at a garage sale for 50 bucks including the matress (I talked them down to 20 hehe) I bought it..

SO then my MIL was all like.. ohhh I want a crib!! lol so we were garage saling yesterday and we saw a gorgeous natural solid wood adjustable one including the crib matress and bedding and they wanted 125 for it...

well I talked them down to 75 and bought it.. thinking "I can give my MIL the white crib!"

so we were going to their house to drop it off (we are currently in an apt, no where to put it here!) She looks in our car and says "whats that!" I'm all like ohh it's a crib!

She just points to her van in which is a equally beautiful solid wood beech crib that she said cost upwards of 700 dollars new (WOW!) that she got at a garage sale for 200 dollars (and almost got in a fistfight with a big greek guy for it)

So thats the story.. now we have three cribs, I asked my mom if she wants one, and she was like.. um ok.. I guess


My mother in law has also bough 2 strollers for herself and one for us, so we have 3 strollers there too, alongside the 3 cribs..

at least most of it is coming from garage sales!

the worst part is I am reading all these books about Attached Parenting (partly for an essay I am doing partly because I am trying to learn as much as I can before I have the baby) and I am cringing thinking about all the "baby holders" I have..

In my defence i have a sling and a co-sleeper and no bottles or anything lol.. I am just I dunno.. prepared hahahah

anyways sorry for the long post, it's just been a funny weekend. My next prenatal is on Thrus I'll post after that with how it goes!

Have a good day everyone!
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this place is cool for birth plans.. you can print it out when your done. This is what I did for my first baby, hospital birth. and luckily, they followed all of my wishes!


I made one this time too...just in case
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A doula friend of mine reccommended attaching your birth plan to a box of chocolates, or a nice bar of soap, bottle of lotion- some little token of appreciation. Apparently a lot of nurses get offended when they are given a birth plan (this I've heard from several sources now), so having a little "nice thing" with it makes it less offensive.

bikruca- I've gotten a baby-bouncer seat and am hoping for a high chair. I plan on holding my baby and having him in my arms/sling every moment possible. But, I figure sometimes I'll need to use the bathroom or be by a hot stove and I'll need to put him somewhere safe.... How teriffic to have such an involved MIL!
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"Apparently a lot of nurses get offended when they are given a birth plan (this I've heard from several sources now)"

Interesting. I wonder why.

On this end .... nesting, nesting, nesting.

Absolutely everyone we know is convinced baby is a girl and lately DH and I have been thinking the same thing. It's sooooooo weird because we really have nothing to base this on. It makes me feel so guilty having that "sense" that it's a girl because if it's not, I feel like i'm doing a disservice to my little boy. But the feeling is getting stronger as I approach the end of this pg. Will just have to wait and see.
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Three weeks to go and I'm nesting like mad. The baby is stretching a lot but the wild movement seems to be over. Not too much room left in there, I suppose. I'm mostly getting a foot trying to poke out. I don't remember this at all with ds so I'm enjoying it.

My first internal check is this week. I've had some massive braxton-hicks over the last week or so, but I'm still doubtful I've progressed any. I'd originally thought we'd go a bit early, but now I'm thinking we'll see July for sure. Who knows?

Not much to do these days but wait wait wait.
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I've been too tired to turn on the computer, but sometimes I do read and not post these days.

Talking to the Mooster daily trying to get her to come! My last appointment showed that my cervix was very very soft, a change from when I was on the terbutaline. I keep having wicked contractions, and then they fade away! AUGH....

I am SO ready for this kid to come!
I am in a lot of pain from all of these contractions. I wish they would just start DOING something....

My ob thinks I go before 38 weeks (that would be the day before Father's Day). I hope she is right because I am loosing it from all of the pain!
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Oooh I can't wait to start readin birth stories!!!!


Biruka, the crib we had for ds worked very well to hold laundry and the cats. :LOL We don't have one this time, just a "baby's own nest" for the baby to sleep in and the wild hope that the family bed sleeping arrangements will work themselves out. We have a matress for ds, but he isn't interested in it, but I'm thinking it's possible that he'll be irked enough by a baby in the bed that it will seem appealing. . .and if not, we'll figure it out.
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Originally Posted by the_dalai_mama
Oooh I can't wait to start readin birth stories!!!!
Me too!!! I bet I'll be one of the first, though.
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We got rid of the crib also. We bought my ds a toddler bed and put it next to our bed. He spends about half of the night there right now. Since I sleep right next to him, he doesn't have that much of a problem sleeping in it. That might change when there is a new baby invading his space.

I'm feeling ok. I'm 36weeks and 5days. So far i'm doing pretty well. My bp went up last week but it went back down this week. I'm only 5lbs over my prepregnancy weight. Best of all, my gbs test was negative. My ped puts a 24 hour hold on all babies to mothers that are positive. This caused us a lot of problems in the hospital last time because my ds started to get jaundice right as we were leaving. This led to nurses freaking out and having the lc tell us to give him formula. I wanted to leave the hospital this time asap to get these people out of my hair. I have to get antibiotics anyway because I have mitral vavle prolapse with regurgitation but don't have to worry about getting them before the baby is born. I really wanted a home birth but with my health problems no midwife will take me and my dh is uncomfortable with me going unassisted. At least I can avoid some intervention at the hospital.

I can't wait to hear about our babies coming into the world. It's all coming so soon.
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Gosh, it is getting to be time to hear about July babies making their entrance isn't it? It's incredible how quickly it's gone, yet it seems like forever. Guess it could be anytime for a few of us now.
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