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Please tell me I'm not the only one...

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So today DD (2) and I were at the grocery store. I was wearing her in a Pseudo-MW I made myself and finally got it PERFECT (I have been wearing her since she was 6 months old, and it was never quite right) and then realize I have to go to the potty. So rather than take dd out of the sling (since I finally GOT it) I went in search of a bathroom and did my business all while still wearing my toddler.

So has anyone else gone to the bathroom while wearing their baby, or am I the only odd one?
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No way your not the odd one! It keeps them off the yucky floor! I do it anytime I need to. There is no way I would take him off, unless he is on my back, then I would take him off and give him to DH. LOL
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Always kept my kids in the sling when in public restrooms
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I've done it! Sure got some funny looks coming out of the stall, but hey, I'm used to funny looks by now
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all the time!
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I even do it at home sometimes. DD#2 fast asleep in the sling, there is no way I'm going to risk waking her up!
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I do it in public bathrooms as well...

keeps her off the floor, and from poking her head under the stalls to see who's doing what, lol.

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Oh, yeah, that's what we do. Bleuet would otherwise (and has) pop under the stalls to greet all the other women! Thank god he can't talk much yet, I can just imagine what he would say. ("Hiiiiii!!!!! I'm Bleuet! Are you pooping? Mommy poops too, didja know that? Look, your panties have flowers on them!")

I can't figure out what parents who use strollers do. I have taken Bleuet in the stroller into a handicapped stall, but you're really not supposed to do that if you aren't disabled and needing it. I always worry that some wheelchair-bound person will need it while i'm hogging it with my stroller.
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funny u should post that, as i was just thinking today if other people did it, now i dont feel so weird and alone!!!!!lol
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nods nods. Just got my sara's ride yesterday and used the restroom with him still hanging in it
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I do this when I'm out, and I have gotten some pretty silly looks. Oh well. If I didn't my curious little boy would be sticking his hands in toilets (wouldn't be the first time though ).
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Oh yeah- what are you supposed to do with them? Public bathrooms are janky.
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Count me in! It's so handy.
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works well!
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If she's in the sling when I have to go, she just stays there-home or out. She's only 9 weeks though, too, so I can't just lay her on a hard floor in a public restroom. Do what you gotta do.
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This is too funny.... I was just thinking about this yesterday, when I was "taking care of business"! I figured I couldn't be the only one... good to know that lots of us do it!

Mallori~ My DS was born the same day as your DD!

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Oh thanks everyone for letting me realize how normal (at least among y'all) I am. I don't even use public bathrooms unless it is an ABSOLUTE DIRE emergancy (I drive out of my way to my good friend's house instead)
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all the time! i've tried on clothes (pants/skirts) with him in the sling too.
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Ditto! It's just so much easier to keep them on you. I do it at home all the time too.
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Oh yeah!! All the time. It keeps her from playing with garbage on the floor or trying to crawl under the stalls.
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