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Tug do you want to be added to the due date list?? Leave a message on the Feb moms unite thread and I;ll add you.
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Originally Posted by Truvie
My breasts aren't sore yet, but they are hard-working "nanas" for my 2 year old, so maybe that is why? My nipples are painful though. I don't know how I'll combine nursing with that all-over horrible breast pain!
My breasts aren't sore yet either and I am bf'ing my 18 month old so maybe that is why - I usually get sore breasts right from the get go.
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My nausea has kicked in too. After my M/C in April, I am halfway happy to feel any symptoms that make the pregnancy seem more real, but I know it will get old fast!

So far, it isn't terrible--no throwing up, just constant queasiness. I seem to be able to help it a little by eating crackers. Also, did y'all know they now make ginger-flavored Altoids? My mom took me to World Market for the first time last week and I found some. Ginger is supposed to settle the stomach.

DH and I are going on our first vacation since the honeymoon next week out to the Pacific Northwest. I am a little nervous about it now that m/s has kicked in and I am so bloody exhausted all the time. It was supposed to be a fairly active vacation, and although I know I can still hike and explore, I hope I'm feeling well enough to do it.
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other symtoms

I have also started the "if I don't eat NOW I'm gonna throw up" which quickly (3 bites later) changes to "if I eat ONE more bite, I'll throw up". I didn't have morning sickness with my first, but I did develop gestational diabetes, which has lead to blood sugar issues ever since, consequently I have to really avoid sweets or it starts the above mentioned. I have actually been so full I was uncomfortable, then drank a glass of lemonade, and was immediately starving! How's that for blood sugar probs?
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I also developed gestational diabetes (borderline but still) with my first pregnancy. I am overweight now and am going to be very diligent with my diet and exercise so I can at least avoid gaining weight with this pregnancy. I've started getting that same symptom, if I dont eat in a timely matter I feel like I could puke, but then I can't finish what I'm eating. Sugary things do the same thing to me too..
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I've had mild cramps since around 8 DPO - more general, fullness crampiness now than before where they almost felt like PMS cramps. And speaking of fullness, I definitely feel bloated.

I'm hungry! Actually have hunger pains. I'm not one of those people who ever really gets hunger pains except in pregnancy. Cool!

I'm also sluggish. This isn't helped by the fact that I'm waking in the middle of the night for 30-60 minutes every night. zzzzzzz I got mild insomnia last time too.
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I've been soooo tired. I've been sleeping 10 hours a night for the last two nights, and taking a nap during the day as well. When I nurse Jakob to sleep there is no stopping it, I've just been drifting off right next to him. Its been really nice actually. However, I'm falling a little behind on studying...I'll have to catch up this weekend when dh is off work and I can have two days to do it. I' have about 150 pages to read on my Understanding Art class...I've still got about a week and half for that. But I've got my first exam due for Government class this coming monday...4 essay questions. I've gotten two paragraphs down and I just want to curl up and go to bed........oh yeah, and during those long hours of sleep some really wierd dreams too just so strange.....
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I am tired all the time too. For now the nausea is pretty mild (it was last time too until about the six or seventh week). But I could sleep all of the time!!

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Joining in!
I've been soooo tired but that may well be due to the horrible insomnia! I haven't slept well in 5 days!

I've had nausea since about 14 DPO. It comes and go with no real pattern.

Just today I've been noticing odor sensitivities and some bloating!

Woohoo I'm pregnant
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Orange, if you let me know your due date I will add you to the main Feb thread
Congrats and welcome!!
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My symptoms have been heartburn with acidic and fried foods and I've noticed my nipples are somewhat sore, and hurt really bad when I'm cold if you know what I mean.
Does anyone know if you can safely wear the band on your wrist for motion sickness when you are pregnant with morning sickness? I've heard people talk about it.
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Hi Jenni, yes you can wear those bands with no problem.
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