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I Did It!!! (update on being a snob!)

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We went to the zoo today, and I wore infant in my wrap carrier on my back! I used the Tibetian carry and it was soooo comfy!! And I kept getting all these looks, I just LOVED looking so cool while wearing my baby. Yesterday, we went to the grocery store and infant was happy in the cart, while toddler was fussy, so I put infant in the cart and toddler on my back and off we went! Goodness, I just love wearing my babies!!!! !
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i know!! I LOVE when people ask about my maya or , ellaroo or sutemi...they comment on comfy we BOTH look
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what is the tibetian carry? I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get my ds (7.5 months old) on my back in my wrap sling (didymos). any other tips to getting him on my back would be appreciated!
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I know what you mean. It's hard not to wear your baby out and about without looking like, "Yeah. That's right. I'm cool!"
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ok.....i did some digging and i answered my own question. ds is sleeping now, but i can't wait to try this when he wakes up! here's the link for others' benefit:

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Oh, I want one! That looks great!
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Yes yes the back carry is SO awesome!!! I was at an MDC playgroup yesterday and slung Orion on my back and one of the other MDC mama's (Hi Dr.J!) heard some other moms doing a play by play of what I was doing! :LOL I'm still working the bugs out with wearing him on my back long term, but its SO nice to be able to flip him up on my back, he feels SO much lighter!
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I just learned how to do a back carry with my maya wrap! Ds didn't like it the first time, but he was fine the second time, until I bonked his head on the side of a doorway (bad mama!) He looks so cute because he leans over to see where we're going so you just see his little head peeking out from behind me.

I usually carry him on my back in the backpack, just never thought to use the sling. I should have tried it long ago. It's so much more comfortable!
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When I carry DD on my back...

I love the feel of her fingertips on the back of my arm, it's such a gentle touch. I like to have her in a sling b/c I can swing her around front and give her a hug... cheesy, but she's a very affectionate baby!

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I just bought a sari off e-bay and got it a few days ago. I know what you mean about the "I'm so cool" vibe, lol. I am using the tibetan mostly. We went to a birthday party Saturday and all the mamas (and 1 grandma) were very curious. I ended up showing them the only 2 I know well enough, hip carry and tibetan. They mostly said it seemed "complicated" , but 2 wanted more info so I gave them the peppermint website to check out. This is the best 20$ I've ever spent! I'm having so much fun trying out new ways to tie this little one on me.
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