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Knitting Mistake - Help!

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I am about 5 rows from finishing my first knitting project (80 rows total!), but I just noticed that about 10 rows back I have a hole. So I counted my current row and somehow I have 38 stitches when I should only have 36 at it seems to have started around that hole. Can I undo my work only 10 rows and fix it or will it all come unraveled? How do I do that? Any tips?
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There are a couple things you can do. What I would do (but I don't necessarily recommend for everyone) is to just take the needles out and rip out my knitting to the row before the mistake. What I might recommend for someone less foolhardy is to go back stitch by stitch, un-knitting. NAK or I'd explain better.

You could also take some waste yarn and a yarn needle and run it through the last "good" row to hold your place, then rip back to that place.

When you're putting your work back on the needle after ripping, make sure you don't twist stitches. Say the stitch looks like an upside-down "U". Then the right leg should go in front if the needle, the other in back. I wish I'd known this when I frogged (ripped out) my first big goof.

What are you making?
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Yep, you can rip it out back to your mistake. Just be careful (does that smack of experience? :LOL ) And make sure you have your needle in the right direction (not sure how to say that). For some reason I had a tendency to stick the needle in the wrong direction and I would be on the wrong side of the work. I hope that makes sense
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Do I need to do anything to keep the stitches from unraveling? I don't have spare thread - this is my first project and I am a completely new knitter (never done anything like this before).

Why do people call it ripping? That just sounds so violent - like you're cutting it, but it's more like pulling, right?

Oh, and I'm knitting a baby hat using the LTK learn to knit kit.
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Unless you're using a slippery yarn, it probably won't run while you're pulling it out.
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I pulled out about 15 rows yesterday and started to reknit and it seems to be working. Thanks for the advice!
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