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Ummmm.. gag me.... a SPOSIE!
Hunter went with his dad this morning for the night He doesn't do cloth
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At this moment, Under the Nile organic fitted w/ a prorap cover while napping.
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An alien print Knickernappie, stuffed to the gills because it's nap time.
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Caroline has on a SP and a pink patchwork pixie wool jersey cover....
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Veronica has on a Firefly and a mama made soaker.
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Nic has on nothing right now. Just getting a little air.
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We've got a SP's size 1 w/ fleece doubler and the Bummis Piggy cover.
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Harley is napping too LOL-he has a lovely organic sherpa prefold tri-folded into a BBH trim fit cover-so cute!!
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A no-name fitted w/a Bummis wrap.
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Maxi is at pre-school so he is in a WONDEROOS!!!!!!
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homemade fitted (side-snapping) with her Tiny Birds Soaker (she's napping). Normally she goes coverless around the house though with just the fitted diaper, so I can change her more quickly.
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In her swing in her owl honeyboy AIO
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Johnathan is in a Bee-Bos fitted and Sugar Peas celery wool cover. Brodie is in a MEOS and an Earthybaby soaker.
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Lexi's wearing a medium orange organic cotton Firefly, no cover
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We're in doggie mode today.

We have a doggie dipe by Pipsqueak Diapers and a doggie soaker made by BJs Marketplace on ebay. that soaker!

She's looking sporty in her doggie gear!
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Ok, we're boring -- Shef is wearing a bikini twisted, snappied prefold under the Bummis froggie cover.
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UBIPF, premium, snappi'd. No cover. Pure as the driven snow.
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Abigail is wearing a small HH with some homemade hemp fleece stuffers....
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ummm, we're out and about today, so Carson is wearing a bumkins AIO (I know, boring....
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Emma is wearing her new Kitty soaker
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