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Daednu, I think I really am in love with you. :LOL

Here's me (and Reese). Taken a last week.

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I cannot find a recent pic of me as my HD crashed a few weeks ago but heres one quite some time ago pg with my boy!

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Another mama who takes (virtually) all the pictures. My boss took one of me and C. And theres a few pictures of the family on other pages.


I'm actually glad this got posted b/c I've been meaning to set up a webpage for showing pictures...and this inspired me over the hump. So thanks Kathleen! I love looking at the pictures of the mamas and the babes!
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Ugly pics of me -2 months old

Warning-I look rough. One I am 9+ months pregnant and the other is right after i had dd!
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the only time anyone takes a pic of me is when i'm pg! i don't think i have any in my album that i can link to right now.
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[QUOTE=ReesesMomma]Daednu, I think I really am in love with you. :LOL
Thats not fair! We can't both be in love with her! I wish I had a recent photo! My hair got dyed green two days after the family photos. I might have to get DH to take some tomorrow! Here are our most recent family pix:

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Such gorgeous happy mamas!!!! Love seeing all your beautiful faces.
I remember a thread like this a while back. Loved it then and am loving it now. So much fun.

Not only am I the photographer in the family but I've also been avoiding being in front of the camera lately as much as possible! :LOL
Here's a couple of my babe and me. These are actually a few months old.
Add me to the list of the "Over 35" crowd (fairly well over the 35 mark actually, YIKES!).
Ethan and me
Cuddlin' and lovin'
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Me and Dh

This pic was taken just last saturday at a friends wedding. The couple we are with are the parents of our old roommate! I hadn't seen them in 5 years!
My DH was wearing his sunglasses because he forgot his regular ones at home..lol! He looked so cool all evening..lol!
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NorfolkMommy, gorgeous black & white pic! Everyone here is just beautiful. All the pregnant/post partum/newborn pics are making me want to do it again (and my ds is only 7 months old!) ! LOL Can't add my pic till dh gets home....i have no idea how to post it!
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Originally Posted by Ember
Add me to the list of the "Over 35" crowd (fairly well over the 35 mark actually, YIKES!).
i would've never guessed it!!

daednu - i took my labret out b/c my skin got all weird and started peeling and chafing right around the peircing when i got pregnant....same for my nipple rings - but those were okay b/c i had planned on taking them out at some point anyways (can't bf a baby w/em - although my letdown is very interesting on one side now TMI?). I could've gotten the labret redone, but my style is changing, I don't feel as "edgy" anymore, I'm kinda feeling more "lands-endy" these days :LOL.

You guys are such lovely women!!!
oh - this is the pic of Amy's boy, max, that I was talking abt.
http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/4...64720000002610 - okay so I know he's not my kid, but he's is just such a beautiful little man

and since i did someone else's kid, I figure I better put mine up too so you don't think im a bad mother - lol

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Picture of Me
here is a picture of me and the kids, this is my first webpage so bear with me. My DD is helping me get this together.
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here i am at the maternity expo at younkers last month. no i'm not pregnant, just showing off cute cloth diapers to all the expecting mama's.

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All in my siggy
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You ladies take some awesome pictures.
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I think I've figured out how to do this....

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Originally Posted by ajsgirl
I think I've figured out how to do this....

I can't see it, maybe you have to make it public or something?
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how do I do that? I thought I had, but I guess not!
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hmmmm, not sure. I don't use yahoo for photos.. sorry, I'm no help
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ok, I made it public. let's hope it works this time? :
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