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The Plastic Poll

Poll Results: Do you use plastic in your home?

Poll expired: Dec 19, 2001  
  • 3% (2)
    Always! Wood is too expensive and I am saving the rainforests
  • 33% (21)
    Sometimes, only if it is a gift
  • 9% (6)
    Just try to pry that Fisher Price Toy away from the babe, We LOVE it!
  • 6% (4)
    PVC Kills!!! NEVER
  • 46% (29)
62 Total Votes  
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See poll above!

The reason I started this poll was to get some feedback. I am in dilema about buying dd a wooden chair and table set vs the CONSIDERABLY cheaper plastic versions!
I just can't decide what to do!
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If it has to last, Lala, go for the wood.

My opinion wasn't on the poll, so I picked "other". Some plastic toys are engaging and interactive, some are just noisemaking pap. Some wood toys are gorgeous and stimulating, some are pretty but boring.

That said, I always lean toward wood if I can get it.

Good luck! (and welcome back!)
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Depends on what kind of plastic you are talking about... I instinctively prefer wood-- the feel, the look, everything. But if I were to see a nice plastic set made entirely from recycled milk jags, for example, I might decide to buy it...
We went to IKEA on Sunday, and I must say that I liked both plastic and wooden child table/chairs set there ( I was thinking about you, Lala-- you've asked about childeren's furniture couple of days ago, right?) We did not buy either one, though. Because there really isn' room in DS's room right now to put another table in. Someday...
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I agree with Smilemomma...it depends on the toy. I always lean toward the wood, but there are some stimulating and imagniative plastic toys out there, I don't rule them out.
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Plastic can go outside, get rained on, we can give plastic toys "baths" and they can be thrown in the dishwasher after other kids are over.
My dd has a wooden table and chairs that I just love, it will grow with her and can be used for many years as a nightstand or whatever in the years to come. Plastic will last though its not as classic.
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I try to buy as little plastic as possible.

But, I did buy the cheap plastic table (used) and
then we got my dh's childhood table (wooden) from his mom. It lovely and will last forever. It's now in the house and the plastic one is on the patio.
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I hit the other button. We like to buy wood and other natural products but have gifts and things I've bought myself that are plastic. For instance the little tykes play house outside through all the weather is holding up great, I got it for $10 at a garage sale, I have many buys like that. For a table and chair set I'd go for wood, we have a wood set that changes from a high chair to a toddler table and chair set, that too is holding up well. I never say never, so if I find a great buy at the thrift shop or a garage sale I go for it.
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Lala --
the most simple table/chair set at Ikea (unfinished, but sanded) is only 29$ for 2 chairs and a table and it's working great for us (I plan to paint it some day, but it looks great as is.
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If it's something nice that I want to last and use with several children I would choose wood. If I'm looking for something that he'll outgrow soon and we probably won't keep around for the next child- plastic is a lot cheaper and you can find lots of great plastic toys really cheap at second hand stores. People don't tend to sell their nice wood stuff at second hand stores.

The big benefit of buying wood furniture is that you can fix it if it breaks. But if you don't expect the furniture to last long under intense levels of punishment, plastic would be less of a headache and a heartache. We have wooden Brio blocks, a metal and wood wagon, a wooden rocking horse from my childhood, and a few other special wooden toys. But for small toys that I don't really care much about we usually choose plastic for affordability.
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I hit other because I have mixed opinions.

For everyday things around the house I LOVE plastic! Only if it's high quality and will last. I can't stand to throw plastic away : the tought of it in land fills makes me sad. On the other hand, good toys and housewears will last generations with proper care.

For kids furniture, it's wood! Target has some AWSOME wood table and chair sets for under $50 right now! We do own some kids kitchen items in plastic and I like them. We moved them outside to play with this summer and I don't have to worry about them getting ruined.

So, I guess I have mixed feelings - to add to your confussion!
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I try to buy plastic stuff used; at least that way I'm recycling! I really like wood, but if it's not sustainably harvested, it's not much better for the environment than plastic. So we just try to be very conscious before we buy!
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I prefer wood, but our house has lots of plastic toys, bins and even a plastic table from IKEA.

My real priority is that the item is simple and encourages imaginative play - and I also try to buy used stuff as much as possible to save resources ($$ and mother earth).
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I usually go for wood, but thats because my Dad and I often make the wood toys (and table and chairs) and we get really nice recycled wood for cheep.
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We definitely have both--plastic wagon won't rust in the rain, BUT plastic train tracks snap if too abused, and wood ones just give a bit.
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My recent wood fetish!

It seems that everytime we go out anymore, we find the coolest wooden toys.
Thank god they are so cheap here!
We have decided to donate some of ds toys and since he only plays with the wooden ones(except for a few), that means we may offically become a no plastic household. although that seems somewhat impossible.

Most of the plastic he is playing with these days are kitchen utensils, lids and bowls and spoons. My guess is that will all change soon.
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For table and chairs I would definitely go wood. That is furniture, not a toy. Look second hand and at discount stores.

For toys we have about half and half. We have been able to find some nice wooden stuff at second hand stores and garage salles, but it isn't always possible. Some things just don't work in wood or are outragousely expensive.
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I also had to check "other." We love wood toys, but there are lots of plastic toys in our house, too. I tend to feel the same as yogamama, that the simplicity of the toy and the creativity it encourages are what matters. I pay careful attention to what I call the "play value" of toys. I look for toys that require her to think, rather than those that think for her. I also like open-ended toys that can be played with in lots of ways.

I do agree that the table and chairs are better in wood, though - we chose wood for dd (IKEA, very inexpensive, less than some "deluxe" plastic ones) because we hated the thought of brightly colored plastic in her beautiful room! I actually have been trying to find baskets to replace the plastic bins that came with her toy organizer, you know, the kind with the angled, multicolored bins. No luck so far, though!
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I voted sometimes. B/C we do use some plastic and Addie has plastic toys, but I am trying more and more to go all wood and cloth. I try to use cloth shopping bags and am asking for wooded toys for her christmas presents. So I would say to go for the wood!!
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