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Please coach me on what we need next!

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Okay, so we've used and loved the Bjorn and tube sling. I have been waffling for months over which carrier(s) to get next. Please tell me what you think -- subjective opinions, anecdotes, personal experience, offers of used items or discounts at your carrier-selling biz all welcome!

The Objective: to have maximum breastfeeding and sleeping on-the-go. I'm open to buying more than one. Both should accomodate breastfeeding and me; it's okay if only one works for Mr. Bleu. Price is a concern, but not the only or the most important one. I think function is probably the top concern.

The Family: Bleuet is a very slim, small, wiggly, walking one-year-old. He's a little skinny for the hip carry with the non-adjustable sling even with the big wad of cotton around his little bum. I'm dead average in height/weight & so is Mr. Bleu. If you are an established poster and want more specifics on our builds in order to give me a better answer, PM me and I'll tell you.

The Original Plan: I was thinking we would get an Ergo (mostly for Mr. Bleu and for longer walks for me, or housework), an ABC (but I am torn about which one) *and* eventually, an unpadded ring sling for Bleuet and for his (far-off) future sibling. Three carriers seems insane to me, but... we already have the two I mentioned, plus a horrible OTSBH that I have never managed to use.

The New Quandary: Now I'm reading in another thread that the Ergo is not what I hoped for nursing, because it's not so hot for front-carrying anymore. Should I consider the Sutemi? Could an ABC do it all? Which one seems best for our quirks? How long can we use an ABC before Bleuet is too big/too heavy/too mature for it? Mr. Bleu says he will wear one, though he's more buckles & snaps than wafting & knots. I'm not that far away from him on the idiot-proof/dextrous continuum. I'm slightly fearful of ring slings and wraps, but I could get over it if one really, really worked for us. I think.

So, please don't hold back! I'd really appreciate your insight; thanks in advance!
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And the sale at Peppermint is making wild to jump pn the Ergo right now! But now that seems like a bad idea -- oh, drat, I just want it to be over... Post! Post! Opine! Report!
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If you've been eyeing the Ergo, try a Baby Trekker (www.babytrekker.com) I use mine in both the back and the front and think it is incredibly comfortable. If I were a smaller person (moo) and had a nursing shirt, I could nurse in it easily.

Also, it doesn't have the Made In China problems the Ergo has. At least, not that I'm aware of.

I have an unpadded ring sling, a Moby Wrap (wrap carrier) and a Baby Trekker. I use the Moby the most, then the ring sling, then the Trekker. If we were more get up and go kinda people, I'd use the Trekker more than the ring sling.

I hope that helps.

Also, if you buy something and it doesn't work out, you can always sell or trade it. Or donate it. (Hint: Buy the longest EllaRoo and hate it and tell me when so I can make sad eyes at you. I like all the fabrics equally. Thanks. :LOL)
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Baby Trekkers are great (and I'm not just saying that because I have a nearly new one for sale on the trading post...) Btw, they're made in Canada!

An ABC would also be wonderful - I my Kozy's so much it's not even funny. I can nurse in it very easily (well, only in the front carry, lol). The only drawback to the Kozy is the wait BUT it's well worth it especially since you may be getting more than one carrier if you could get the other carrier right away, kwim? EBMT had some ABC's in stock last time I checked, I have one of these coming right now so I can't recommend on personal experience but have heard only good things about them Another ABC option is Freehand Carriers (have one of those coming, too ).

Though I have never seen a Sutemi, I have not heard great things about it. Have you been to http://www.thebabywearer.com? There are reviews of all the products we're talking about there. Of course, there is also SO much info, it's a little overwhelming!

Wraps are also amazing. I've only tried the Hug-a-bub and thought I would be all thumbs but it's easy once you get the hang of it and very comfy. I don't find it very easy to nurse in, though.

HTH a little - have fun hunting!
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THANK YOU so much for your responses!!! I am in a frenzy over this because we are going away soon!

Okay, so you all don't think the Baby Trekker *and* an ABT would be redundant? If not, why not?
I can nurse in it very easily (well, only in the front carry, lol).
What, MFM? Does this mean you're not a Kalahari Dessert woman?

Chelle, can you bf in the Moby?
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My vote would be an ABC (more versatile and adjustable than Ergo, not to mention prettier and reversible, wider seat than Baby Trekker), and an unpadded ring sling like a Maya Wrap. Bother are good for nursing and sleeping, both are very versatile. I'm all about the versatility, can you tell? Wraps are good too, but not for everybody. I have used a maya Wrap ring sling with two of my kids (if only I'd had it with my first!) and love it both in the newborn stage and as a hip carrier through toddlerhood. I know some people have trouble with the shoulder style, but that's true of just about any shoulder style/sling, cause not everyone is going to like something, right? I have helped lots of mainstream, first-time, non-babywearing-obsessed mamas use a Myay Wrap happily, so it can happen. I love my Kozy and my EBMT, too, but there's something so easy and quick about the MW that I usually end up hip carrying my toddlers in it on my hip when we're out and about.
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I would get an Ergo or baby trekker and either a unpadded ring sling or a wrap.

