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3 placentas..

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when i delivered the girls..the drs said casually "hmm..you had 3 placentas, one was smaller" and left it at that..of course..being wrapped up in my girls..i didnt give it a thought..but i did recently and does that mean i had originally been pregnant with triplets and lost one early on?? i had my first u/s at 11 weeks. no bleeding or anything...

anyone know??? i have been wondering about it alot and i am no longer in hawaii to call my dr (i movegd back to texas) and anyways..
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That's very interesting. Have you found anything on other internet searches, or maybe triplet boards?

It sure sounds plausible, but I haven't heard whether or not the placenta gets absorbed same as the baby...
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Yeah, mama, I'm sorry, but you probably were. It was probably an "empty" sac that finally stopped growing (aka "blighted ovum"). Sometimes the sac grows but a baby never develops. Whether or not it is "reabsorbed" or not is a matter of chance and how far along it grows. You wouldn't have bled because nothing detached.

Some docs can be really weird about not telling mamas about losses...it's possible that they saw it on the u/s and never mentioned it. As the uterus got more crowded, it would no longer have been easily visible; in fact I suppose at 11 weeks it might have been behind one of the babies so they wouldn't have seen it if they weren't looking for it. If you got a copy of your records (or asked a trusted HCP to go over them with you), you can find out. They probably recorded some estimate of the number of weeks the placenta was, but remember that the placenta probably grew for many more weeks than the fetus, if the fetus ever grew at all.


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I was recently watching a special about unusual twin pregnancies. The researcher/HCP they were following around said that she estimates that as many as 1 in 8 pregnancies begins as a multiple, but one of the twins is lost along the way in all but about ten percent of cases w/out the mother even knowing, usually because something went wrong very, very early on.
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