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What are your symptoms?

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I was curious what kind of symptoms everyone is having so far. This is my second pregancy, but I know each pregnancy can be very different.

So far, I've had sore breasts (made more noticeable by my nursling), really really bad heart burn (that didn't start until my second trimester with ds), mild crampy feeling, and noticeable mood swings. The heart burn is really making me not want to eat, all I have to do think about eating and my throat feels sour. So I'm eating a little less than I normally do, but making it healthy at least. Oh yeah, and I'm getting icky sinus headaches just like last time. I'm getting some fatigue but it's not as much as last time (or maybe I just dont notice because my ds keeps me so busy )

I'd like to hear what everyone else is experiencing...
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Very sore boobs (which I just read in my vegetarian pregnancy book could be increased by the lots of mushrooms I've been eating).
A touch of heartburn.
I'm bloated to the max! Also probably increased because of the tons so veggies and fiber I've been eating.
I'm also still an emotional mess. I hope this doesn't last because I really want to enjoy this pregnancy.

Tracie (a moody tootin' mess)
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So far I'm doing okay. I'm tired and my breasts are starting to get a little sore, but nursing is still okay. I'm expecting severe all-day sickness soon so I've been loading up on healthy foods, hoping to get myself through the months of sickness that's sure to come. I'm dreading the sore nipples. My toddler nurses several times a day still; that won't be fun!
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Mild nasea throughout the day, crampiness, starting to get emotional (found my self crying over a Friendly's commercial earlier that really wasn't even that sweet!), mouth feels yucky - brushing my teeth several times a day.

My boobs feel fine though which is weird, that's usually the first symptom I get and I haven't had any serious heartburn yet which is also unusual for me when pregnant (knock on wood).

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Well, so far, I'm tired,but not quite as bad as last time--as my dh said last night--"yeah you were pretty useless last time at 4 weeks!"
I'm starving!!! I talked to my OB yesterday and she said in light of the fact that i generally loose 5-8 lbs around 6 weeks from the morning sickness she told me to eat up! I also found this interesting. She told me to eat what my body wanted, that if I was craving protein I likely needed it, if I was craving sweets, my blood sugar was likely low etc. She said obviously to try to make good choices--eg, fruit over chocolate, but she said to listen to my body and that if we listen close enough, our bodies generally tell us what the baby needs. I thought that was pretty insightfull from an OB.
No sore boobs yet, which I find odd, but I'm not complaining.
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I posted about having constant low-grade cramps starting about 12-14 dpo. Those seem to be fading. My main two symptoms are extreme fatigue and really sore boobs. I have pretty large breasts anyway, and every night when I take my bra off I cringe. I think I need to sleep in a sports bra or something. They don't really seem bigger yet, and I hope they grow as little as possible!

I am getting my usual 7-8 hours of sleep a night and feeling like I'm getting 2-3. My midwife said I should shoot for 9-10 hours a night, but that seems impossible! And I don't even have other kids--just a busy job and a lot going on. I think I might try to sleep more though, because I just have no energy at work.

Nothing else much yet. I think I'm at about 6 weeks, so if I'm going to get m/s, it should kick in soon, right? Because of my M/C in April, I actually don't mind the symptoms so far--it makes the pregnancy feel more real. I know if I get bad m/s I will regret saying that.

Yawn. I am ready for my nap. I have been awake for nearly 4 hours now.
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Can I add a slight case of insomnia to my list please???? The last few nights I've had a horrible time getting to sleep and I'm not even tired until like 12 (very strange for me becasue I usually go to bed at like 9). I'm up several times during the night wide awake and have been awaking for the day at 5:00.

Of course then I spend the whole day tired - :LOL

Pregnancy is so crazy sometimes!

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My breasts aren't sore yet, but they are hard-working "nanas" for my 2 year old, so maybe that is why? My nipples are painful though. I don't know how I'll combine nursing with that all-over horrible breast pain!

I'm 5-1/2 weeks along and the exhaustion just started hitting me. And I am VERY emotional, getting teary over crazy stuff.

Overall, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant since I'm so busy with my toddler. I can get really wound up with stress, and I'm trying hard to just put it out of my mind until I can let out a big sign of relief at the end of the first trimester!
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My morning sickness just started today, either that or I'm horribly allergic to toothpaste : It took me three tries this morning to get my teeth brushed.
I'm really hungry but can't eat much at one time, it seems I have to eat every couple hours, then I'm fine.
In the past I've had HORRID morning sickness, so I'm really hoping it doesn't get that bad this time--course I'm only 4 weeks.
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Oh, Shannon, do I ever know what you mean. I haven't been sick yet, but I've had such a *horrible* time with my other two pregnancies that I'm living in fear of it. Literally, I can't keep anything down so that I end up losing weight before I start gaining for the pregnancy. With the twins I lost about 30 pounds before I gained anything; with Alec I lost about 15. I do NOT want to go through that again!

