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I do. There's no way I'd put DD down on the floor in a public restroom...okay, once on campus at ASU, in a restroom that was clearly little-used and in a clean out of the way corner to change her dipe (no changing table or counter available), on a plastic mat. Oh, and in the mothers' lounge at Nordstrom.

But if it's just DD and I and I've gotta go, I take her in the sling or Kozy (and in the Kozy on my back is easier than on my front, because all the straps wind up knotted in front and are easier to keep track of.)
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I did it all the time!!!

I nannied a newborn for 6 months. His non-AP parents thought I was weird enough for wearing him in a sling around their house. Then, one day, I came out of the bathroom wearing him (he was asleep) and ran into the dad. He gave me the weirdest look and just walked away! :LOL I ended up quitting soon after. They were so anti-AP, I had a hard time working there. They thought I was
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Oh yeah! I've gone potty with Fallon in the sling too many times to count. Even around the house, I wouldn't bother taking off a sleeping baby just so I could pee.
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LOL! I have to do it! Stella is only 6 months so I can't put her down. I'm pretty good at it but I am sure people wonder what in the world is going on when they see us go in.
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I do it. quicker than getting her out then getting her back in. By the time I do all that I could have just went and been finish. Plus, I'm one of those that will hold it until I absolutlyhave to go, by then I don't have time to get her out.
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Yep.. When you gotta go.. well you gotta go! Better than letting them play on the nasty floor.
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