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Here I am with Chloe. Excuse the *very* windblown hair. This was taken about a month ago - from the top of a lighthouse!!

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Here's us (it's the only recent pic of me that I have) back in October on our way to a wedding.

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ok, better late than never-here I am with ds yesterday, plus pics of him at 3 weeks http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=awa17e7...v&x=0&y=m340jv

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This is a photo from Easter (not the best) the only one I had here at work. There is also one of our wedding photos in the album -- even though it was 2 1/2 years ago I still look exactly the same! The ones of Maxi and DH are from this weekend at the baseball park in FL.

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This is so fun! I love seeing all these pictures!

We should all try to get a picture of us along with our babes in their dipes! I have to be home to do that of course and with DH gone I am not sure who would take the photo -- maybe the cat LOL!
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You guys are all so beautiful. I've so enjoyed perusing through the photos. Now I know there's more of you who haven't played, yet!
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Here I am.

I love clean dishes.
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Pamela...you are such a nut. Please move and be my next door neighbor. Please and thankyouverymuch.
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I'll play...

Here's a picture of 3 Generations - me, Nicole, and my mom (in that order) on Mother's day

I love seeing what everyone looks like!
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KIM (ustasmom) you get in here right now and post a pic...do you hear me? Don't think we've forgotten!!!

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Originally Posted by mthomas
Dana - I can't see your pics

Jamie - I love that cut, I've always said if I didnt have curly hair that's how I would want my hair cut

Julie - Thanks for the BF pic, I love to see those!!! and will looks so cute w/the stethescope to jacks head - how funny. That's good first "brothers" pic.
Hey, I have curly hair and have had that cut. I liked it either blowdried straight, or curly and all scrunched up in the back.
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ReeseMomma~ *giggle* That made my day. I've been offline for a few days because my computer got fried. That was great to come back to. *looks at your picture* Oh mama! You're so darn cute!Eeeeeeeee

mthomas~ That's exactly why I never got my nipples pierced way back when. I didn't want to chance it affecting bf. The idea of a sprinkler rather a somewhat predictable garden hose. :LOL

Pamela~ Can't help but notice those lovely cabinets in the background too. Ooooh.
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Originally Posted by pamelamama
Here I am.

I love clean dishes.
Awe, you have such an expressive cute face mama.
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Originally Posted by girlfactory
Kathleen it's so good to finally see you with a smile on your face What a pretty mama you are
Awe, shucks thank you. My dh took the picture and you knows I loves him.
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Woohoo we got some hot cding mamas on this board . Now I'm pitiful looking so unless I am bribed no way am I posting my pic up here.

Pam, you always crack me up with your pics, I almost peed myself when you posted the one of you being the knitting smilie model :.
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this is me 6 months pregnant..
fat and happy :
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Here's us, taken three weeks ago. Ben is wearing an el bee...

Ben and Mama
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Cool thread. Always nice to put a face with a name!
Here's one of me a few months ago when Aaron was teeny....

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Originally Posted by HokieMum
This is Me with my little bunny nursling at Easter time.

This is my sleeping baby bunny.
I can't see your pics!
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