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Does this look right? I think I need help with my crochet

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I'm trying to make this Tickle Turtle wrap, it is basically just a flat wrap made of wool yarn that you can use as a diaper cover. I figured out the front and back post rows but my single crochet rows are looking funky. They don't looke like any of the pictures in my crochet book - it is not flat, there are ridges. here are some pics


I think I have the actual single crochet correct but maybe I'm putting the hook into the wrong place in the stitch??
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ARe you crocheting into the back of the stitch? That will causse the "ridge" look.
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I was meaning to ask you how it was going. It looks good to me. Are you going to keep the ridging, or redo it? I personally like the way ridging looks, for variety. And it looks like your stitches are nice and close, without being too tight, since your piece looks like it's laying flat well. My stitches are a lot looser -- I can't seem to get them tight enough without the piece bunching up after. I don't wrap the yarn around my index finger on my left hand, I just drape it over, maybe this has something to do with it? I'm thinking I will have to felt this cover, it's just too gappy so far.

One thing I noticed from your pic, I don't know if it's just the way the soaker is hanging, but it looks like maybe your rows are getting narrower each time? I found it tricky to figure out where the last loop I needed to do a stitch on was. The way I do it, anyway, the last loop is sort of pulled down and snug. Either that, or I'm always skipping the first loop of a new row, and have to just make a stitch where I can at the end to avoid the mysterious shrinking syndrom. But I couldn't tell if it was just the way the pic was being taken or not.

I'm halfway done the second side of edging, and I'm going to have to start it over again. I didn't really get what the pattern was saying about that side being a mirror image, so I just went ahead and did what I thought I should. It was wrong, but at least now I've figured out what the issue is.
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Well, the part below the first two rows (the front and back post stitches ) are definately narrower because I missed the last post stitch in the beginning. I ended up ripping out the ridges and starting the single stitch part over. I have to say though that it went a lot faster and easier doing it the ridged way! It was easier to get my hook into the back of the stitch, I guess that's why.

I looked at the directions for the edging and it looks really confusing! Are you doing the flat kind or the other?
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The other kind. It does look confusing, but I can never really tell what's happening with a pattern until I do it anyway. Once I started, the diagram made sense. I finished it today, it does give the soaker a gathered shaping at the edge, but there were a lot of gaps in my stitches. The yarn just got all pulled out of place from the tension. Now I have to get some lanolin and see if this baby works!
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Shannon, when you started your first crochet row, did it shrink up? I had my foundation chain at 15" since I"m doing a large and I just remeasured and now it is 8" wide! I think I might scrap this project for now because at this point, it will be too small for ds even with the edging. I'm just frustrated.
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Nope, it didn't shrink. Were you stretching it at all when you measured your first chain? Is it possible you skipped putting stitches in every loop of the chain? When you were doing the first row, did it get all twisted up? It might just be that you have too much tension.

This is so tricky to work out by typing about it! Sorry it's not working well for you. Your knit soaker looked great, I keep thinking about trying to learn.
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