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Diapering Mama Pictures

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I want to see what you all look like. A new picture of you, one from very recent or even today. What you look like mama?

Here I am
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Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
Oh come on Jenn, I bet you are one beautiful mama.
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I am in my sig under the "random" category!

editing to add direct link:
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Here's one I just took for a SnS... looking like a gigantic, sunflowered tent!


You're looking great Kathleen!
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About a month ago

i don't have any more recent ones of me that don't have me in my pjs
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For some *unknown* reason I'm usually the photographer so I'm rarely in the pictures. But here's one from a year ago. Jack and Mommy in the Bluebonnets. My DS was about 6 weeks old and we had some family pictures done in the Bluebonnets (Texas tradition).
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I hate these threads.

You guys have no idea how old it makes me feel. Having seven kids is one thing, but I don't even remember looking so young.

No pic here. No way

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Me looking cheesy on a weird hair day (today)

Can't believe I'm posting this, I look odd. :LOL
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This was a couple days ago.

ETA: Oh not such a good pic...hmmm I might have to find a different one
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Originally Posted by todzwife
These pics are great! I don't know how to do the cool linky so this will have to do

This was a couple days ago.
When you go to post reply, there is the little symbol above the box you type in. It's a glabe with another symbol on there, click on it. The first box that pops up is where you type in the title of your link. The second one, you put the url in there. Your baby is ADORABLE!!
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my site is down, and I don't feel like dealing with shutterfly right now...
But I have a livejournal that has several userpics of me (and the boy)


So thats me
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Ok, the only picture I found of me that we have on the computer is right after giving birth to Chloe So I think I am going to have to pass on this one. :LOL I am usually the photographer. The only time dh takes pictures of me is went he's being a brat and it is usually a terrible time!
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I should preface this by saying the pic titled "mothers love" is about 5 minutes after giving birth to a 9lb baby...so it ain't pretty
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These are about a month old- but I look just the same....well maybe I look more tired now! LOL!

Just me
Me and Josh

No fair laughing :
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Here I am! This one was taken about a month ago. I need to get some more recent pictures to track the growth of The Belly.

BTW mamas, don't be so frigging hard on yourselves! You're a seriously beautiful looking bunch of women. And...I'm not so delicate about handing out the truth. So if I didn't think it, I wouldn't say it.

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okay - this is the most recent one I can find save the after baby pics, but you can't really see me just the top of my head looking at Connor. I'm abt 7 months preggo in this one I believe and it's not the most "picture ready" look one could have, dd took it. I'm not going to attempt the pretty linky - baby crying...gotta run


we have some hot mama's here!!
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LOVE the tats!

I'm trying to keep myself from getting #3, but since i'd finially decided what/where just before I got knocked up.... i'm chomping at the bit!

Esp since now I can brag and go "eh, you should have a 9lbs baby in 5 hours with no drugs...now that HURTS...this is nothing" LOL...

Ideally I should wait until i'm done bfing, but that'll be well over a year, and I don't think I can wait that long!
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Oh, okay. :LOL

I never like to do these things, because I have such a silly attitude about how I look in photos - but we were messing around this morning before Dad went to work, so here's a couple of pics of me and the Snoog - she moved in one of them, so it's just the top of her head!

Picture 1

Picture 2
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