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Great pics Jilly!
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Hi Ladies,
The emotions for me are still pretty high here. I'm feeling a little anxious and worried and weepy. I'm getting a little freaked about caring for a newborn AND my HN toddler. I guess I'm thinking about this more b/c DS has been quite a handful lately. Also, my DH, who has been home working for the past 4+months is now going back to work FT (yes, it's official. We'll be getting a paycheck soon! in about 2 weeks. So, we have to shift our focus and how we've been getting used to getting things accomplished. Plus, like I've said before, it's at once the BEST time for him to go back and the WORST.

I am so darn huge, ladies. I've accepted it, really. But it is getting hard to move and feel comfy.

JL-OOOhhh, hope you enjoy your manicure and pedicure!

Lena-Glad your DS made out so well at the doc.

Mealymama-Thanks so much for the link!

Liza-Your tea sounds yummy! I wonder if I could squeeze some in between my huge water and lemonade drinking???

Jilly-What GREAT belly pics! And your son is just adorable!

Ap-Thanks for the BFW link. I've been reading a bit about it. Didn't know much at all about it. Also, I remember what you mean about being alone all day with DS for days on end. Although DH has been home for a while now, I remember those days. And I'm about to head back into it again!

Oh, ladies... here's a question for you. My DH may sort of need to go to Europe in early July (new business-venture related). It isn't mandatory or even necessary, but I know he'll really want to be there. I'll be about 4 weeks away from EDD. Would you protest???? Whaddaya think??

Anyway, that's all for me. Gotta go to sleep. Been staying up way too late and paying for it all day long.
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Bears, how long will he be gone for? If it's just for a week or less I wouldn't worry, I mean it is for a new job. Unless, of course, it's not all that important. If it's not hugely important I'm sure they'd understand your situation. If the trip goes into your 37th or even 38th week I'd protest like mad! My DH travels a lot for his job (he leaves again on Monday) and I am hoping and praying nothing comes up that means he has to leave in July. It's his unit policy to not send them on trip once an expectant wife is 36 weeks, but bc of what his job is that could change for us. His job is considered much more important than him being here when the baby is born. He won't get sent unless there are so many trips out that everyone else who can go has been sent and they still need more people (which is a slight possibility). I guess I'm just sharing that to let you know I compleately understand. Let us know what you decide to do
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Originally Posted by juju
is any of you august mamas having an unassisted birth?

what about waterbirth? i had a waterbirth last time and want another one. i am currently trying to find a tub/ kidde pool for the birth. does anyone know of anywhere to find one?
I will be having my third unassisted birth this time. My guess date is August 18th. My husband has a son who's birthday that is. And one of our daughters (we have 4 daughters) has the birthday of August 14th! So, it looks like we will have three August babies between us now.

This will be my second waterbirth. I found some great resources for birth pools/ kiddie pools etc at :


I think I will rent one from a local birth center though as it is heated and includes liner for $165 and I won't have to pay any shipping fees. Not sure how that will work out though. They may want to have the midwife bring it with her when I call to let them know I am birthing. Hmmm... I was thinking about a kiddie pool with waterbed kit also. You will see lots of info on the gentlebirth website.
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Jilly: great pics, and such a cute kid!

Lena: You can take pictures with a regular camera these days and when you have them developed most places offer the option to have your pictures saved to disk. Then you just download the pictures from the disk to a website or whatever works for you. I use Walmarts photo center and I love the quality and I always get a disk now.

I had my hospital tour last night. I have to say that it went quite well. My true hearts desire is to have a home birth but since hubby is totally against it, I think we have chosen a place that is truely mother friendly. Being a doula, I have served several familys in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Texas area hospitals. Baylor Medical Center of Dallas (my hospital) seems to be one of the better choices. C-section rate isn't outrageous. They actually encourage mothers to VBAC and don't require continuous monitoring. I have mobility freedom which they encourage, I can eat and drink my choices. No IV. And after the baby is born it go's straight to me and not a table. The baby never has to leave my side if healthy if I choose for her not to leave. Which hello, is there even a question about that! The nurse that gave the tour is also a doula on the side. She was a sweetie. All in all it was a good experience and has me even more excited about giving birth and meeting our new little one soon.
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gentlebirth.org is my midwife from california website. she was my midwife for my first 2. i have already purchased a kiddie pool for toysrus. this will be my 2nd waterbirth and maybe first unassisted. the pool i bought for $20 is also available on the birthwithlove.com site for $60 or $70. the first time i used an aquadoula.

i am not worried about a heater or anything. it seems like the one on the aquadoula didn't work that well anyways. we used the washer hookups to fill the tub and are doing it this time as well.
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