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tight cough and wheezing

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Dd has a cough that is very tight, she also has a slight wheeze. She is not asthmatic. Sometimes she goes red with a coughing fit and nearly throws up. She had it back in march, but this time it seems worse. She finds it hard to talk as her breathing is somewhat laboured. She is happy in herself though. What things can I do to help her breathing easier? Any remedies to loosen her chest?
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Are you sure it couldn't be an allergic re-action to some type of food? I figured out that my ds 1 yr. was intolerant to dairy products(through my breastmilk) and that was causing his throat to swell making him cough until he couldn't almost breath.

If your daughter has another coughing spell like that. Take her straight to the bathroom shut the windows and doors. And run the shower(most preferable) or running water "very" hard on the surfaces and just let the bathroom steam-up. Just stay in there with her for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes and she should get some relief.

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...and add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the shower floor.
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It could be whooping cough. Although if it is you just have to let it run it's course? Support her immune system with lots of good food, no sugar, etc. Do you use homeopathy? I find it works great. Try Boiron brand, Chestal honey cough liquid. But, idelly you should find a certified Homoepath.
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Hi there,
I'm no expert by any means but it sounds like what my dd has also. I was told it is allergies, we are in the middle of a very high pollen season here but not sure if it is pollen or something else...
My sister in law said it is from the lungs getting irritated from the allergen and then the need to cough arises. She said to use a vaporizer at night with both Eucalyptus & Thyme oil added to the medicine cup and also you could try taking 2T of Dried Thyme and 2T dried Eucalyptus and boiling with 4C of water, let it sit for about 20 min or so then strain off and add to a bath. You could also try Hylands Cough syrup with Honey, this seemed to help my daughter also.... hope this helps a little.
My doctor wanted to out her on Zyrtec and a nose spray, she even gave us samples of Zyrtec, they are just sitting here... sad how they always want to medicate..
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Thanks for the replies- I must admit I was worried it was whooping cough, but there is no whoop sound, her chest just sounds tight- actually being an asthmatic myself it does sound similar to mine when I have an allergic reaction to something. Her coughing fits are worse on exertion.

How on earth can I figure out what she is allergic too? (We are vegan) There is very high pollen count around here at the moment- we live surrounded by farm fields and the rapeseed is in full bloom- I have noticed my asthma is worse at the moment as well, so maybe it is that?

I took her to the dr- he said it didn't sound like it was settling on her chest and just to give her cough medicine to help- actually he was a little vague, her breathing sounds really tight, but he didn't seem concerned.

I will try the eucalyptus tonight, along with a vapor-rub on her chest, and have ordered some homeopathic medicine, should be here tomorrow. We'll just have to see how it goes.
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You are describing asthma symptoms, you compare how similar they are to your own which you identify as asthma, yet it's not asthma when happening to her?

If it looks, acts, quacks like a duck.....

I hope the homeopathic remedies work for you all, especially for her sake. BTDT and it beyond sucks to not be able to draw a decent breath. Sucks all the life out of the day when you're too tired to do anything because it takes all your energy just to breathe.
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I would beg to differ about if "it looks, acts, quacks like a duck....."

Obvioulsy if my daughter was really struggling to breathe, I would do something about it. In fact I am doing lots to help her chest loosen. We went to the Dr and he said her chest sounded clear.

She may be fighting off a chest infection, she may be having an allergic reaction to something- all of which clear up. However if I jump in and give her asthma medication, it will weaken her lungs own ability to regulate thier breathing and bronchodilation adnd she will end up dependent on asthma medication for life, which is really horrible and something I really want to avoid. Just my thoughts anyway.
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I think we all know you are doing everything you can to help your daughter and would not put her in any kind of danger.
Have you tried any of the remedies listed here, and did they seem to help at all? I have a feeling it could be allergic reaction but cannot say for sure, my dd has been a lot better since the pollen count has gone down. Do you notice it is worse if she is outside a lot as opposed to a rainy day when you have to stay inside? Let us know your progress hope she feels better soon!
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As long as you're treating the problem Mand, call it what you want. That's what's important.

I know what I went through as a kid, and as an adult I was finally diagnosed with Asthma.

However, I disagree with this: "However if I jump in and give her asthma medication, it will weaken her lungs own ability to regulate thier breathing and bronchodilation adnd she will end up dependent on asthma medication for life,"

If she is not treated appropriately--which I assume you are doing--then scarring can develop and that will make any future treatment less effective. The meds do not create dependency that way, the lungs' malfunction is already there if/when asthma fully develops. Toughing it out does not make the lungs stronger, they're not muscles. What toughing it out does accomplish is depriving the body and brain of the oxygen needed to function at their fullest capacity.

Again, I hope whatever you try does work and that it is just a seasonal thing. I feel for both of you, having been both the kid with the cough that never goes away and the mom whose kids have had a few croupy nights.
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Mand, I don't know about these remedies and children, so you'd have to check on their safety, but this is what I've found useful for myself. (This past year I've been dx with an "asthmatic response" after 2 bouts of bronchitis.) Thyme tea has helped my breathing, as has eucalyptus in a humidifier. I've also begun taking vit. E and, when I have chest congestion, licorice root. Like I said, I don't know about the use/dosage of these things in children, so please check that out.

I do carry an inhaler, for emergencies. I found that it was helpful during the critical period of bronchitis, but I've needed it less and less since starting the vits/herbs. Incidentally, my doc told me my lungs were "clear" during several exams--apparently, it's possible to only have congestion during an attack.
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how old is your dd?

If the cough is sticken around try hot peppers to loosen the junk in the lungs.
the capsen in peppers loosens the mucouse. Salsa or a spicy soup are my favs.

If it is allerys a local honey can help with pollen allergys. I take a spoonfull when I awake all stuffy I take some honey and feel better about half an hour later.

caffine can help stop a coughing attack a oppen up a tight cheast.

I get ashma attaks when I am around cats - so mine are allergy triggared.

hth some good luck
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Thanks everyone, her cough has changed a little now and seems less tight, so i am giving her homeopathy to loosen her lungs, the eucalyptus oil is great, that goes in the burner at night and she sleeps well. She only coughs now when she has been running around. Local honey is a good idea, might try to get some as it may help with my hayfever too.
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I've been taking local honey too. Not sure how much it helps, but as remedies go, it's pleasant, and can't hurt.
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