I had the OTSBH and HATED it. Then I got a Maya Wrap and fell in love, I have had it over a year and still used it, well up until I got the Ergo that is. LOL I also have the ultimate baby wrap, I really like it and it was essy to use. Even my DH can wear DS on his back. My youngest is 22 months (today) and 26lbs and I still carry him. He loves to walk but never in the direction I want to go. My DH really likes the Ergo, its more manly looking, but I could not nurse in it. I have not tried since I no longer am nursing but there is just no way. When DS is on my front we are face to face. (I have a short torso, as in there is an inch between my hip bone and my ribs.) If you are near Sacramento CA let me know and we can meet and you can try them in real life.
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Bleu - If I was a smaller mama with slightly smaller or higher-riding breasts, I could easily nurse in the Moby if I were wearing a nursing top or didn't mind baring my belly.

Also, my dh isn't keen on babywearing. My sling and wrap seem too "girly" for him because of the extra tail fabric. He's commented he would use the Baby Trekker, though we haven't actually done that yet. (He has stronger arms and can hold baby for longer periods of time - I have to have a carrier. I'm a weakling.) As far as the slimmer "seat" of the Trekker - I always fold the bottom band up once when I put it on and that makes the seat area wider.
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Hmmm, so much to consider. Thank you Tupelo, Rachel & Chelle!

I have read the compare/contrast btwn the Kozy and the EMBT here & on the babywearer.com; I'm still torn. I think maybe the EMBT just because of the cell phone pocket! The explanations of the comfort and the different holds doesn't really mean anything to me, I think I just have to try it and hope it works out.

I know what you mean about the ring sling and wrap being a little too girly for most (not all!) dads. Mr. Bleu wore Bleuet in the NN a handful of times, but is far more comfortable with the Bjorn. Actually, I think that was more about insecurity that Bleuet would fall (or lunge) out, rather than style, but still dh def. is not the type to become Mr. Ellaroo.

I think I would be crazy not to get an unpadded ring sling at some future point. I'm just waiting to find one that's a good color/fabric and price.
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Well, don't forget the Maya Wrap does come in several solids--natural, moss/olive green (pretty, really), indigo blue, denim blue, black, and deep purple, in addition to the patterns.

One of the best things about the Kozy or EBMT is that you can get something pretty, and it can reverse to black or natural so dh will wear it. To me the big difference between those two boils down to this: Kozy=soft and broken-in feeling, washable, shorter straps; EBMT="fancier," less broken-in and soft, not so washable, longer straps with more padding.
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Originally Posted by Tupelo Honey
One of the best things about the Kozy or EBMT is that you can get something pretty, and it can reverse to black or natural so dh will wear it.
BINGO! That is a BIG draw for us.

I'm gonna have to re-read your compacre/contrast and the babywearer one a few more times to see if I can DECIDE, already. Such vacillating! I really appreciate you boiling it down to the two *main* differences, though.

Thank god other people here like to obsess "out loud" about their babywearing, too.
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The biggest winners in my collection right now are the Moby Wrap and the Ergo.

Love the Moby for comfort for long carries, and I find it the easiest on my body with my 25 lb 18 month old. (Britt... You have to try the Moby; I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the HaB. I love both, but have a definite preference for my Moby.) I can nurse in it very easily and discretly, and it's one of the best ways to get Fallon to sleep.

The Ergo is the only thing Fallon will agree to ride on my back in right now; anything else is a struggle. I think her preference for the Ergo is because it's low enough that it doesn't restrict her arms at all. But while I love my Ergo and find it really comfortable, I'm hoping this phase will pass soon. I love back carries in a wrap, and really hate that I'm not getting to use my lovely Kozy.

Baby Trekker vs. Ergo vs. Sutemi... I prefer the Ergo for ease of use and comfort. Fallon prefers the Ergo or Sutemi - the Trekker is too restrictive for her. My husband prefers the Sutemi but is ok with the Ergo. I don't think he ever tried the Trekker.

Bottom line... I think every "collection" should include a wrap, ring sling or pouch (both is even better) and an easy to use back carrier (Kozy or Ergo would be my best recommendations).

Happy shopping!
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I bought a sewless adjustable buckle (2-5 dollars)to put on the waist strap of my homemade Kozy. My waist size doesn't change, and it makes it even quicker to put on and take off. It also holds the waist strap flat and prevents it from rolling up. Then I only have to tie the top strap. I like buckles better than ties also.
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Hi, JaMama & MamatoFallon! Thank you for jumping in!

I just ordered an ABC! I'm so excited! We have a trip coming up and I was just desperate to make sure we had something(s) Mr. Bleu & I could both use. Now the pressure's off and I can piddle around getting the others.

After starting this thread, I've pretty much decided to throw caution to the wind and to buy, buy, buy (I'm not usually like this) carriers of different types. I am irked that I don't have the $ flexibility to get a Moby at Peppermint now that they are on sale there, but I do plan to get at least one kind of wrap. Seems like waiting on the MOby might not be a bad plan 'cause they sound kind of hot for the summer. I am all about cotton with my new, sweatier mom-bod. What was the tipping point that got me to this "acquire" mode? I don't know, since up til now I have tried really hard to be conservative in my baby gear buying.
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Hey bleu!! I"m sewing an abc (inspired by the jean thread). Most carriers are easy to sew. Maybe you can visit our mutual friend who has a sewing machine and spend the day making a few carriers?

I"m sewing a frankenkozy, with the body made of a pair of jeans, and the straps out of a flannel baby blue bedsheet.
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Hey, Woman! I was just wondering about you this evening 'cause I haven't seen you in so long!!! I had no idea you were so crafty. I'm jealous/awed. You gotta send me a pic when you're done -- and I don't mean of an unoccupied pice of fabric, either. I wanna see some baby girl!

I didn't know any of our mutual friends had sewing machines, but I think I know who you must mean.
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