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Here's one for the over 35 crowd! Me, Jesse and Willa a couple of months ago...

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Here's a pic of me...I lurk more than I post here... this was taken last week for a mama pic thread [/QUOTE]
YOwza! Jennifer! You are gorgeous!!
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This wa staken in the last week. This is my daughter Taryn and I.

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Click the link in my signature...I just updated DS's web page, and there's a great picture of me with him in the kozy!
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Here's me:

At 38 weeks pregnant back in September

Most Recent but awful photo (maybe a month or two ago)

A better photo from playing with our stroller in February.

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oops double post
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Originally Posted by mthomas
could I post anymore times in a row? is there a record?
working your way to senior member
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Originally Posted by mthomas
where's sheena? i want to see her, i saw a pic of her boy over in the slingin' forum and he is a *georgous* little boy!!
There's a picture of Amy and Stella on the hotslings website. She's the one with the pink pouch sling.

I'll have to figure out how to link one of my photos from my album so I can post a pict of me.
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
I hate these threads.

You guys have no idea how old it makes me feel. Having seven kids is one thing, but I don't even remember looking so young.

No pic here. No way

I have 7 too! I'm only 30 but look 20! I hate pics
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Here's me and my youngest two weeks ago after his baptism....


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Okay - here's me with dd at an Ancient China themed party back in October. I don't have anything else recent! I was 5 months pg with Holden when this pict was taken.
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Originally Posted by mom2kbeth
There's a picture of Amy and Stella on the hotslings website. She's the one with the pink pouch sling.

I'll have to figure out how to link one of my photos from my album so I can post a pict of me.
Is she the one with blue hair in the pictures section or the one with the armband tatoo in the regular sling section?
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Me and Sara

This picture is about a year old but I look exactly the same.
Everyone looks great!!
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here's my pic, I was making a funny face because I hate taking my pic

I was actually reading mothering magazine, i noticed that when I looked again....LOL
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Thread Starter 

Wow all you mamas

are so attractive looking. Do you think mamas that cloth diaper are just naturally nicer looking? LOL! -
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Well, I guess I cannot do attachments, but here I am today
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Basylica~ (love your name btw) That's actually my first tattoo. And the only one I have so far. I got it about a year ago. I waited to make sure once I got a tat it would be one I wanted to live with. The woman is straight out of an Alphonse Mucha piece and the rest (illumination rings, etc.) are all out of Art Nouveau books. The guy who did my tat is very talented. I need a touch up but same as you, I got knocked up.

mthomas~ That's actually the bravest I've been in putting my tat up on the web. I'm pretty protective of it. If it's on the web, it's so very easy for anyone to copy. I'm dying to show it off, but at the same time I don't want out there for just anyone to print out and take to a local shop. *grumble*
Why did you take your labret out?

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Yeah, I totally agree with Kathleen. This is one bunch of hot mamas. There are a few pics of me (and my boob ) in the "my kiddos" link in my sig line, taken a few days ago.

If I had time, I'd respond to all of you. I loved looking at all the pictures.
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allrighty feeling a little impulsive tonight ! my disclaimer is that i really need a haircut and no, no one punched me in the face, my glasses are just naturally that crooked. I'm so emo *snort*

click to see the biggest dork of the diapering community

there's a lot of good looking mama's on here ! i had no idea.
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delicious my glasses are always crooked too, I have the same type. It took me awhile to find a pic to post where they weren't..LOL
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