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Periwinklie-Congratulations. I did a lot of Yoga with my last pregnancy and really liked it. I'm going to try to do the same yoga tape again (it's called Yoga mama and is made by Crunch), I also hear Gaiam makes a really good tape too. I haven't been able to start with this pregnancy yet, as I lent out all my pregnacy stuff to a friend, (I really thought it would take us longer to conceive).
Congratulations again,
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Hey, everyone - this is my first post here I usually hang out on the diapering board.

Just found out we're expecting #5 (my 6th, actually - we lost our second shortly after birth) about an hour ago! SO I'm busy crowing to everyone online, since I can't tell my family - they all react horribly, even when we're happy about it

We'll be planning another UC, it looks like - had the perfect birth last time, so why mess with what works, eh? So I won't be participating in any of the prenatal appointment & ultrasound & test threads, 'cause we don't do any of that sort of thing.

I'm so excited to be in an EC again! Oh, I almost forgot - the due-date is the end of Feb. DH is predicting 2-22 (he's a number-pattern freak :LOL)
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Welcome Stell!
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I can't believe I am posting here....! We were pretty sure we'd want a #3 eventually, but this is pretty soon for me! My other two were both summer babies and I can't believe I'll have to buy fall/winter maternity clothes...!

I've been needing my wisdom teeth out for ages now, and while I was waiting for my dd (2 next month) to wean (putting off the surgery), well, I just hope they don't have to do emergency oral surgery on me while I'm pregnant!!

I have been trying/wanting to go vegan for YEARS and I think this is the time for me to finally get strict about the mac and cheese and chocolate bars lol! Any other veg/vegan feb '05 mamas?? Any advice on that??

We are new to the area, and it pretty much sucks here as far as "alternative" parenting options. I am thinking by default we might be best off doing unassisted homebirth this time! My son was born in a birthplace and my dd was born in a huge hospital

Nice to "meet" everyone and have a community of like-minded souls here, even if it's just online
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Welcome and contratulations, Krystal! I'll add you to the roster in the weekly thread if you'll let me know your EDD!
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Hi, I am Katie, Due in Feb with baby #2. I have a darling 23month boy named Zachary (He'll be 2 in July). My DH is Matt.

We were not trying not to get PG, but I hadn't started really charting yet. I was cycle tracking, but not temping. It only took 5 months this time compared to the 17 months last time. I think that it was probably partly that I am cooking better foods for my family, and partly that we weren't really TRYing to get PG.

We finally told our parents on Father's Day, and I called everyone I know immediately following. Waiting a whole 10 days to tell was torture.

DS is already saying "Brother" and he's been a bit obsessed with my belly lately. That was common when he was younger, but he'd stopped. Now, he'll come up to me just about anywhere lift my shirt and poke my tummy. It's darling.

We are still co-sleeping, cloth diapering, breastfeeding and I am a SAHM. I plan to do all the same things with baby 2 in regards to parenting, but we will CD from the beginning.

Anywho, I will tell you all more as we grow together!

Hugs and Happy Healthy Babies!
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My name is Marcela, and I live in Austin, TX. I have been a labor support doula (DONA) and prenatal and postpartum massage therapist for 5 years, and have attended about 100 births. Since January of this year I have also been teaching childbirth preparation classes. I myself am now pregnant! My husband, Eric and I have been married a little over a year and are thrilled. The estimated due date is 2/10/05. My experience with first time mamas is that they go a little late, but anything is possible. We are planning a homebirth with my favorite midwife, who I've known for quite some time.
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Hi, I'm Carol and dh and I are expecting our second baby on 2/17/2005. We have a beautiful, still BF and CD, 25 month old daughter who was born at 32 weeks gestation. She has done superb! Just wonder if she'll ever give up BFing!! For someone that started out on a bottle and "learned" to BF, man, she got it. So, the big ???, will I be tandem nursing? :

Will talk more later...
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Welcome Carol, come on over to the Feb moms unite thread!!
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Hi, I'm Deirdre and my first babe is almost 3 (!) but still bfing, co-sleeping, and CDing til he learns to use the toilet consistently (I live in hope). I'm a SAHM with a few small side lines (I teach oboe lessons, perform occasionally, and I sew and sell an ABC). I've been married to dh for almost 10 years.

I thought I'd never get ! DS is still an avid nurser, and although my first PPAF was in September, cycles have been wacky, to say the least. So we are very excited and happy to be here.

Basically, we plan to do most things the same for this babe, except I'm really hoping I can wear dh down and we'll get a king size bed - the queen is already cramped, with ds showing few signs of being ready for his own space.

It's great to meet all of you.
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Hi DeirdreAllison! Welcome and congratulations!!
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