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Whats on your babies bum?

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Kimberly is wearing a ellas pocket diaper
Chloe is wearing a motherease os diaper.

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Ds is in a sky blue Kissaluv's size 1 with a homemade bum sweater over - I like the color in this one - varigated rust/golden color. It was a Jones New York sweater in it's previous life!
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Chloe is wearing this Becca Bottoms ultra-trim AIO:

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Boo is wearing a fitted Seedlings, with a fleece-topped flannel doubler inside.
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Nathan is currently wearing a bright striped small Berry Patch fitted coverless (while napping).
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Angelica is wearing an ella's too
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Brock is wearing a Daisy Doodles in a western print.
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Spencer is napping in a white FB stuffed with an infant prefold and a joey
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Timmy is wearing a prefold in a bummis! boy we're exciting on diaper wash day!
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Dallin is in a home made fitted and a rice KP cover.
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Isabella is in her watermelon SOS and a cute rainbow soaker from Warm Heart Woolies!
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Chloe is wearing a doodle bottoms os
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3 yr old- nothing, lol
2 yr old-elbee fitted, no cover
2 wk old- small snapdragon fitted from the posie patch with a small baa baa bottoms wool soaker
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There are 3 little girls named Chloe in this thread!!
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David is sleeping in exlg HH stuffed with a flannel/terry flat and Phillip is in a snappied indian prefold and doodlebottom windpro cover.
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Emma is napping in a pink FB stuffed with an infant prefold and Sydney is napping in a lavender FB stuffed with an infant prefold and a hemp doubler.

Yes, I managed to get them both to nap at the same time for a change!
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Jackson is napping in a berry patch fitted and a KSS soaker
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A prefold bikini-twisted and snappied with the Lucy's Hope Chest cover that I got from the TP yesterday. It's my new favorite type of cover. It fits her soooo well!
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Jack is in a Fuzzi bunz Bug print
Andrew is in a prefold and snappi
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Scott is napping in a prorap AIO.
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