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new here..

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hello..i am new here..my name is kelli (21) and i am married to andy (22) who is in the army and currently deployed to afghanistan for 12-18 months..i have 5 month old fraternal twin girls (halle breanne and caylin sierra), born Dec 19, 2003 after 39 LOOONG weeks (but so worth every min). halle was 5lb13oz(now 13lb12oz), caylin was 5lb5oz(now 13lb3oz) and healthy as can be..i had a vaginal birth..labored 21 hours and after 30 minutes of pushing..my girls were here! halle was headfirst, and 10 minutes later caylin came out (with assistance) footling breech..

i exclusively breastfed both girls for 4 months, and after that due to moving (we moved from hawaii to 'home' in texas while andys gone)and stress i started supplementing with formula..so i breast/bottle feed now and they are growing like weeds and their new thing is sitting up by themselves!

they are different as night and day also..its so neat to watch them grow and learn new things..

anyways..nice to meet ya'll!

oh and that breastfeeding post with the pictures..i actually had a friend take b&w photos of them cause they always hold hands while nursing..and i cant wait to get them back and see them!!!
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Welcome and congratulations on your girls! I have fraternal twin boys who will turn 5 months on the 4th! I am starting to really love this time with my boys! They're so much more interactive now. Can't wait for them to sit up on their own. Poor babies get propped up and the slightest movement has them toppling over!
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and a . I have 17 month old twins. I hope you have a good support system in Texas. My first 6 months were pretty tough, but things kept getting easier after that.
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