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How early can you see a heartbeat on U/S?

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We saw ours at 7 weeks.
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I'm taking my OB rotation now as a student nurse, so, according to text books and such:

Heartbeat can sometimes be seen at 6 weeks (age of embryo would be 4 weeks), but it's a long shot.

Problems may be suspected if not seen by 7 and a half-8 weeks.

Keep in mind-at 6 wks, the 4 week old embroy's heart isn't really a heart, but a hollow tube that makes rhythmic contractions....it will later form chambers and become what we know of as a heart.

Personally-i did not get prenatal care that early in my pregnancy, so they saw mine at my 12 week u/s.
With this new pregnancy (I'm about 5 and a half weeks), I'm getting a trans vaginal sono tonight, so we don't expect to see much cept a sack.

Best wishes!

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I saw ours on Tuesday which was 6 1/2 weeks.
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I heard ours on Wednesday at 6.5 weeks!!! Yay!!!!
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Wow!! Congrats to those of you who've already seen it this time around!

My OB told me we should wait till 6/15 to be able to see it for sure. I'll be 7-8 weeks then (based on LMP 8-something weeks, but based on when I think I ovulated, 7-something weeks). She said she didn't want to look sooner than that if seeing not much would potentially upset me. (It would, I think.)

So I'm waiting, LOL!
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I was 6w4d (give or take a day) when we saw ours (just thought I'd pop in and help )
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Just curious as to why the doctors did an U/S so early. Mine doesn't unless there are problems. She typically won't do an U/S until 18-20wks.

Just wondering,
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Since my pregnancy was from a frozen embryo transfer we needed to rule out a chemical pregnancy. Also my ob feels that ivf patients are high risk due to the fact we continue on meds through the first trimester. With my first (ivf also) I had u/s at every visit. Now that I'm pregnant with twins I expect he'll follow the same path he did the last time. At any given time I could have refused any of the u/s but to me it was very reassuring to see that my baby was okay.
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My healthcare provider does an official one at around 18-20 weeks, but sometimes they use their portable, in-office machines for a quick one with the first prenatal visit, if there are any issues with dates, etc.

For me, I had a m/c due to a blighted ovum last time and didn't find out till 10 weeks, so I am extremely nervous this time and my doc offered to do one early to *hopefully* put my mind at ease.

With my first pregnancy (10 years ago!) my ob at the time did them at every visit and captured it on a video that we got to keep. That was nice, though I know there is some controversy around doing a lot of u/s (or even any, without cause).
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I am having one to get an accurate DD. I have one scheduled for Wednesday,and I should be 6-7 weeks? Not sure :LOL
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Thanks for the clarifications on the "early" U/S. I was just wondering - not passing any judgement - while pregnant the only time I feel totally comfortable with the baby's progresws is in the OB/midwife's office hearing the heartbeat

Good luck to everyone!
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