Is anyone else just NOT hungry? Every time I think I should be hungry, the thought of food turns me off of being hungry. I know I should be eating more, but I just can't force myself. I'm afraid if I do I'll start vomiting and then I'll be doing it for months. Nothing sounds good. Ugh.
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When I saw my Ob last week and asked about the fact that i'm starving, she told me to eat anything I wanted as she had seen my records about my previous morning sickness. She said if I gained 5 lbs now, she won't worry about my loosing 10 or so later.
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Hello everyone, so far my symptoms have been a picky appetite but extreme hunger, I find I cannot let my stomach get empty or I will feel nauseous. I've also been pretty tired, and I took a nap today for the first time in months. I'm very early so we'll see what other symptoms develop along the way.

I’ve also had some very slight pains- they are not making me double over at all. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m not terribly worried or anything but I don’t seem to remember them from my last pregnancy.

I hope everyone’s had a good Sunday.

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I'm having them Jenn, just the uterus stretching out.
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Hi everyone! I am having a few cramps (I was convinced I was getting my period last week). I am also very hungry. I have been eating apples like crazy! Went grocery shopping and spent $150! I wanted everything I saw! OH no!

I am hoping that the vomiting will not come but the diarrhea has started and that came first last time.

Can anyone explain the number of weeks thing. I still don't get it. When you deliver at 40 weeks, the baby is really only 38 weeks. Is that right? The doctor counts from the date of your period and not the date of ovulation? Is that right? I am so confused... Anyone here that can explain this. I can't remember from last time.
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Texas, I've been having some similar symptoms to yours. I've been having occassiobal diarrhea, which is odd because last time I was just so constipated.

And yes, the doctors count from the day of your last period, so you'll actually be carrying your baby in you for approximately 38 weeks.

My sleep has been so erratic. Last night I slept for 10 hours, and then I took a nap too. I haven't woken up in the night to pee yet, but I feel like I have to pee all day long.

All right, I'm up late....good nite all.
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I am having the crampy stuff too and starting to pee all the time already. Also, very strange dreams! The dreams didn't start til midway through the pregnancy with my ds so this should be an interesting nine months. I am also becoming a bit fidgety when ds is nursing-very intolerent of any playing around.
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just joining!

hi, i got my first positive test yesterday so i'm joining you. i think my due date is feb. 12 or so.

the 40 week thing: the doctors use it because most women do not really know when they ovulated, they know only when they started their last period, so it's easier. they just assume ovulation was two weeks after that and so the baby is, therefore, two weeks younger than the forty. of course, the ovulation and fertilization could have taken place almost anywhere in that month, i think, so they don't really know. for example, my son was, in theory, three and 1/2 weeks early but he was perfect weight and had a near perfect apgar score, so my guess is that he was not really that early but was instead conceived very early in my cycle. anyhoo. those are my thoughts.

symptoms: sore breasts (ow! i didn't have this with the first one) on one day, horrible nausea for one day and sort of a persistent low grade nausea for now (the bad stuff kicked in at 1 month last time, so i'm trying to prepare myself), back ache/cramps (does anybody else have this? is that what folks mean by cramps?), fatigue (!!!), and emotional.

we watched "big fish" last night. boo hoo hoo hoo.

by the way, dh is very, very, very emotional so i think that's HIS early symptom!
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Well, if I didn't already know I was pregnant, I would have figured it out last night.

I woke up in the middle of the night craving my mother's snowball christmas cookies. They are essentialy butter, walnuts, sugar, and more sugar. I actually layed awake thinking about how long it would take me to make them. I finally feel back to sleep, only to dream about brownies. When I was pregnant with my son I constantly dreamed and craved the baked goods my mom made me as a kid.

I'm trying so hard not to eat so many sweets this time. I can already see how hard it's going to be to avoid them.

Thanks for the reassurance on the cramps and pains-I'll warn everyone now, that as hard as I try not to worry, I am a bit of a worrier.

Hope everyones feelin good.

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Jenn, that's ok, I'm a worrier too! With my last pregnancy the thing I craved that was really strange was those disgusting marshmallow bananas!! It was winter and apparently they are seasonal so dh had trouble finding them, but he came through for me!!
Nausea is kicking in nicely today. Can't figure out whether I'm hungry right now or sick, but I'm dreading going in to brush my teeth!!
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one more!

oh yeah! and the sensitivity to smells. everything bugs me/makes me more nauseous!
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